Manscaping 101: Hair Removal Tips For Men

Body hair removal is not just for women anymore. More and more men are choosing to forego body hair and “manscape” instead, opting for a cleaner and smoother look. If this sounds appealing to you, make sure to consider the pros and cons of each method before you take the plunge. Whether you choose to shave, wax, thread or sugar, you'll want to follow these tips to get the best results.


If your skin is not easily irritated, this option may be ideal. It’s cheap and easy, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Shaving doesn’t last as long as other methods, however, so you’ll have to do it often to achieve a hairless look.

For a better shaving experience, trim the hair down first. Use a new and sharp razor, and replace the blades often. Use a moisturizing shaving cream, and shave during or after a hot shower. Afterward, moisturize with something gentle containing aloe or camphor.

Most importantly, go slow and be very careful! There are lots of opportunities for nicks and razor burn, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Remember to pull your skin taut before shaving any areas with folded skin.


Waxing is best for coarse hair. It can last for quite a while between sessions, which will save you time in the long run. Your hair needs to be a certain length (1/4 inch) before you’re able to wax it, but your aesthetician can trim it for you if it’s too long.

Waxing can be painful, but the more relaxed you are, the less it will hurt. If you use waxing as your regular hair removal method, it’ll become less painful over time: repeated waxing encourages the hair to grow back more sparsely. Exfoliating your skin regularly will discourage ingrown hairs. Buy a post-waxing relief lotion, which will help prevent razor burn and soothe irritation.

If you’re ready to go the whole nine yards and wax it all off down there, that’s called a Brazilian wax and it’s an option that’s becoming increasingly popular among men. Knowing what to expect is half the battle, so come prepared.


Sugaring is a hair removal method that’s becoming more popular in recent years. It's great for those with sensitive skin since it’s made from simple, all-natural ingredients. It operates on the same principle as waxing but uses sugar to adhere to the skin and hair. It’s less sticky and less irritating than wax. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though — sugaring is still painful.

While it is possible to DIY sugaring, we recommend that you have it done by a professional at first to familiarize yourself with the method. Sugaring works best on dry skin. You can use powder to help remove excess moisture.


Threading has been used for thousands of years in India as a gentle and effective hair removal solution. This method uses a single cotton thread to grab onto each hair and remove it from the root. It's considered to be a gentle method because it doesn’t irritate the skin at all, so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. However, the process is still painful.

This method uses a thin thread to remove the hair in small areas at a time, so it’s not suitable for large areas of body hair like the groin or chest. It’s most often used for brow shaping, but would also be great for toe hair, knuckle hair or other stray hairs throughout the body.

Removing body hair has long been thought to be the domain of women, but it's becoming more and more popular with men too, largely with women's encouragement. There's no reason to limit yourself to a single method. Try a different hair removal method based on your skin and hair needs; you may find yourself saving time and money, with more confidence to boot.

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