As a wardrobe consultant I would love to elaborate on a mans wardrobe. I am a person who not only works in the field, I study it. I make sure I know the modern and classics of a man wardrobe and would love to elaborate more on each item in a mans closet.

So if anyone has any questions feel free to reply with questions and i will answer them in the order I receive them. If a topic becomes popular enough i will do a full blog post on it.

Take care for now and I hope to hear from you all soon.

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Comment by Reg Williams on November 26, 2009 at 6:42am
@ Ray Daniels

Their is no problem with being on the sorter side. One of the biggest problems find my clients having is the fact that they cannot admit to having to wear short/stout fitting clothes. So Ray you are leaps and bounds ahead of them.

When you go out shopping head to a suit store and ask the consultant to measure you and point you in the right direction. This is another spot the customers can fail themselves. Don't afraid to talk to a salesman you can always tell them you want to look after you have the information you need. Now your in the section you need to be in in the store try some things you like on (jackets only). Now that you have some select items 3 or more head to the dressing room. check the fit of the pants through the seat and crotch of the pants. if you feel comfortable with the rise of the pants buy the outfit.

Here is the important part Look for a good tailor. Tailors can be worth their weight in gold if they are good. make sure you put in some research and ask around to find the best of the best. Now that you have a tailor bring them the newly purchased articles and ask them to size them to your body. The only thing a tailor cannot adjust on a suit is the shoulders so feel free to ask about anything else.

Some things a tailor can do for you. Adjust lengthen of jacket, Shorten/lengthen sleeves, taper pants, adjust the waist seat or crotch, adjust the bottoms of pants or jeans, taper sides/center seams, move/ exchange buttons, move sleeves on dress shirts, make a long sleeved shirt a long sleeved, etc.

So like i aid don't be afraid and you will go places. good luck finding the right look for you and if you have any pics of what you own now i can probably tell you what you need done from in so just PM me and let me know how your search goes.
Comment by Reg Williams on November 22, 2009 at 11:59pm
@ Topher White

Well now, after doing some research on Seattle style and fashion I have come across some great ideas for you.


The trends and styles of Seattle seam to be heavily influenced by checked shirts. Their are a lot of heavy plaids and checks out there you can really play off of this trend with similar checked items. What I have in mind are smaller checks, something that if you have to dress up in a tie you can or you can lose the tie and still look cool at the bar.

Considering you like to do a polo under your jacket, try a casual button up 1 to 2 buttons undone. This will give you the comfort of the collar of a dress shirt that you are used to but bring it down a couple of notches.

All in all try to avoid solid shirts. Go for a pattern like a striped shirt (vertical only) or a checked one. This way you will bring down your formal look to a comfortable level for both you and those around you.


I know this may sound weird but I'm recommending either a simple wool blazer with custom buttons more of a brushed steel style apposed to the typical brass or a corduroy jacket. The reason I recommend these two are their simplicity. The blazer is one of the first jackets most people buy therefor it will make you look a little more like the dressed up folks of Seattle.

The corduroy sports coat is great with jeans or those good ol' creased khakis. I do recommend a very narrow whale corduroy however just to keep it modern and upbeat. The thing I like about the cord jacket is the fact that it can look like a casual coat and make it more acceptable to the people around you.


With the Checked shirts a dark brown Khaki or jean is almost necessary.

If your dressing down in jeans look at getting something stylish with out looking tattered and torn like the style was a year or so ago. Your jeans should have a darker wash maybe some whiskering around the pockets or cuffs, and make sure they are a good quality.

You should avoid wearing black pants. They come off as a business look and can sometimes be offending to people that usually dress in jeans. Make sure all of your pants are flat front remember Flat = Flattering.


In a society like this casual shoes should not include Boat shoes, or dress loafers. Look for something with less of a rounded toe and more of a narrow boxed in shape. go lace up instad of slip on. When sneakers like Nikes and Reboks are fashion we should up it just one level and go with a dressy sketcher or casual clark's. Brown is a safe color and avoids looking formal like a black shoes does.

I'm sure you know this rule but it bares repeating "Always match your belt with your shoes".


As for outerwear instead of wearing a fleece like most men do in Seattle opt for something in a stylish leather. I have often recommended a nice black or dark brown from Jones or Mark new york their sub company. these jackets come just longer than bombers and avoid elastics around the bottom and cuff which is great.

The importance of layering

As much as all these items can do you good you have to know a little about layering. If you plan on wearing a corduroy jacket wear your checked shirt along with a sweater vest and jeans or khakis. Now you can still look acceptable, if you think the place you are going does not require a jacket leave it in the car. when you get their and friends and the like are just wearing polo shirts take off the sweater vest and put it aside. now your looking like the rest of them and can head out later and dress up if the occasion requires you to.

I hope this information was suited to your needs. If you have any more questions relate to this or would like to bounce some ideas back and forth I would be more than glad to. Just PM me I'm always just a click away.
Comment by asa c mcguire on November 22, 2009 at 1:12am
I have it down now. But to say I was no slave to fashion was an understatement. Ah the good ole days.
Comment by Reg Williams on November 22, 2009 at 12:53am
@ Asa

Nice Asa Well if you have any questions feel free to ask your wife or myself lol.
Comment by Reg Williams on November 22, 2009 at 12:38am
@ David

Its great to hear that your are upgrading David. Fall colors are warm for the most part and are easily complimented with darker colored Suits, Pants, and jackets. Some suggestions, Burnt orange, Soft earthy greens, light - to - dark Brown and any white stripe or check pattern with browns, oranges and ivory. If your looking for a more conservative look try these colors, Ivory, Beige, Burgundy, light blue and dark navy.

Now as far as suits go navy should be your first choice. If you are a fan of pinstripes look for a tone on tone effect fabric this will be in style longer than any bold and gaudy pinstripes. The next suit is gray this can be medium gray or charcoal. last being a black suit. Black is last because it can be seen as too formal for certain occasions. Another example where a black suit can look a little out of place is at a wedding, You do not want to look like the wedding party so go with either the gray or the navy. After you can consider more fashion forward suits.

Pants are easy remember their are eight colors. Black, Charcoal, Light Grey, Navy, Brown, Olive, Beige, Taupe. These colors are basic feel free to get some soft accent patterns but, don't get to loud with them.

As for the basic mans wardrobe, Stick to simple colors. Navy or gray suits, Medium gray or brown sports coat, Two white shirts, Black, blue, gray, lavender, pink, green shirts one of each. A good selection of darker pants for the cooler seasons, light colored pants for warmer seasons. Shoes should have a narrow toe for a sleek clean look. Look at investing in a nice pair of black and mahogany of shoes. one for dress one for casual you know the deal.

*Try This*
Get a sports coat that matches jeans as well as dress pants and a nice crew neck T shirt. This will help you re-purpose some of the clothes you already have and expand your casual wardrobe greatly.

I hope this helps David. Good luck with updating your wardrobe. You can also PM me if you need any more assistance with this topic :)
Comment by asa c mcguire on November 21, 2009 at 4:12pm
What about a plaid baja and paisley shorts? Sorry couldn't resist did this once and my wife still makes fun of it. Looking back it was horrid
Comment by David J. Rivera on November 21, 2009 at 8:55am
Great! I'm in the process of upgrading my wardrobe to a more classic look-trying to get away from jeans and t-shirts and stepping up to bespoke shirts, slacks and suits. Can you recommend some good fall colors as well as basic colors to have in my closet?

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