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London "Architecture gems"

The London architecture program provides a critical portal to the European architecture community, broadening the school’s connection to current practices and discourses taking place in northern Europe.

The program is based at Syracuse University’s London Center, located in the historic Bloomsbury district of London, near Covent Garden and the…


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5 Secrets to Becoming a More Cultured and Sophisticated Man

The cultured and sophisticated man never embarrasses himself in public. His proverbial feathers are not easily ruffled and he always has the right words for the occasion. This is a man who knows how to look his best even in challenging situations. He carries himself…


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The President announced his immigration reform

After 27 year in the military (19 years active duty plus reserve time) I retired. I make roughly $2,500 a month. $500 of that is tax free. Because of the 14 years I spent on jump status in the airborne, I have pain issues caused by severe arthritis and compression fractures. But since the VA does not compensate for pain issues I get no disability…..just a portion of my pension that is not taxed. For many reasons (cost of living among them) I have moved overseas (following the laws of the…


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Appreciate the architectural style: Five advantages gained living in a gated Community

Appreciate the architectural style: Five advantages gained living in a gated Community

Why move into one of the many gated communities in Omaha, Neb.? One reason couples and families may choose to live in a particular gated community, in apartments in Omaha, NE. Did you know that one…


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6 Tools Every Man Should Learn How to Use

It is not necessary for a man to have a full, bushy beard and moonlight as a mechanic to know how to use tools. There are some tools that every man should learn to feel comfortable using. Even if they aren't used on a regular basis, the knowledge may someday come in handy and certain…


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High Fashion is All About Fun Sportswear With 2014 Hair Styles

At the Chanel couture show in January, the noted fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dispatched his stunning models in exceptional clothes teamed with sneakers. The noted designer followed up the showcase of his very best design creations with some more display of sneakers in the Fall-Winter collection for Chanel. Mr. Lagerfeld has therefore struck a very sporty tone for Fall 2014. At the same time, the designer was not alone in turning to sportswear for motivation and insight. The other…


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Manliness down deep...a bit more

If you have not read my earlier blog entry, “Manliness down deep” the following paragraphs will suffice as an introduction. If you have already read that, continue at the break marked “----------------“.

In the emotional and spiritual realm, men are finding safe places to bare their souls every bit as much as they would bare their bodies in a locker room and showers. No matter what our physical bodies may appear to be, as varied as they are, inside each is a man carrying…


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St. Thomas Aquinas on Women

D L quotes St. Thomas wildly out of context.  It's a quote from an objection in the Summa Theologica.  The Summa proceeds by posing a question which St. Thomas will answer.  He first raises objections to his planned answer.  Then he gives his answer, with a reasoned argument and quotes from authorities.  Finally, he responds to the objections.  This is a format used by many writers from that period.

D L's quote is from an objection, so it is a position that St. Thomas…


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Ahhh winter is coming and other thoughts

Well it has officially been a long time since I wrote last.  Since the last time I wrote Hiyoshi completed his first season of peewee football.  He did pretty good for his first year.   He had a lot of fun and made some new friends.  Azuki has started preschool.   She enjoys it and I am sure it makes her feel like a big girl.


I have nothing new really happening.  Still…


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Fathers' Rights: 5 Things Every Dad Must Know During a Custody Battle

Going through a custody battle is never a pleasant experience, but for fathers, it can be especially nightmarish. For decades, the legal system has favored mothers when it comes to child custody, leaving fathers alienated from their children with no recourse.…


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Daniel Defoe

Journalist, novelist (1660 – 1731)

In his relatively long life, Daniel Defoe had an enormous influence on journalism and the early English novel. He had been born Daniel Foe in rather humble circles. His father was a London butcher, and…


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Dealing with the death of a friend

I recently found out that one of my friends was shot down and murdered. we havent really talked for about half a year due to school and political campaigns, I didn't really talk to him all that much because he started drug dealing, reguardless, he was a very dear friend to me, we went hiking together, to the movies, road trips, you name it. Im not really sure how to deal with this loss, i feel empty and numb, as if i cant accept it and that it never happened. If anyone could give me some…


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It Used to be Easier

I have had these bouts before. It was never bad. My family was always away so I never worried about my kids and I worked. When I felt this way I threw myself into work. Now I am retired. Sure, I go to school online.........but it is pretty damn hard to throw yourself into required online reading when part of the problem is inability to focus, When it was both physical and mental it was easier. Now my family is here and I force the smiles and try to get the inflection of my voice right. I…


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How to Turn Your Garage into a Solid Place to Watch the Game

Men need a space of their own to unwind after a long work week. Many guys look for a secluded place they can get rowdy, yell and just generally have a great time with their friends. A garage is a natural choice for a man cave conversion, which can be easily done with creativity and careful planning. Following the steps below will aid in building the perfect place to watch sports and have fun.



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How to make a simple but beautifull leather bracelet

     Hello folks.  Today I will show you how to make a leather bracelet, it's simple to do, and most of the tools you already have at your home. It's a nice present for someone you care, it looks nice and it is not uncomfortable to wear.

     First start with the tools you need:                                                              …


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Men's Fashion 101: The Basics Of Looking Your Best Without Overdoing It

Regardless of a man’s professional status or the balance of his bank account, there are six fashion basics that he needs to look his best. Each of these closet essentials can…


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improve Your Fashion Sense With High Quality Replica Watches

Crude Cheapos These watches cost about $7 to make and use Chinese made movements. The cases are badly machined, parts are often stamped metal and the dials have fuzzy numbers, the hands are clunky and they have mismatched date windows. These watches almost always have quartz movements. The good news is they run OK and they're really cheap under $50. The bad news is that no one, even your blind Aunt Millie will think they're authentic Fake…


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swiss Watch Fraud Ripoff

According to the Swiss Customs Service, counterfeit watches can be made in such a manner as to require special equipment to confirm near authenticity. A high price is not a guarantee of authenticity. Indications of fineness do not necessarily indicate authenticity. Hallmarks can be forged, and may induce a buyer to believe a piece is made of real gold when it may only be made of a cheap metal plated in gold. However, a gold watch may not be solid gold and still be authentic. Gold plated and…


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How to Quickly Build Muscle

Looking to bulk up on muscle and slim down on fat without dedicating endless hours to working out? Follow a few simple rules and you can quickly build muscle. A handful of changes to your weight lifting circuit, diet, and daily routine can make a world of difference. Keep reading and get the advice you need to get the look you want.

You are what you eat

Nutrition is just as important to building muscles as are your workouts. For anyone looking to build muscle…


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What He Really Wants: Birthday Gifts Your Man Will Truly Appreciate

Getting the best gifts for your guys can be overwhelming, especially in this digital age where the choices are plenty. People also have different tastes, so trying to figure out what a guy might want for his birthday can be especially confusing. Here are some…


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