5 Reasons to Get Away From Your Desk Right Now

Office people often trap themselves in a constant cycle of 'busyness', as the urge to stay permanently connected to theirs desks, head down, cracking through an endless to-do list is too high. Apparently, too much office time can ultimately impact on their outcomes, be it creativity, efficiencies, or well being.

It is common to find many of us focusing on the careers and spending a lot of time behind the desk. This is not the situation with salaried individuals, as entrepreneurs and those working from home are culpable of this mistake. While the focus on career is well and good, one should remember to spend some time away from the desk. Here are the top five reasons why you should get away from the desk now:

Getting New Ideas


A person who spends a lot of time behind the desk is likely to experience his ideas become stale over a period. This self-realisation may not be abrupt, and it will be over a certain amount of time. The individual will find that most of his colleagues and friends who have been traveling or getting into new things are full of ideas.

Getting a break from the desk will once again infuse an individual with fresh ideas. This could be extremely beneficial for an entrepreneur in order to take his current ideas to the next level. It may also be useful for a salaried individual intending to get his focus back on the work again, and there is every possibility of an employee stumbling upon an idea that would make him into an entrepreneur. It becomes entirely possible for an individual to get oblivious of the world, permanently sitting behind the desk.

Becoming More Productive


New ideas are the crux of productivity. A person does not generate new ideas while sitting behind the desk all day long. There are even cases of individuals being behind the desk for months together at a time in order to work on a particular project. However, taking a break from the office can result in an individual’s productivity receiving a significant boost. Just like the batteries that need to be recharged at a certain point, human body and mind have to get a boost in the form of a break. Only in such instances can we recover our full productivity levels.

While some are not ready to admit that they may have reached their physical limits, it often reflects poorly on their productivity levels. It is possible to get a significant jump the quality and quantity of the work being delivered immediately after a small break.

Social Interaction


A person will significantly boost his or her bank balance by sitting behind a desk for most of the time in the search for career growth. Yet, it comes at the cost of a lack of social interaction. Often, the individuals at the workplace may become the daily faces that you may meet and talk.

Humans are social animals by default and being devoid of this nature results in an individual’s character being transformed with time – possibly even without their knowledge. The key element of interacting with other people not belonging to the workplace throws up new ideas or even de-stresses an individual.

In the case of an entrepreneur, social interaction will help take their ideas to the next level in terms of product improvement or marketing. As an entrepreneur, meeting and getting to know new people forms the crux of success. This aspect is less pronounced in the case of a salaried individual.

Better Perspective of Life and Career


The perspective of life and career is a highly important facet in order to be aware that an individual is heading in the right direction. Sometimes, it is possible to miss out on this perspective by looking at the life from close up. Taking a break away from the desk and looking at an individual’s career or life as a whole can give an entirely new dimension.

The investments that a person made might look obsolete while this attribute can inflict even badly on the career. Looking from the outside, the rosy job may not look the same again. It is important to have this perspective in life in order to make sure that you're taking the right path.

Catching up with Hobbies and Improving Health


Health often gets a backseat in the chase for improvement at a workplace. It would not be surprising to see entrepreneurs spending several hours in a day looking to take their company forward. In all the pursuit of financial and material success, it is possible to forget that healthcare is a crucial element that makes those successes enjoyable.

If an individual is not healthy, it is not possible to enjoy the material successes occurred over a long career. Stepping out from the desk helps revive the long lost hobbies or the focus on health. One might even revive the interest to gym membership.

Focus on the career is well and good for both entrepreneurs and employees. Yet, it does not hurt to take a step back from the desk and look at the world from a new perspective. In fact, it can make their personal and professional lives infinitely better.


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