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New Year Reflexions.

It is 12:10 P.M. New Years Eve here in Mexico City and a new year will be coming in 11 hours and 50 minutes. As 2010 ends and 2011 begins, I am reminded that not only is a new year is begining, but also de second decade of the XXI century. It is truly amazing how fast ten years have passed and how quickly this new century is progressing, although we were told things would be different in the world of the future, that future is now our present and things haven't changed much. Sure technology…


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My situation is this; I am 23 years old, I know what it is I want to do with my life and as importantly I know what to do to get there. I believe I have the work ethic and talent to succeed. The only thing stopping me, or slowing me down, is time and money, both of which I don't have enough of.


I work in bar. I work hard in a bar. I like working in a bar, but in England, we don't have a tipping culture, so I earn by the hour, which is minimum wage. This obviously means that I…


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The crime of emotional silencing

Sad news this week. While on holiday in Jamaica, Cathy-Lee Martin’s throat was slashed by her husband. The couple were experiencing marital problems and reports reveal that Ms Martin told her husband that she wanted to separate. The 43 year old Ontario school teacher decided that slitting his wife’s throat was a solution to their failing marriage… Continue

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Walk the Walk

What does walk the walk mean? Simply put, it means action. The modern world is full of talkers, head nodders, agreers. They say they will do or be something. When they're alone or you you turn your back or the ole proverbial sh*t hits the fan it's a far diferent story.

Walking the walk is more than doing what you say you will. Many times it is action with no words spoken at all. There are times when deeds truely speak louder than words.

In October of 1918 9 units of the 77th US…


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What can I say?

Having just joined up I suppose I ought to introduce myself.  I call myself KermitKebab.  No, I am not an Arab, or Lebanese or Armenian as the name might imply.  That is simply a pen name or 'handle'.  I chose it when I joined another unrelated website years ago where many guys were choosing 'cool' names like DragonEater.  Not that I have anything against cool names - I just don't like to take myself too seriously.  I think many men are way too serious and stressed out these days.  I… Continue

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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 14 - Write a Letter to Your Father

This is a rather personal subject, so I shan't be sharing the letter after writing it.  My parents got divorced when I was very young, and because of that, I never had the relationship with my father that a boy ought to have.  Nonetheless, I play an occasional game of golf with my dad, which gives us time to talk.  I enjoy our time together - somehow advice from your father means so much more than advice from anyone else.  Also, as John Eldredge (if I'm not mistaken) once wrote; "masculinity…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 13 - Declutter Your Life

I believe that this will be an appropriate time for someone to threaten to punch me in the face for slacking.  In my defence, however, I spent Monday to Wednesday on a business trip and decluttering my hotel room would have been pretty pointless.  


Coincidentally, I spent a bit of time today deleting old groups, random strangers and other junk from my Facebook profile.  Although it's not mentioned in the task list for day 13, I believe that it is also a form of…


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What are your hands doing?

If you don’t know by now, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Design with a specialization

in costume. In Theatre school, we learned from all different areas so that we could understand and appreciate all of the jobs that make up a

working theatre – stage management, lighting…


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Season's Greetings - Merry Christmas

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Art of Manliness TO BE MENTIONED (and complimented) ON NATIONWIDE BROADCAST...

I was taping an interview for a special Christmas Morning broadcast of a popular W. Coast conservative talk show (the interview, and a production of one of my MAN-stories "SILENT NIGHT" will be nearly the entire broadcast).


During the interview the host asked me about my work, my books... and gave some very flattering thoughts on each (she had definitely done her research ~ as will be noted next).  Then she began to tell her audience about some of my websites, FB page and…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 12 -Create Your Bucket List

My previous post was short and sweet - "I'm not going to die, yet".  Despite the fact that I have been AWOL from my 30 Days to a Better Man blog 'series' (if I may call it that), I am still very much alive and kicking.  Deadlines at the office, however, had me working almost day and night for the past week.  Fortunately, things have calmed down and I'm back en route to a better man.


Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you my bucket…


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Sins of the Flesh

Reposted from beingmanly: sins of the flesh

Not so long ago I introduced the first guest writer to Being Manly. It is now my pleasure to welcome my humble blog’s first guest artist, the venerable and manly Julian Peters, whose literary comic art is making a…

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Clothing, costume, identity, and lack thereof

Clothing is a wonderful thing.  Clothing is a wonderful palette with many options to play with like colour, garment cut, and fabric texture. One of my favourite things to do is get dressed and express myself through my clothing. For me, clothing and dressing is a joy.




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Santa Is Going To Be Really Good This Year!

A couple of weeks ago, I found my way to the AoM website and was fascinated by the whole concept of a site devoted to developing the character of manliness within ourselves.  It struck a concordant note with my feelings and I was particularly led to the Real Shaving Group and the Christian Group.  Although I am 67 and have been retired for two years, I am finding a joy in my retirement by setting new goals and having new experiences each and every…


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Now We Are One

It is a year since Being Manly got off the ground. I can scarcely credit the passage of time. In some ways that first blunt list of a post seems a distant historical, if not historic, event, but the subsequent discussion did lay a foundation for what was to come, and for what is still to come. I’m not much of a memorialist – Birthdays come and go without a lot of fanfare if I can help…

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A Biblical Look at Manhood

I Corinthians 16:13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

In the midst of the conclusion of the first epistle to the Corinthian church, we find some instruction to the church, in particular the men; a final exhortation to watchfulness, steadfastness, strength, love, and manly courage. Albert Barnes says the phrase “quit you like men” means, “to render one manly or brave; to show…


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Just A Smidgen Of SILENT NIGHT...

This is a link to a short sample of a piece (9 minutes... of a 30 minute crafting) I'm putting together for a Christmas Day radio program. It's based on one of the annual 'Christmas' short stories I share LIVE, as I'm crafting them, with folks around the world.

Just click the PLAY button... Give a listen. Let me know what you think.

I'll post the info about the radio program later (I've been asked to be the 'spotlight', if you…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 11 - Give Yourself a Testicular Exam

I'm not going to die, yet.

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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 10 - Memorize If

On my previous attempt to do the 30 Days to a Better Man challenge, I memorized If. Realizing what a struggle it was to commit something to memory, I realized that my memory has deteriorated since my school days. I'm not attributing this to age, but to the fact that it's not used enough. To illustrate - if you can bench 70 kg's now, it doesn't automatically mean that you'll be able to do the same thing in a year's time, unless you make an effort to stay in shape. I believe that your mind…


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Mary Patricia and I (Part II Final)

...sadness. I cannot imagine for one instant life without my beloved partner.

This is a story narrated in first person voice, so I cannot tell you what other people’s feelings, thoughts, and attitudes toward life are. What follows are some of the acts and habits (bringing a token home, consulting your spouse, care for others, being a provider, and God) that have guided my life in my marriage. Because Mary Patricia likes to eat fruit every day, I made it a point to always bring home an…


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