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While I try to live a life of gratitude, I've never been a fan of the actual holiday. To me it's the kickoff of the Annoying Season of forced shopping, eating and jollity. 

I also grew up in an abusive situation, holidays being key triggers, so even at my ripe old age of fifty I still carry the scars no matter how much I bury them in the present.

Well, this Thanksgiving I have been given a great gift, which I want to share here.

There is a new man at our men's group. He…


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Be a warrior, a poet, a gentleman, a scholar

At first, there was no man better than the others by birth; they all descended from the same father and mother. But when Envy and Greed took over the world, and Power imposed itself above what was Right, some men were identified as Guarantors and Defenders of the poor and the humble.

-Sir Lancelot-


As a boy, I heard stories about the great men, fighting off insurmountable odds to protect the weak and save the princess, who was not in another castle that time.…


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Beer League Hockey: Why Every Man Should Play at Least Once

If you have always had a passion for hockey and are looking for some fun with other like-minded individuals, you may want to sign up for a beer league. These adult recreational leagues, which are not taken incredibly seriously and are designed to promote fun and hilarity, can be found in various towns and cities. Most of the players join for the camaraderie. The stakes are usually not high, and players can hit the ice and enjoy the game as if they were still kids in grade school. Here are a…


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There are times to walk away.

A bunch of the guys and I went out for tacos last night. During our conversation, one of them mentioned that he had just quit his job. Considering the nature of the economy and that his wife just gave birth to their first child, I asked why. His boss had asked him to do something either illegal or unethical (I am still not quite sure which). When he clarified that he had heard the request correctly, he had walked back to his desk, wrote a letter of resignation, took his license off the wall…


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PIT Training

I just returned from the second, lesser-known part of my New Warrior Training experience; the Primary Integration Weekend, or PIT, as it’s called.

Unlike the weekend, which is all encompassing as far as training, lodging and meals, this seemed fairly innocuous. A Saturday and Sunday of instruction, this time on the ground floor of a sleek office building in a lovely Connecticut town.

Back home, I sit here emotionally exhausted, drained. While the Weekend was much more intense;…


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Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have served past, present and future. Remember the blood spilled, and the sacrifices made by the brave men and women of the United States of America, and Allied Soldiers who fought along side of them. Today is a day to be grateful that there are brave warriors from all walks of life ready to put boot to ass, and remember the ones that did it before us.


Happy Veterans Day!

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Young Society and the Pursuit

As I pursue the arts of manliness and of being a gentleman, I cannot help but become frustrated. I am frustrated by the overwhelming youth of today acting and carrying on with such disregard. The ones I encounter on a daily basis act as though they are "cool" and "confident" but all I really see is disrespect for one another, and an almost total absence of values.


Any man as a member of this social network, or any man who see himself as a "practitioner" of the manly arts,…


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As a Quaker

As a Quaker, I do not believe in rites and rituals as a pathway to God. I believe a relationship with God is a very personal, much internalized affair that needs no intermediary such a priest or confessor. However, I am not marginalizing these rites, rituals and intermediaries; I understand the important role they play on some people’s path to a loving, fulfilling relationship with God. I understand other denominations will quote, or misquote, The Bible, saying it commands, or God commands…


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"Lessons Learned"

Hello everyone!

I live in the great Pacific Northwest, in Oregon state, of the United States, for those of you who are from other countries. 

I once started the habit of journaling, of keeping a diary, but found it distasteful because of all the negative things I was writing and because I couldn't quite find something that was really worth going back to read over, again. Since then, I've switched to another system and I'd like to share it with everyone here to…


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“The only thing I truly know is that I know nothing.”


- Socrates


Every year I get older and older, life continues to move forward and every year as I grow older, I sit and think about what “it” is exactly. It seems I’ve perpetually philosophized on the futility of contemplating certain aspects of life as I perceive it, or perhaps as others do. Since I was very young (haha, now that's a relative thing...) I’ve been this way. And as I’ve fluctuated through times…


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