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The ultimate test to see if you are a man: Surviving Rebel Race

Rebel Race is not your average race where you are done in 20 minutes.  Hell No! 


The Rebel Race Series is designed for people feeling the urge to tackle intense obstacles.  From start to finish, Rebel Race’s military style obstacles will have you dashing, barricade-climbing, mud-crawling, rope-swinging and fire-jumping.  You don’t want to miss the ninja turtle tunnels and relive the glory days!  Cross the finish line and bask in the glory with tons of beer, food, live…


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A Day in the Life.......

I read the news, today, oh boy.............


OK, I've never really blogged, before, so be kind, please.


My wife and I have been puzzling out some exploratory issues in relation to our places of employment.  Both of us have decent jobs with good companies, but we are finding that there is no room to advance in either of our situations.  Consequently, we have been exploring other possibilities, starting with…


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"Believe you can and you're halfway there."

OK, this is all about belief.

Well, not realy but enough of it is based on the above quote...


OK, I've gained and lost weight repeatedly. Never truly had an active lifestyle, and small children plus long hours at work (plus a wife that works) have made regular exercise rather difficult without a huge expendature of will.


I'm rather lazy.  This has not helped.


I am 260 pounds and at just shy of 5'9", that's a lot of extra weight for…


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Poetry for saving a life

 This poem, I wrote out to a friend of mine who had just moved out to

> college. He was in a different setting, around different people, and

> separated from his loved ones and love. This man I have great respect for.

> He actually inspired me to write poetry and I could not let such a man

> collapse into that lonely spiral that affects the youth these days so

> relentlessly. Within a few minutes I found bursting with life energy, with

> that…

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Your skin in winter

Winter. The absolute worst time for our skin; a time when we're dried out, rough, and scaly. Mmm, sounds nasty, don't it? Dry winter air affects people with sensitive skin more than people who have normal skin, so if you suffer from sensitive skin like I do, this post is dedicated to…


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Wishing You All A Very Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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The Ice Storm

The holidays are here, and what better way to get into the spirit with some good holiday movies!

We start our season with an unusual pick: The Ice Storm. The description is here, for those interested It never went anywhere at the box office and I can see why; it presents a chilling (pun intended) view of American family culture during the Thanksgiving weekend of…


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My Dopp Kit Packing List

I have found myself doing more travel recently as I am wrapping up my undergraduate degree. I compiled my Dopp kit packing list into an Excel spreadsheet to ensure I was bringing everything and building the perfect kit. I share with you my knowledge:

Complete Dopp Kit


I find it helpful to print this…


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Act Your Age

How many times have you seen someone act like they were 5? Such as if you were to see someone get frustrated while batting;They throw the bat and a tantrum. It doesn't have to be at the plate, either; It could be any overreaction to anything:Not getting your way,confusion, even if you think you don't have enough attention.


That's why there is a film about it. Released in 1949 by Coronet Films, "Act Your Age" is film about maturity. From it,we get this chart.…


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A winter coat's tale

Gents, do you own a winter coat? I know it's a funny question, but I'm on my fourth client almost in a row who doesn't have a proper winter coat and I'm astounded. We live in Canada and our winters are cold, so why wouldn't these men have the proper gear for winter weather?


One of the clients never "got around" to getting one as an adult, so he shivered his way through each winter in a short cloth and leather baseball-type jacket  that was miles too big for him. Thinking…


Added by Leah Morrigan on November 17, 2011 at 5:20am — 6 Comments

Saying 'Yes please' when i actually want to 'No thanks'

Yesterday I got a relatively good job-offer; not too bad salary, living arrangements taken care of. Naturally i said 'Yes thanks' because i thought this is something that i really want to do, a step into a proper job (i currently work in a freelancer). However later that night; or even while i was still thinking it over i decided "I can't do this". Now i have to go back and turn the job down.

This isn't the first time it's happened to me so there is probably an underlying something…


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Deboning a Turkey (with pics!)

Gentlemen (and ladies)! Thanksgiving approaches and I, along with most of America, are starting to plan for feasts, friends, and football. In my family, Thanksgiving dinner had previously always been cooked by the women of the family-- first by my late grandmother and then by my mother. They cooked delicious…


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ehispano | Best Man Speeches Brother

Hello friend I am a very shy and have trouble speaking in public I have searched much about best man speeches brother and I get to give a good speech. There is much information on the net and best of tod is to test the speech in front of a mirror. It helps a lot.

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The Spot

"Mind spotting me?" I asked this guy sheepishly.

As much as I am now comfortable in the free-weight area of my gym, there's still the social element where I feel awkward. As a part of that I am loath to ask for help. But it was the last set of my bench press work set , and I didn't like having the bar coming down on me. It's happened before and that is really embarrassing. It was not a lot of weight, not even my bodyweight (though I'm getting pretty close). I am a newcomer to…


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The theory of credibility

credible adj. 1 (of a person or statement) believable or worthy of belief. 2 (of a threat etc.) convincing.

credibility n. 1 the condition of being credible or believable. 2 reputation, status.

Oxford Modern…


Added by Leah Morrigan on November 10, 2011 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

Stein's Blog - Substance Abuse and Family Law

Drugs and alcoholism destroy families. That is not big news. The disturbing thing is the  number of cases that we see  in the Courts where substance abuse is  a problem. And there are all kinds of substances that are abused. It's not just punks who are using. I have had cases with 45 year old women in a household with a $300,000.00  annual income using heroin and methamphetamine. I have had men who use Ecstasy on a daily basis.  Alcohol abuse is pervasive.


So, what will…


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As an observer of masculinity and society at large, I take notice of different words and terms that come in and out of fashion and vary in popularity. "Douche bag" is one of these terms that I hear often and I'm not sure that I'm clear on it, so I asked some people I know to give me other names for douche bag so that I…


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Women's Clothes and Modesty

We must begin with two principles.

First, modesty is about more than clothes. It is derived from a Latin word meaning "to measure," and my computer dictionary defines it as "unassuming or moderate." My computer thesaurus offers self-effacing, moderate, small, and decorous for synonyms; and conceited, great, grandiose, and flamboyant for antonyms.

Second, a woman can be sexy fully clothed. Conversely, she may be unsexy naked. Fully clothed, she may be sexy fully unknowingly and…


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'Gevalia Coffee' first thing in the morning....

I got up this morning and made Gevalia Coffee with Frontenac Spring Water from the Thousand Islands area of Northern New York.  As I sit her contemplating how darned delicious this coffee is, I wonder, Gentleman:  What is your favorite coffee experience - something you truly enjoy and savour?  I believe I am open to the thought of some new and exciting coffee experiences. 

I love and savour Gevalia Traditional Roast coffee made with spring water...a little sweetener... a little splash…


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For Gentlemen Part 2

A few days ago, I shared a trailer for Chivas Regal's two films that they created in collaboration with Joachim Back. They just released a Q+A with Joachim on why the films were made, pretty interesting stuff:



Click here for the films: …


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