4 Ways in Which The Car You Drive Impacts Your Image

The car you drive can have a direct impact on your image, whether you like it or not. For example, Honda vehicles are technologically advanced when compared to 1980’s Ford, so your car can say a lot about you, for example, whether you are tech-savvy, adrenaline-rush junkie or luxury-oriented type of person. Your car can give clues about your income, gender, age, marital status, or even your political stances. So, yes, the vehicle you own and even the way you drive, can strongly affect the way other people perceive you.

We need to mention the stereotypes according to what people drive. For instance, it’s less likely that a high school history teacher would drive a big 4x4 vehicle with dual exhausts, huge tires, and crazy custom paint job. We’re here now to help you understand the relationship between your image and your vehicle, and what you can do to shape your image.

1. Cars as extensions of ourselves

We actually identify ourselves with the vehicle we drive. Now, this doesn’t necessarily has to be a good thing, because, for instance, a sports car owner may behave aggressively if he really identifies with a high-performance car he owns. This may lead to aggressive or reckless driving, as well as speeding tickets. On the other hand, one can boost their self-esteem when driving a luxury car, which can make them feel confident around other people and connect more easily with people who share their taste. As younger people are still in the process of building their identity, they’re more prone to being influenced by their cars.

2. An attractive car makes a man more attractive

Of course, this claim isn’t true for every situation, as there are women who really won’t let a man’s car influence their judgement. However, a great-looking car does help catch the attention of more women. If it didn’t work, then men wouldn’t do it as much, but every peacock like to spread its feathers. According to a study carried out at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff in 2010, more women will choose the man with the more expensive car (one decent-looking man drove a Ford Fiesta, while other drove a Bentley Continental, and 60% of women choose the one driving Bentley). It’s about what a car represents (luxury, stability, and security), and not so much about how it appeals to them.

3. Keep it simple

To keep your car simple, start with the color selection. Get a car in practical color, such as white, black, blue, silver, or red (avoid lime green or yellow). As for the size, choose the one that best reflects your personality and your occupation (remember the history teacher in a huge, customized 4x4 Jeep).

Your vehicle should reflect your lifestyle and unique character as a man. If you’ll use your car mostly to drive your family around, then driving a sports car may not be practical (as it may be fun), and it will also give a wrong impression about you. This just goes to show that opting for a simple car is the way to go, so get a car that corresponds to your lifestyle.

4. Keep it clean

The car you bought is beautiful. At least, it was when you bought it, because it’s not in its best shape due to the condition it is in now. If you don’t maintain both the interior and exterior of your car, the impression it will give about you won’t be a great one. Don’t let the dirty car leave an undesirable impression about you so make sure you wash your car on a regular basis. If you want to wash your car like a pro, first evaluate its condition, get the necessary car-wash products, and start washing the dirt, mud and dust from the exterior, as well as vacuuming the interior. Maintain its performance by regularly changing auto parts, for example, wiper blades, filters, summer/winter tires, etc.

Your car’s main purpose is to get you from point A to point B. However, it can definitely have a positive or negative impact on your image. Make sure that the car you drive fits your character and reflects who you are.

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