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The Art Of The Gym Pick Up Line

Step 1: (Obviously) Work Out

Get Ripped! This is the reason you go to the gym gentlemen. It’s always a good strategy to look fit. Women want to see you work out as hard as they do because it makes them know that you’re serious about getting and/or staying in shape. Maintain a healthy work out that includes all parts of your body and you will see your hard work pay off.

Having a better body will help your chances of finding a girl at the gym because it builds your…


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I sit here Christmas Eve, during some precious down-time where I can actually type out my thoughts without too much distraction.

A light snow is falling, and we'll soon be heading out to spend time with some very old friends and Beef Wellington by the fireside.

I don't blog here much anymore; a lot of that is because I now get support each week in my men's group. Someone here did request I write down what I've been up to lately, so I'm back.

It's been quite a year. Some…


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5 Things Every Man Should Own

There comes the time in the lives of most men when the decision is made to take his appearance seriously. The lucky few may have it thrust upon them by particularly dapper parents, but everyone else, at some point, decides that enough is enough. This big step should not, however, be greeted with a rush to the nearest mall, and the trend-led purchase of items en masse. Instead, a man's wardrobe should be built around 5 key items, and each of these should be…


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Week 16 (or for you men out there, Month 4)

Today is the start of week 16 of baby watch, and things are finally starting to liven up a bit. For the few followers I have, you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts. That’s simply because other than the first initial excitement, there’s not much going on during the first four months.

We managed not to tell anyone until three weeks before Thanksgiving, when we told my parents. A week later, we told her parents. Then on Thanksgiving day, we told my siblings and extended…


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Creativity Trampled

I am an author. I've written a novel that is completely unique when it comes to the types of "creatures" portrayed in fantasy. Over the last six to eight months I queried to over fifty literary agents and publishers who were asking for new works--literally wanting people to send them excerpts. 

So, I wait the allotted time they say to wait. Half of them reject my stuff, while the other half just don't respond. It doesn't affect me in my writing (i'm researching and writing three books…


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Are Flash Games a Waste of Time?

There are quite a lot of people who feel that children play too many games and that they are a waste of time. However, it is worth considering whether they really are or not.

There are people that worry that games take up too much time. It is worth considering what other use of that time might be made. If you are watching television, there is not much difference to playing games really. It is still a way that someone can relax and enjoy themselves. It could be argued that whatever you…


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How To Choose The Right SSL Certificate

It is not always that easy to know which SSL certificate to choose. There are different certificates which give you different levels of security. It can be easy to know that if you collect no customer data, then it is not necessary to have one and if you have an ecommerce shop with a merchant account then you will need a high strength one. However, many people do not have such a straightforward choice.

Some website collect data such as email addresses but not financial information. It…


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