Honesty being the best virtue, I am just trying to kill five minutes before my next class. That being said:

I would like to promote the idea of conscripts in the United States. I believe that military service for 2 years is something that would benefit our society and those that live in it. Whereas, the level of respect the average young person has for the rules and those his/her senior has depleted over the last twenty years and noticing that numerous men and women have been cited as improving their lives by joining the military - I think it is a great way to make life better in America.

By requiring all healthy men who are physically capable of service and who choose not to enroll into college to go to basic training their first summer out of high school and then enlisted for two years in Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard service in any branch of their choice we will help curve unemployment and improve the physical fitness of America.

Additionally, all men who choose to enroll into college should be required to take a minimum of two years of ROTC (officer training) in any of branch they see fit. This will promote leadership in young people and help make the college graduates of the coming years more than just well educated followers.

With these increased numbers of National Guard members, states would have access to increased labor that would be able to help fix roads, renovate public facilities, and improve the infrastructure of the state.

The increased reserve numbers would allow our military to train more people in technical fields and make them ready to enter the work force at the age of 20 with work experience rather than a diploma.

Finally, the increased active duty numbers would allow our troops more time in between tours of duty and our commanders access to more troops for surges.

Class just started so I will continue this later. What does everyone think?

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Comment by Micah on January 23, 2010 at 8:07pm
While I wouldn't mind it personally, I'm vehemently against forcing others into the military. It's simply a matter of freedoms. I agree with what you've said, but simply because others wouldn't, I can't condone forcing them to conform.
Comment by S.A.C. on January 23, 2010 at 4:52pm
There is nothing manly in being a slave nor in forcing other men to be slaves.

It is truly viscious to propose ending unemployment by rounding up the unemployed and shipping them off to be killed.

It speaks ill of this forum that such views are even given space to appear here.
Comment by Nagrom on January 19, 2010 at 10:31pm
I think mandatory military service is a mistake.
I am pro-military, rabidly so at times, but I believe that only those who truly believe in the military should be part of it. Both for the benefit of the military, and for the well-being of the potential conscripts.
When people are drafted, or otherwise unwillingly pressed, into war and conflict the consequences are sometimes extreme. The psychological damage, PTSD et al, done to the unprepared, un-desiring, mind by war is terrible. Far more terrible than on the guy who wants to be there. I'd also suggest that derelictions of duty and commission of atrocities like the Mei Lei massacre is more likely to happen with conscripts/draftees than volunteers.
War is the business of warriors - Most people are not warriors. Bad juju happens when those who are not wired and desiring of standing on that hard line, are made to do so.

Mandatory community service of some form, however, I am all for. That can come in a variety of forms - Working at the library, being an EMT, firefighter or police officer, working for the city/county, working with schools and kids programs, etc. There is a role available for everyone, of every personality and desire and that must be recognized. And everyone should do something, for a period at least, for their community (be it just the local community, or the national community).
Comment by Matt Dera on January 19, 2010 at 8:52pm
I would agree with a draft if our country was being invaded/attacked by another country, but conscription just steps on too many toes. There have been a view plans being tossed around though, with more and more troops being sent out (i.e. the Rangel Plan, which is actually a "No Exception" draft - it doesn't matter whether you are in college or not. The college exception from the draft is outdated, based from a time when college was for the "elite", and those who were in college were expected to live up to their honor and enlist anyway.)
I myself think it is a bad idea. People that cant afford college will be forced to enlist? Then what about when they are done their service? A recent study of Britain in the 60s showed the men that were conscripted earned on average 5% less than those that weren't.
The pros and cons go on forever.

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