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How to Wrap a Present Like a Gentleman

Got the perfect gift this holiday season but struggling to get the wrapping just right? Follow these step by step instructions and your presentation will match the gift and sentiment behind it.…


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Man Gear: Wardrobe

Check this handsome fellow, obviously from Texas. There’s a plethora of manly minutia upon which to muse:

*Black felt Resistol w/ feather hatband – appropriately worn in the winter

*Black Wrangler western shirt with…


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Sportswear: A Reflection

Reposted from BeingManly

It cannot have escaped your notice that professional sportsmen of various stamps are once again showing up to games wearing suits and ties, and leaving afterwards similarly attired. The England football team went to the last World Cup in grey three-piece affairs, and that was the best thing about their performance. This is all to the good, but something odd has happened.…


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Man Gear: Minimum Daily Requirement

The familiar weight of his equipment signaled another day at the office was about to begin. He bent down near the door and picked up the copper axe. “Headed to work, Dear…” Otzi declared, hoping his voice made it all…


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Sock schlock

Though you may think of socks as a necessary but unimportant detail,
I’ll tell you, a bad sock has the power to destroy your image and your
credibility. more

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This is a poem that I wrote a while back.



He stands,

he waits,

he fights,

he endures.

Refusing to submit,

to the fiercest of foes,

he takes his stand against time.

Many are forgotten,

few are remembered.

Only the great echo in eternity. 

Vowing to be greater than himself,

he is the droplet that carves out the rock,

while others merely fill the ocean.

For him, no penny need be…


Added by Riaan Nel on November 24, 2010 at 1:30am — 3 Comments

Another Experience that Begins to Answer Another Question [for Will, et al.]

We're developing an ontology of "manliness" on the main forum and (naturally, to my mind) the topic of "womanliness" came up. I expressed my intuition that mothering is a necessary aspect of womanliness. Another illustrative personal experience, actually, a couple:

A few weeks ago, my church's children's Sunday school teacher asked me if I wanted to pop into class one week and talk about the Old Testament. She knows I have extensive formal theological training, and she thinks I have… Continue

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An Experience that Begins to Answer a Question

The question comes up periodically as to why a woman is on AoM. Depending on my mood and my best intuition as to the attitude of the asker, people who ask the question directly get a more or less straight-forward and more or less complete answer. This is not a complete, straight-forward, public answer to that question, however. It's just a story illustrative of the answer.

Saturday night I hosted a dinner party for friends (and their wives) with some background in Calvinist or… Continue

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Happy World Hello Day! :)

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If I was a guy taking part in Movember, I'd embody the points of the Mo brotherhood, like a man who grows a Mo knows how to rock. When that time comes he likes his good times great and his volume turned to eleven! read… Continue

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The Twinkie Diet... is it right for you?


Dieters - Get Your Twinkie On!


Ever since professor Mark Haub revealed that he lost 27 lbs. on his, Twinkie based, junk food diet, the country's been buzzing and the nutrition industry is not happy. I guarantee it!


Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate one Twinkie every three…


Added by John Kay Wiggill on November 15, 2010 at 12:00pm — 5 Comments

Why relationships are a lot like fires

This is a post from my blog at, but I felt like sharing it over here as well.


I went fishing with a couple of friends today. Standing by the side of a lake, life often starts making much more sense than it does while you're sitting in an office, wishing that gravity will pull the hour hand of the clock on your wall to 5 o'clock. It's also good for dealing with all kinds of… Continue

Added by Riaan Nel on November 15, 2010 at 2:00am — 5 Comments

Things I forgot to do before the snow flew

As I sit here on this 2nd weekend in November looking out my window at 5 inches of fallen snow with plenty more to come, I think of all the things I was supposed to do today. Maybe if I jot them down, you'll remember to pick them up before the inevitable winter comes creeping to you.

1. Put the patio furniture and grill away

2. Reorganize the shed- I always like to reorganize my shed late in the fall. I keep some Christmas stuff (tree, lights) in there, and it's nice to…


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Comic 005: Blank's Birth

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Comic 004: The Compass


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The new royalty

Throughout history, humans have followed the sartorial cues of influential people in positions of power. Up until the recent past, it was royalty that set the tone of dress to court and then on down to the common people. Kings were incredibly influential this way. To illustrate just how dominant royal men have been on society, I offer the following examples...… Continue

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A Gentleman's Guide to Wine, Part I

Reposted from…

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I have found the secret to a great marriage!

I haven't posted here in a long while, after last time my wife and I tried to work things out, we read books, went to councilors but eventually things fell apart again. We both were hurting and were angry with each other and it got to the point of divorce. As far as I knew my relationship with her was over with.

God had other ideas.

For years my wife tried everything to get me to love her better than I had been from changing who she was to nagging and critiquing me and… Continue

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Hockey captures the essence of Canadian experience in… Continue

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Gentlemans Code or How does a gentleman act to others

Any refernces on a Gentlemans code to follow?

Added by Donald R. Simmons on November 3, 2010 at 8:00am — No Comments

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