Fundamental Rules of a Modern Father (Digital Era Revision)

Fatherhood has never been easy. However, in the course of time, it becomes more and more challenging. The perils of the real world, development of technologies, handheld devices, the Internet, and social media reign - all these demand parents develop certain rules in their families.

1. Do not allow your child to read YouTube comments

Even the most innocent video may have inappropriate comments that any person, in fact, shouldn’t read. However, you can allow your child to watch YouTube videos (for example, educational channels) that take care of the comments. There is a possibility to block them with the help of a specialized browser extension like HideYouTubeComments. YouTube itself offers a safe version of the app tailored for the children.

2. No gadgets at the family table

Every family today spends too much time apart and for some of them, the only chance to spend some time in the family circle is during the breakfast or dinner time. That is why you should prohibit using any gadgets while it’s time to eat and communicate with your family. It is easier to pay attention to what your kid is saying when you are not staring at your smartphone, isn’t it?

Yes, for some teenagers, an hour without a phone is almost a tragedy. However, as a parent you should hold your ground, specifying the place where everybody should leave their gadgets. It can be a special bin in the bathroom or simply a center of the table. So, until the meal is over no one is allowed to touch a tablet or a smartphone.

3. An upgrade of a phone model is not the reason for buying it

Otherwise, you risk spending your entire budget on purchasing the new models of smartphones for every family member. The speed of gadget updates is incredible, get over it. Still, your children will ALWAYS ask you to buy them the newest models even when their own gadgets are still operating flawlessly. Show them that their phones can keep up with newer versions using some software updates.

4. Always use content blocker

It is your choice – to use a content blocker or peep your teen’s computer screen behind his shoulder when he or she is browsing through the Internet. Let’s admit it, the second option is not that convenient. So, content filters and monitoring apps should become your allies. With an uneasy task of not allowing your kids to grow up faster than they should, you need all the help you can get.

5. Your kids should have their own profiles on Video-On-Demand

Your tastes in video differ from your children’s, that’s obvious. Keep in mind your father’s indefeasible right to watch whatever you want without spoiling your account with recommendations to watch Ben Ten or something like that. Create accounts for kids on Netflix and let them watch their cartoons there.

6. Take care of in-app purchases

Even free games have in-app purchases, do not fall for that “free” in the game’s label. In case your tablet is tied to your credit card and you give it freely for your kids to play, be prepared for thrilling news about your bank account status. Each time your kid wants to buy something in the game she has to ask your permission and it is up to you whether to allow it or not.

All in all, the commandments of fatherhood is love, care, being a good role model and some reasonable boundaries. Digital is no exception.

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