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to apply or not to apply?

            So I currently work as the overnight supervisor for the Grocery Department at my store and I have run into a little bit of a co…

Started by Joshua

16 on Wednesday
Reply by Joshua

New Leadership Question

I am looking for advice on leadership. I have a subordinate who is constantly arriving late and leaving early she has been spoken to about…

Started by Xenias Latin

21 on Wednesday
Reply by David F.

Dealing with a depressing job

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on a work issue. Basically my job is getting me down, some days I feel ok, others I feel down and drea…

Started by Drew

16 Jun 16
Reply by Drew

Should I take a corporate career?

Looking for some manly advice. Appreciate in advance you taking the time to weigh in.  I'm 25. Have always been a high achiever and have e…

Started by mocha

11 Jun 11
Reply by Native Son


I would like to hear from those of you who live (or have lived) in the Denver metro area.  What do you like and dislike most about Denver? 

Started by Lumpy52403

0 Jun 2

Office exercises

For any fellows here who work at a desk, I was curious what stretching or exercise routines you do during the day, since being stagnant in…

Started by Nature of a Man

5 May 19
Reply by David F.

Passive Income

Hey Gents, Something I have been growing increasingly interested in is passive income. I have been doing some research and listening to p…

Started by Vendetta

18 May 12
Reply by David F.

Job Anxiety - Afraid of getting/keeping a job?

I graduated high school last June. I wanted to focus on school until then, so after i graduated I went to find just a entry level job in to…

Started by Apollyon

9 Apr 30
Reply by Todd McFarland

Is this a legit reason to squeeze the price?

Long story short, at work iam currently replacing a old IT System with a new one. In order to do so, i need the data that is stored in the…

Started by Jay D

6 Apr 6
Reply by Jack Bauer

Looking into a new Profession: Electrician

I've been thinking about leaving the Pharmacy Tech. World and becoming an Electrician.   There are a lot of physical comforts, no heavy li…

Started by Dakota Caraway

5 Mar 30
Reply by manInTheMaking


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Patrick E replied to Greatman's discussion Shirtless career in the group The Shirtless Man
"I'm the same. I'm so used to being shirtless that I hardly think about it, until I suddenly find myself in the college library or some other place where I begin to notice strangers giving me sideways glances. But virtually everyone who…"
1 hour ago
Shane replied to Braeden 2.0's discussion The Horror of Day to Day Life
"I was a subsistence hunter for most of my adult life. I highly recommend putting yourself at the top of the food chain. Even if you're a vegetarian. You should know the work that goes into keeping you alive for a year."
10 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Braeden 2.0's discussion The Horror of Day to Day Life
"I don't see how any Judeo-Christian or Darwinist could feel uncomfortable with eating meat. For each it's just a natural part of the ecosystem."
10 hours ago
Jack Bauer replied to Braeden 2.0's discussion The Horror of Day to Day Life
"Maybe it's just me ... but describing carnivorism as "eating flesh cut from corpses of conquered lower life-forms" still wouldn't strike me as at all horrific.  Just the reality of life.  Some life -- maybe even most --…"
10 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Braeden 2.0's discussion The Horror of Day to Day Life
"Y'all are pussies. You're supposed to grow out of that kind of squeamishness before puberty. And here I thought I'd found a thread on the horror of mundanity."
11 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Lumberjoe's discussion Some People Dislike The New LGBTQ(etc.) Pride Flag Because Racism in the group The Great Debate
"I generally divide political factions into four groups, simply because most people fall into one of these four groups whether they think they do or not. First and second are low-itelligence left and right. Both are vulgar followers who think…"
11 hours ago
Pale Horse replied to Cody "Rooster" McDonnell's discussion Sailing Crew Needed
"If I were naive and carefree I'd pack my bag right now. Sounds like a blast. Godspeed."
12 hours ago
Shane replied to John Muir's discussion Donald Trump Is A Greedy, Creepy, Ignorant Jerk in the group The Great Debate
"@Jay What makes you think I'm going to go point by point to debunk your bullshit when you don't actually care? BTW, just glancing at it, the third on the list is bullshit too. @Dom He didn't say yes. He said, "ummm. I guess…"
15 hours ago

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