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I turned 50 this week, rather quietly.

No trips anywhere, I was going to at least take the day off, but since my co-worker was sick all week I did not want to leave the place unstaffed, so I came in.

My FB feed was full of birthday wishes, and as I drove into work that beautiful morning I took stock in life.

I am blessed with a wonderful family, the joy of my life. I have times struggling with whether I even am worthy to have such a wonderful wife and two young ladies.…


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How're you feeling?

I was minding my own business, driving down the road when I looked over at my five weeks pregnant wife. I notice she’s crying, and (silly me) I asked what was wrong. “I don’t know! Nothing. I just feel like crying.” At this point, I know enough not to press the issue and go back to looking at the road. A bit later, she’s happy as a clam, and not too shortly after that, I’m being yelled at.

Men, welcome to pregnancy. 

I had always heard of “pregnancy brain”,…


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Suzuki Bandit 1250 Block Test Review

A brief of a dart board game goes a long within. It is believed how the game began while using soldiers who probably would challenge each different kinds of and throw warrior spears at overturned boxes .Later forest trunks were used that had natural rings on these products. Finally it was realized that the target could utilized indoors. Lately the board size, the… Continue

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Sacred Problem Solving For Your Day to Day.

Immortal and Passion orientated spiritual advice for all situations in life has as primary intention and goal to comfort your life . A spiritually established counselor helps you to stave off problems and solve troubles in life . Knowing spiritual laws and incorporating spirituality into the decision making approach to your life time shrinks mistakes and unpleasant experiences seen by you.

Everything on earth has… Continue

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Up to six days before...

"Test positive up to six days before your missed period," this is the boast of one of the leading, most accurate and expensive pregnancy tests on the market.

My wife and I decided to start trying to have a baby at the start of August. She is what is called a recovering Catholic, so she had a calendar laid out of the prime dates conception was most likely to happen. After the week-or-so passed, she went to the store to get this leading pregnancy test, only to be disappointing after…


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Hi, I am in some major need of motivation. I am 24 unemployed, single, and mostly friendless. My trouble started at 16--I was a high achieving high school student determined to get into a top college and be premed. I noticed at around this age, everything became a battle---my friends stopped just being friends--everything was a war. My emotions didn't matter to my family- it was all about performance..I had no motivation to apply for college or anything...the only way I did is because my… Continue

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Men's Group

“Now I know I've got a heart because it is breaking.

- Tin Man” 

After a Summer hiatus my men's group started up again yesterday. I was looking forward to it, as it would be a nice bookend at season's end, but when I got there it felt so wrong.

Guys who I had not seen in three months, even though we've been through a year of meetings together, my joy at seeing them felt shallow.

As the meeting began I suddenly felt like I was back at square one, and…


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My Morning Coffee

In instinctive anticipation, every morning, around quarter after seven – about forty five minutes before my alarm goes off – I open my eyes and shuffle and twist my corpse like body into a confused state of existence. Realizing I still have some time to toss myself back into a dream, I close my eyes again and pretend as though the whole thing never really happened.…


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