The growth of men’s blogging and why it’s healthy

The growth of men’s blogging and why it’s healthy

One of the key aspects to happiness in this fast-paced and hectic contemporary world is to ground yourself in something you find satisfying and fulfilling. Blogging has captured the hearts of thousands upon thousands of people worldwide, and have varieties of communities speaking about topics ranging from everything between model railroads and computer programming. Women have taken to creating content in the realms of fashion and beauty, but also in the more life-affirming topics such as storytelling and inspirational/motivational content.

But what do men blog about? Subjects vary widely, depending on location and age, but here is a list of some of the variety of topics that men tend to cover. Within them, we can see the individual love these men have for their topics and how useful and encouraging it is for them to be able to speak their minds freely.

Dad Bloggers

From new fathers discussing the experiences they’re going through to aged grandpas talking about what it was like to raise kids fifty years ago, the blogging scene has really exploded for men with the ability to discuss family and childcare with others. Dad bloggers of all kinds, such as XplodingUnicorn or Father_of_Daughters give personal, firsthand experience every day and always charm with their storytelling.

Travel Bloggers

Travel is another aspect of the blogging world which adventurous men of all stripes can enjoy and read all about. Some who explore the far reaches of the world to others who visit the more lived-in places in the world, the travel blog sphere is as broad-minded as the men who write for them. A great examples of this wide and beautiful field is Nomadic Matt, who specializes in traveling on the cheap. This list of travelers is also super compelling and provides anyone with a great experience!

Success Bloggers

Motivation and how-to-find-success blogs are a huge industry and there are some absolutely great guys doing great work in the field. If you’ve ever wanted to make more money or simply try to be more successful doing the things you’ve always done, these blogs can give you the information and inspiration necessary to get anything done! This one right here is a perfect example – all the information you could ever want all located in a blog that is a pleasure to read. Not only that, but Steve Pavlina is also another blogger who has found exceptional success doing what he’s been doing for years – encouraging people to do their best!

Home Building and Family Bloggers

DIY projects are becoming more and more successful now than they have ever been, and some people have taken that as far as building the very house they live in! The family at have run a successful blog about their DIY exploits for years now and are an incredibly interesting and informative read. Not only is their content great, but the personal story they bring to the mix is desirable and completely interesting. The blog Houseplans, a renovation and building blog, likewise explains some great tips to make improvements or additions to your house and is an indispensable font of knowledge for anyone interesting in taking their home into their own hands.

Fashion Bloggers

You don’t have to be a woman in order to have a great blog about fashion! This resource here lists some fantastic male fashion bloggers that not only lend advice about the current do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry but also talk about the art form as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you’re just interested in finding out which type of jeans go with which Oxford shirt, or whether or not Prada is going to keep remaining a strong brand in the future, these men have you covered. As an uncommon voice in a market generally thought to be for others, the male voices in fashion are fierce and proud.

Beauty Bloggers

Men have beauty rules just as much as the ladies do! Like the Fashion blogs that came before this point, there are a lot of blogs that deal exclusively with grooming and hygiene from a male perspective as well, and these bloggers have cornered the market on it. It’s one thing to have a shower, and another thing entirely to have a dedicated beauty regimen. Whether you just want to try to get in shape or whether you want to completely revolutionize your beauty standards, these male bloggers will help you do it!

Media Bloggers

Another topic that men all over the world have done very well in the blogging world is media. Whether it be marketing and meta-media, which will teach you all the great tips and tricks you can use to leverage your business or service, or something a little more focused, such as this film overview blog (which covers all kinds of topics, mostly centering on film criticism), many passionate men have filled their time with the media they care about and are more than happy to give you their opinions about it. A great way to get engaged with the art and culture of a generation is to talk about it, and these men are paving the way for people of all stripes to come together and discuss that which they’re the most passionate about!

Car Bloggers

A distinctively and traditionally male sphere has an obvious outpouring of support from men all over the world, but that is no less important! Men talk about what men love and because of it, they’re happier and healthier – and talking about cars is about as stereotypically male as you can get! Just A Car Guy is a perfect example -- just a regular guy talking about the things that inspire him the most.

Tech Bloggers

Men and tech is about as obvious as men and cars, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a helpful and therapeutic thing to talk about! This is the topic of the age – with technology becoming more and more important to everyone in the world, it’s only obvious that men of all nationalities and persuasions find the tech industry to be a great outlet. This article on provides a perfect example of what’s out there!

Blogging Blogs

Of course there are blogs about blogs! As one of the most popular forms of entertainment and education nowadays, blogs are here to stay. Here is a list of male bloggers blogging about blogs that are sure to interest anyone interested in blogs – who knows, maybe an important man in your life will read this and want to start his own?

Programming Blogs

Another interest in a field that has a large representation of males, programmers are very passionate, intelligent people and there is a wide variety of bloggers who are all eager to discuss the topic with you. Here are only a few blogs dedicated to the topic, all run by men who very much love what they do.

Blogging can be the creative outlet most men crave

Whether they want to talk about cartoons or cooking, programming computers or adjusting HAM radios, blogs will always be around, and will be focused on any topic you could possibly think of. All of the owners of these blogs love what they do – they spread their enthusiasm through the internet and it benefits not only everyone who reads, but also themselves. Blogging and discussing something you really love is a great way for any man to live a happier and healthier life, because constantly being around something you love is the best way to be a positive, dynamic human being.

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