The Best Gear for a Roadside Emergency

Going through a roadside emergency is always a pain in the neck, but it is you who decides just how intense this pain will turn out to be. If you are unprepared on a road, you are basically giving up should an emergency occur. Alternatively, if you come properly equipped, this might just make all the difference between promptly resuming your travels and going through hour-long troubles that might even turn out dangerous. With this in mind, we present you with a list of the best gear that you should always have at your side on the road.

Tire Kit

The first thing that comes to mind when you think “roadside emergency” is probably a flat tire. However, a spare tire isn’t necessary, not by a long shot.

  • Scissor jack – Even though a majority of vehicles already come equipped with a jack for changing a flat tire, these aren’t exactly professional tools. A high-quality scissor jack will do you a world of good even if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere on soft ground and during a dark and stormy night!
  • Lug wrench – Removing stubborn lug nuts is the worst part of a flat tire emergency. Get a lug wrench made of hardened steel and you’ll save yourself of a ton of trouble and effort.
  • Tire-pressure gauge – The best way of solving a flat tire issue is avoiding it in the first place and, seeing as how an under or overinflated tire is the most common cause of flat tires and blowouts, keeping the tire pressure in check using a gauge before setting off on a trip is more than advisable!

First-Aid Kit

These can literally save lives. Although these are devised for minor cuts and scrapes that may occur in case of an accident, first-aid kits can be of tremendous help in treating more serious injuries while waiting for the emergency services to arrive. Every kit should include tape, moleskin for blisters, an insect bite remedy and many other items.

Flare Alternative

Magnesium flares will do the trick, but battery-powered emergency beacons are definitely safer, when it comes to avoiding a minor problem turning into a major accident. Some emergency beacons come equipped with magnets, which means that they are fully mountable to your vehicle and are usually crushproof.

The Necessary Contacts

If you are able to solve your own roadside issue, that’s just great, but sometimes you’ll have to contact roadside services. Subscriptions are a great way to go here, seeing as how they enable you to contact your desired provider without having to worry about expenses, so checking out roadside assistance services to compare the terms is of essence if you tend to find yourself on the road more than a couple of times a year. This will give you an ideal roadside piece of mind that you need!

Jumper Cables

Waiting for a Good Samaritan to help you jumpstart a vehicle with a dead battery is one thing, but expecting them to be equipped with jumper cables is simply irresponsible. Jumper cables don’t take up too much space and are relatively simple to use; although you should definitely follow the instructions on how to use them – you don’t want to risk ruining everyone’s day.

The gear that you should always have at hand while on the road encompasses everything from jumper cables and flat tire kits to the list of contacts, first-aid kits and flares or flare alternatives. Keep in mind that there should always be enough room for safety in your luggage and that you should never refrain from contacting roadside and emergency services in case of an inconvenience or an accident!

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