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My most recent VA interview

I had a VA appointment about a month ago and they called for a “follow-up interview”. The follow-up went very much like the original interview and went something very much like this:

VA – When you close your eyes do you see dead, burning bodies or wake up screaming?

Me – No. I don’t sleep much.

VA – What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Me – I take pills and drink

VA – I see. What do you drink and how often?

Me – I usually drink beer, about 6 to 12.…


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A Test of Security: Protecting Your Home and Family

Do you know that a break in occurs every 15 seconds? They can happen any time during the day or night, but sixty-five percent occur between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., with the most common break in time falling between 10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., while many people are at…


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5 Ways to Organize Your Garage on a Shoe-String Budget

Lack of money doesn’t mean anything bad, it just means you have to get creative when looking to clean up the garage. When you have little extra to spend to organize, thinking outside the box is the best way to get the most out of your space without breaking the bank.…


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Architectural gem: Technical High School in Omaha

Technical High School was a public high school that was located at 3215 Cuming Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Opened in 1923, the school was said to be the largest high school west of Chicago. It was the largest in the Omaha area before it was closed in 1984. Today the building serves as the headquarters of Omaha Public Schools.…


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Perfect for Your Man: What He Really Wants for Christmas

In a world filled with gadgets, high-end clothing labels, and a dozen tool brands for any job imaginable, finding the perfect gift is challenging. Your man knows that it’s the thought that counts, but you still want to hit a home run this holiday season. Never fear. You…


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Basement Playroom Updates for Then Men in Your Family

Making a basement getaway that is worthy of the men in your family is not necessarily the easiest project ever. It takes time and consideration with an attention to detail. Not all men are into games like pool, ping pong or board games. Update your basement playroom to fit their basic relaxation needs. By creating a man cave of their own, the basement playroom can be their "escape zone" from stress and usual work-related pressures. The playroom should be comfortable and relaxing.



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To himself by Paul Fleming

Be ever undaunted! Be ever unvanquished!

Yield to no fortune; stand above envy;

be content with who you are and think it no affliction

if fortune, place and time have once more conspired against you.

That which grieves and comforts you, believe it all foreordained;

accept your fate. Regret nothing.

Do what must be done and ere it’s demanded of you.

What you can still hope for, that may yet come to be.

What is it we still lament, still praise? Misfortune…


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Local Jobs: How the National Economy has Changed Blue Collar Work

There was once a time when the pervasive school of thought was that college graduates went into white collar positions, and those without higher education went into blue collar fields. However, in the wake of the recession, more and more college graduates have…


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Exercises To Lose Weight: Are You Prepared To Try This Out?

Most of individuals nowadays are hurrying toward gym and fitness  centers to keep the sleekness in the body. They typically birth a mistaken belief that equipments established in  professional areas are much more superior to home based exercise equipment  yet friends this is all wide of the mark as you could adopt  these at your living location with all comfort and simplicity. Therefore,  there are various activities one can do to lose weight such as  diet programs, yoga exercise, aerobics,…


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7 Great Paying Jobs for Rugged Men

On a hot summer day, most guys are happy that they are able to sit in their office behind their computer and enjoy the cool breeze emanating from the air-conditioning unit. However, there are days that every guy, especially rugged guys, would happily trade in their keyboard and their shirt…


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Avoiding the Dealer: How to Make Your Own Car Repairs

Car repairs can cost a lot of money depending on the problem you're dealing with, and the parts and labor required to fix it by a professional. When you take your car to a repair shop, we all hope the person handling your car will be honest about the time required, and the…


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