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Suggestions, please!

This year, the closest thing I had to a new year's resolution was to try a new activity every month. I have certain, loose criteria to meet: -

It should be cheap or free

I need to continue either until the end of the month, or, if relevant, the completion of the project, whichever comes first

That's pretty much it. I got a trumpet for xmas, so I spent January learning that (I already play lots of other instruments, so picking up the trumpet was not as big a… Continue

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The Birth of the Simple Man

so here I start and make my first steps into the troubles of this world.

I was born in the cold weather of mother Russia, to a straggling woman that lost her first husband to a bottle of Russian vodka and was married for the second time to a young Jewish artist, my father.

When I was almost three years old, my parents decided to move to a new country, a free one, without the walls of communism, the country many men and women lost their lives for, the country named… Continue

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Long Day

What a Monday. I had two major projects due today, but the time they were due was ambiguous. This made it difficult, as I was racing the clock with no idea when I would run out of time. Someone was going to send an email blast with links to two pages I was building, so the pressure to finish quickly was immense. I got it done, but it took all day. Fortunately something in the software jacked up, and the email got delayed.

I rushed home to go to class, a new online MBA course I… Continue

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Castle Rock SP

Curious limestone formation...

Rodrigo and I caving it...

old foundation stone from an abandoned settlement...

the little white dot in the mountain is the cave we are aiming for...

fun cave… Continue

Added by Dr. Dane C. Barca on April 13, 2009 at 4:17pm — 1 Comment


This is a plea to any audiophiles out there- I have just acquired a NAD 3130 amp and a cheap(ish) turntable- with a view to upgrading the turntable, getting a cd player and tuner etc.

The tuner and cd player are no great shakes as i roughly know what i want.

Its more the speakers.

If there is anyone out there who would be able to help me choose some decent starter speakers that can take the amps output without crackling (like the ones i currently am using)- I am… Continue

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A Charmed Life

When I was in my mid twenties, I remember becoming aware that I felt like I was living a "charmed life". Everything I did, just seemed to work. And work well. Stuff came to me so easily. People often remarked, at how I always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and that I always landed on my feet, or I just fell into it... you know... all of those aphorisms.

But then it happened... at the age of 31. All of a sudden, the charm was fading. Life finally got hard for me,… Continue

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My book and I...


old lady...

my folks...

good times on the… Continue

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Bald Knob Jaunt

Mini crew in formation:

Of course we were headed...

Ryan getting ready...

Rodrigo horsing around...


ninja hand spikes...…


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Never Hike Off-Trail.

Rodrigo and I in training for our summer jaunt:

Note the cougar sign: "If attacked, fight back." Made T-shirts with this image for all my employees at the bar.

Nice A-Frame.

Rodrigo making it look easy,



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Last night the eggs were hidden and the basket prepared. My son woke up and discovered all the new trinkets we added to his collection. He hunted for the eggs and then it was time to get ready for church. It was a little weird to do it before church, but my wife wanted to do things the way her family did it and I didn't mind. It did feel weird though.

We made it to church without too much hassle, and, as expected, the pews were full. Not that the church is totally empty on a normal… Continue

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Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis



Spring 2009Vol. 4, No. 1

This article is from TOS Vol. 4, No. 1. The full contents of the issue are listed here.

Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis

Richard M. Salsman

The Moral Cause and the Moral…

Added by Jason Blevins on April 12, 2009 at 9:02pm — 1 Comment

On being over fifty...

What it's like to be over fifty? I'm thinking... I'm THINKING!

I mean, there MUST be some advantages!
(just kidding) Of course there is; and my favorite one is this: The realization that now, I have a new, very cool and useful trait. It's Wisdom. Now that I've past the fifty-mark, I've acquired a kind of wisdom that I've never know before. And I love it! It's the kind of wisdom that goes something like this: Whenever one of my college-age kids comes walking… Continue

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A meaningless random rant. Vitamins and Minerals!

I admit the human body is an amazing thing. To think that this soft, pudgy, burnable, breakable, stink producing, hairy mass made from nothing more than the elements surrounding us is the closest thing to cold fusion the Universe has ever seen. No computer can even compare when it comes to the ability to remember, rationalize and just plain thinking. To think that there are billions of microscopic organisms living inside us with no purpose other than to use our cells to reproduce, thus… Continue

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On Mentoring...

Mentoring young me can be a very rewarding experience for all involved.

My own experience is mainly in connection with our local high school, which provides a "shadowing" program, lasting from one day to a summer internship. I have an intern every summer, and they are usually young guys age 15 or 16. In addition to guiding them in their job, I spend many hours helping them with their various life issues. I've had five so far, and each has gone on to college, or they're… Continue

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I suppose that I should introduce myself.

Hello. My name is Erik Scheele, although you've probably already seen that from my profile name. I'm a first-year student currently attending university in Waterloo, Ontario, for musical studies. I'll probably go into composition, perhaps a double major in education as well. My spare time is taken up by studies, composing, reading books (I've been on a Stephen King splurge lately), working out, and enjoying nature.

Wait a second. That's not right at all; I've got my "things I wish I… Continue

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The Great Easter Egg War of 1983

My wife and I were discussing tomorrow's Easter festivities and I was reminded of a story from my childhood.

I was roughly the age my son is now, I don't remember if I was 3 or 4. My sisters are two and four years older than me, so you can see we were all fairly young. Sometime after Easter my parents had to do something that required a babysitter. My dad's cousin was tapped for the job. He didn't live near us, so this was definitely his first gig with us.

I don't remember… Continue

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Long Live Ning

Ning is certainly taking the social networking world by storm. This is the third time I have signed up for a Ning site within the last month. I am pretty stoked about this site though. This takes all the best of facebook and The Art of Manliness and blends them together. I am looking forward to watching this site grow.

It looks like Ning is officially on the map. Let's make sure The Art of Manliness skyrockets it. I think it can, and I think it will.

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A thought deep in the minds of everyone, everywhere. Love.

I used to keep an interesting journal and I regret somewhat that I've gotten out of the habit. It wasn't your usual "this is what I did today" journal. It was a "Thought" journal. I recommend that everyone keep one. It's very interesting to look back on how I used to percieve things and they way I see things now. Sometimes I'm a completely new person and other times my thoughts are only reconfirmed in my mind. There's one entry in particular I've been thinking a lot about lately. I don't… Continue

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And for my next project

I need a chessboard to play with my friends. Since I don't have money I'm gonna create one for free. Out of cardboard. It's going to be amazing. I'll post pics on the forum.

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There are new Most interesting man in the world videos out there

I need to have the life this guy's got.

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