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When is it Warrented?

Art of Manliness changed my life.


Two years ago I started reading The Art of Manliness.  Before then I had little concept of the virtue, hard work, proper dress, helping me to prove to myself that I could get in shape, and vastly improving my self confidence.  I often find myself dismayed when the daily update isn't posted before I leave for work.  Fortunately patience is a virtue my parents taught me well.  I don't agree with everything on here, but that's part of the spice…


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Sh*t fit

While waiting for a client in Club Monaco last month, I wandered into the women’s clothing section to kill some time. There was a cute little suit jacket on the rack that, upon further inspection, I deemed too large for me.


"Manity sizing" strokes a fella's ego by "decreasing" his pant size by name…


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Favorite Artists

Interested to get an idea of what guys like to listen to when it comes to music artists and styles.  Let me know what you like and let me know how old you are.

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Stein's Blog ; Putting Those Balls To Use

Men are afraid to ask- For directions,for their money back,for a woman to pay for dinner,to get custody of their kids. We don't want to get shot down. What's the worst thing someone could say? "No." And if we are afraid we are going to hear "no, many of us do not want to take the risk. But what if the answer could be"yes" or  perhaps,"maybe". or even, "give you part of what you want,but you are going to have to share." All of those answers are a hell of a lot better than "no," but you need…


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The image of manliness and insecurities.

I love the Art of Manliness. The advice that they is is great and practical. But something got me thinking the other day. Just to use an example, let us say that a man goes to a bar, a man who is an avid practitioner of virility. A friend get him to try a pina colada, or some other drink that is not seen as manly as Scotch whiskey, for example. In trying it he decides he enjoys it more than Scotch, but is concerned about what this preference might do to the image he projects.

All in…


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Manning up.

This looks like the book I was planning on writing after college:  Don't be turned off by the title, it's actually a well over due sociological analysis of some really important issues. Men, and women alike can learn from this.

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Pink and blue, what's it to you?

Because I work with men who most likely have not had the opportunity to experience colour like women have, I like to introduce my clients to colour in a language they will likely understand, through science. Seeing colour as physics, or solar radiation, gives men an opportunity to appreciate…


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How I got here, Vol. I

I've been telling myself for a while that in some way, I need to chronicle what's been going on in my life for the last few years, at least in a broad stroke. I think that my "story," isn't necessarily unique, but it's one that falls right in line with the times. There may be a few points in it that someone can learn from as well. So, as best I can remember, I'm going to go back to when it all started and progress to now. There will be tangents, there will be rants, there will be soap boxes.…


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Excited about the winter

There are a lot of things I've done as hobbies for a long time - hunt, fish, sports. One of the things my old man and I do every year is find our new (or old) hunting lease and start scouting. We get into where we are going to be with chainsaws, loppers, trail tape, and various other items of scoutery - all for the purpose of locating an ideal stand or two. Now, understand, we don't go demolishing woods and laying waste to old timber - we just cut trails and mark them so as not to go all…


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50 Rules for Dads of Daughters {excerpted from}

Maybe they're not rules... maybe they're tips... or guidelines... or just good old fashioned common sense life lessons. Either way, here they are:

1. Love her mom. Treat her mother with respect, honor, and a big heaping spoonful of public displays of affection. When she grows up, the odds are good she'll fall in love with and marry someone who treats her much like you treated her mother. Good or bad, that's…


Added by Michael Mitchell on September 18, 2011 at 10:08pm — 2 Comments

An Informal Redirect

Hi, Gents!


Unfortunately, I have quite a few demands on my time, so one of the ways in which I at least try to be efficient is to limit myself to just one blog. As a result, I don't expect to be posting anything else here. However, I do have another blog that I plan to keep active, so you can generally peek into what's on my mind by going there:…


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Wild man, where art thou?

Read about the Wild Man here in the blogs. Very interesting article, but the interesting part at first was that I could not relate.

I scanned the comments, and it was full of testosterone-laden chorus: remarks such as "I love this site" and "every man should howl every day", agreeing.

One comment, however, leaped out at me; it was from a guy who said this is why he really did not relate to this site. There was no Wild Man within him, never was. 

It was nice to…


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Aquinas and consent of the governed

Aquinas doesn't care about the consent of the governed, and we've discussed how in a school situation either it's a child who can't consent or it's an adult who has consented. I guess we could say the child who can't consent is not culpable because he's pre-moral. That's the idea behind "can't consent," but I think that'd be silly. A child can be sufficiently mature to know lying is wrong while not being sufficiently mature to set reasonable deadlines for completing…


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Stein's Blog; Hiring your Family Law Lawyer: Part Two -How Do I choose?

Your choice in a lawyer could be crucial to the outcome of your case. So you must choose carefully. First , you  must know how to find one.  With the advent of the internet the whole process has become much easier from the information gathering standpoint, but simultaneously  more confusing.Here are  some sites and resources that can help streamline the process:


1. - This site  has a limited number of lawyers in each practice area in both urban and rural…


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I've created a site for the flint knapping ART of my good friend, ALAN ALTIZER.  He spent years as a professional hunter/fly fisherman/outdoorsman.  Since 9/11, he has dedicated his work life to serving in the national security field (nuclear).

Here's a link to the site: …


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Men and suicide, part 2

Last week, the suicides of two NHL players inspired part 1 of the men and suicide series. In it, I discussed depression, suicide, and the masculine code of silence which ultimately acts as a muzzle on men and boys, keeping them from freely expressing their feelings, and putting them at emotional and physical risk.


In an attempt to cast a light on this topic and begin a…


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Is it fair to continue a relationship with a girl that you do NOT plan on marrying?

I have been dating a girl for a little over a year now. I was very good about keeping it "casual" for the first 5 months, but it inevitable became exclusive/serious.  She is a great girl and we have a lot fo fun together, no real fighting or drama, but I cannot see myself marrying her.  She is younger than me (22...I'm 26), but still lives with her mom, washed out of college, doesn't seem to have any drive to start a career or advance herself (all qualities that I am looking for in a wife). …


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Stein's Blog: Hiring A Lawyer for Your Family Case; Part One

So you have made your decision, you have gathered your documents, you are ready to take action. That certainly does not mean that you feel good or relaxed about things. More likely you are a  bundle of nerves. This is not a happy time. Deciding to divorce  or file a custody action is one of the hardest decisions you are likely to make in your life. But if you are going to do this, you need the assistance of the right lawyer.



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A view from work

It's an interesting feeling to be at work. I mean, there's a long backstory as to why I say that - and I'll get into it eventually. But suffice to say, my third week of work still feels a bit odd. Nonetheless, I'm grateful and I'm trying to make myself at least somehow useful.


Last night was my first night back on the mats in over a year. My injury is still hanging around, but I was at least smart enough to get myself taped up and not do anything crazy. I still haven't hit a…


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Repair instead of buy new

A few weeks ago, our dishwasher did not work anymore. I called my father and we had a really nice time together disassembling it and figure out what was wrong.

Disassembling and reassembling it was in fact not too complicated if you have some courage. The dishwasher was already defect, so what could go wrong. Either we could fix it or else we needed to by a new one.

After one and a half hour, disassembling everything and cleaning the two pumps, we reassembled it. And it didn't…


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