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The Invite

The Sunday afternoon Halloween party we went to had more the air of a kid's party than one for grownups. But while there were kids there, this was no gathering of adults forced to interact because they were kid chauffeurs; it was a gathering of old friends.

It was supposed to be the night before, but nature played the trick this year by burying us underneath a blanket of snow and downed trees and power lines, so the hosts wisely decided to reschedule for the next day.



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Happy Halloween... :)

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why I get pissed off

Here are scenarios that have happened within the past 3 years.

1. I helped out my ex- let her stay here when her mom kicked her out, took her wherever she wanted, supported her decision to go back to school, defended her against slander, etc. She comes by and says we would be better off as friends, then proceeds to not talk to me for a month. I keep getting shit on by people I help.

2. I help my parents with whatever they need, but when I need help, no one is there. I get…


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Women in Sports

Since coming on board to The Art of Manliness, I supposed you know I like liquor, getting drunk and MMA. Well, I think I'll add women to that list as well. 

I'm dedicating this post to the sexy women in sports (Who would probably kick my butt, too):


Gina Joy Carano is an American model,…


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Is Whiskey for Men or Gentlemen?

I have no shame in mentioning that I love to drink. I probably drink every night, but hey, I'm a man. It's what I'm prone to -- from television shows I watch to liquor advertisements everywhere -- so I enjoy a drink. Of course, I do recommend doing it responsibly.


One thing I never considered (aside from wine or champagne) was to drink to bond with friends. One of my favorite whiskey brands, Chivas, partnered with Academy…


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Mixed Martial Arts in the Real World

(Photo Credit: CL Buzz)

I came across and older article in FIGHT! Magazine about mixed martial arts in a real world setting could be actually dangerous. The article quotes Stephen…


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The secret life of your clothes

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I would write a post about what your clothing goes through before you own it, and today is the day. I'll be covering the little-known chemical finishes used in textile manufacture, and why your pockets and vents are sewn shut when you buy them, in the hopes that you will take heed and prepare your clothing before you wear it out in public - it's all about a polished image and more than that, it can be a matter of your…


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Aside from my father and then in early adulthood, my father-in-law, I've had no male mentoring. But upon further thought, I've had a neighbor become one, and then there was Herbie.

That was not his real name, I changed it in the slight chance he's still out there. He was too cool for that name, but it's the closest-sounding one I could think of. And that is what this man was, something I prized far more than being manly: 

Herbie was cool.

I met him on my first…


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On Confidence in Yourself and The American Dream

We all remember sitting in our history classes when we were young, probably in a circle inside the classroom for a group discussion, and talking about what the American Dream really was. Nobody volunteered to speak, of course, because that would be geekish, and nobody wants to be a geek. But looking back on it all now, have we as individuals lost sight of it all?

Each and every one of us has a different Dream. It deals with careers, spouses, houses, cars, pets, kids, toys, money,…


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Prioritizing of competence

There have been several evenings when I have come home without any assignments to be completed, or external responsibility on my shoulders. That is the prime type of evening for leisure - hike off to the fishing pond, or go for a bike ride and so on.

On the other hand, you might live in a neighbourhood like mine, where despite it being a very normal town, with nothing truly missing except for those fishing ponds or nice bike paths, there is little to be interested in. The other kids…


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New state blues

Frustrated with my lot in life back in California, I finally called it quits and packed my bags.  Now, I live in Hawaii where I study at UH Manoa.  While I'm certainly glad to have moved away from home, I realize that home wasn't the whole issue.  Some of my problems are deeply seated within myself. 

I realize now when it's too late to go back and just face the challenges back home, now I have a whole lot of different stuff on my plate.

Oh well, at worst, I'll have had…


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How to dress for the winter (re-release)

I’m re-releasing this post about dressing for cold weather because now that there is no turning back, we could all use a reminder at the beginning of the season…

I consider myself an expert in cold weather dressing because  I spent more than half of my life in one of the coldest…


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A dog brings out the man.

We got a new dog. 

The rescue lady said she found the perfect pup for us; a lab mix female, about three years old. She was calm and sweet and would not chase our cats. So much for a boy dog, I thought, but then what good would a neutered male do me?

She arrived last Saturday morning, in a big truck full of other dogs from down south. As luck would have it I had to rush off to a meeting right away and did not get home till dark.

"What did she think of her new yard?" I asked.…


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Well hell

I was working on my part in CNC  (mind you this is the forth time I started making this part) I finally thought it was a good part measured it and well hell its too &*%^ing small! Not that serious but just frustrated as hell!

Just needed to vent thats it.

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Growing up with the Fonz

For the last few generations and for the first time in history, there have been 20 - 25-year lapses in style (music, design, art, clothing), due to rapid advances in technology,  manufacturing, and undoubtedly, marketing. When people get into their 30s and 40s and get nostalgic for the good old days where…


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The Iron

I don't mean extra starch, nor golf.

In my internet travels I came upon this piece by Henry Rollins, titled that; 




Previously I had given the man no thought whatsoever; I was never into that type of music, and physically he was just another angry white guy without a shirt, all tatted up…


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How do you deal with losing your cool?

Lost my temper last night. I used to have a pretty angry temper that I have been working to dampen. Last night, I made pizza and promptly dropped it on the floor. Hollered all kinds of nonsense and probably invented 3 new cuss words while freaking out the dogs. My girlfriend was amazing and gave me some space to cool off. I didn't break anything (would have in the past) and noone was hurt. But afterwards I felt embarrassed and childish, it's a damn pizza. I felt like apologising profusely to…


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What kind of children am I raising?

Robbie my oldest

Randy my middle boy…


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Why Didn't You Do Something?

I recently published an article on my website (www.theheroscape.com) about an incident that occurred while I was at the zoo with my little brother. Basically I happened upon a 13 year old kid spitting into the ponds and streams of several exhibits.

Even as I write this, almost a week later, it strikes me how many people were there who saw the same thing I did, but did nothing. It seemed a classic example of the Bystander Effect, a social… Continue

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Survival SheltersPt. 1 (Emergency)

Your lost in the woods, desert, beach, grassland and your not hurt. What is the your first priority? In my opinion shelter, but the caveat is what kind of shelter? Your type of shelter depends on your sitituation, first sit and think the worst you can do is panic, stop and study your surroundings, what can you use?

If time is of the essence a simple debris shelter,…


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