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Surf The Internet Boldly Like a Real Man

Whenever something wonderful and life changing is created, there are always some ways that it can be used for degenerate purposes. Similarly, from the dawn of the Internet, the number of ways to use it as a plague has also increased. So, it would prove advantageous to everyone who uses a VPN as it ensures…


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Ten Motorcycle-Rider Combinations Done Right

Riding is more than a symbol of freedom so which riders out there match their motorcycles perfectly? The following list of 10 prolific matches that demand respect from the riding community.

1. The Ducati Monster Diesel

This mean Ducati model released in 2012 combines aggressive style with…


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Our Core of Masculinity

Our core of masculinity, mine and yours,

Is like a holy of holies, a source into which God pours

Oil of gladness

Not just to anoint, but for fuel to fill the golden candlesticks

To burn and shine and power, to give us light in difficult hour.

Why then do we have such trouble this holy place accessing?

Do we fear the awesome power? Do we seek to control the blessing?

Are we preoccupied with our manly flesh so visible to others?

Is all that matters how I…


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Fair Appearance

Through luck of the schedule my radio show is going to be the kickoff for our station's live coverage of our county fair. Having my show there was purely voluntary, but I signed up immediately despite my fears.

Since I moved to this lovely, unknown corner of NJ many years ago, I've gone to this fair, and it somehow moves me powerfully. Just seeing the kids displaying their animals, the farm families settling down amidst the show stalls with their dinners, or the groups of teenages…


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Why Is Forex Trading More Beneficial Than Other Investments?

Irrespective of the various political views around the world, most people cannot deny the importance of currency for both local and international market. As currencies are important, the foreign exchange market is one of the most profitable marketplaces in the world. Due to globalization, it has become essential for most countries to maintain their foreign exchange reserves to buy or sell useful commodities like oil, petroleum and gold in the international…


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What to do if you’re in debt

Being in debt can quickly make you panic, which, in turn, can force you to make bad decisions. Remaining calm and following some basic advice can help you take control of the situation.

There are a number of organisations which can help you tackle your debt sensibly. For more information click here.

If you’re in debt, you are not alone. Figures published by the…


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What to do with a Vehicle Issue on the Road - Man Style.

Eventually, the great things about a new technique of doing things will become obvious and increasingly , people will jump on the bandwagon. Appears great when your wheelchair lift includes a color that complements your vehicle. Pricey . is also far lower since the overhead is lower. There is lots of competition, significant advances in technology (including "green initiatives") and a continuous demand to repair and service the some 500 million cars that are circulating on the roads. I drove…


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Organize Your Home Office to Breed Creativity in Six Easy Steps

Well thought-out ideas toward higher creativity easily includes any number of strategies. One specific strategy for breeding creativity in the home office is discovering convenient ways to get organized. Having fun with organizing a more productive space is half the journey to sparking those creative…


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The 5 manliest movie scenes around

Number 5: The Godfather – Michael Corleone kills Sollozzo in Louis’ Restaurant


Kicking off our testosterone fuelled list littered with the most daring of escapades, is Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino) killing of the man who attempted to slaughter his father in cold blood.

Carried out with all the coolness and calculation of a hardened criminal, the most callow of all the Corleone family delivers on his pledge made to his family, despite having shied…


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Wow I have been slacking

Well I have been slacking off and not writing.  Life is still going on all around the planet so that is good.  My family is doing great.  Here is what has been happening.


Hiyoshi started football.  He loves it and has his first game this weekend.  Misako was nervous but I think it is slowly going away.  For me I am just happy to see him play sports and enjoy them.  I…


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Stay Calm: What to Do After Breaking Down on the Side of the Road

When you break down on the side of the road, you must remain calm if you want to stay safe. You may be in need of a tow truck or one auto part, but you will not know until you make the right call.

Contacting The Auto Club

If you are a member of an auto club or have…


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Five Ways to Regain Your Financial Freedom and Live Life on Your Terms

Are you tired of living in debt and being unsure of your financial future? Despite our best efforts, many of us find ourselves in less than perfect financial situations from time to time. Here are five simple ways to regain…


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Unknown Tear

Unknown Tear

As I sit among my things

in the place where I dwell,

I feel a tear fall upon my cheek.

I know not why it appears.

I have things many do not

Like someone to love

and someone to hold

and people of long ago.

The journey is not over

and more tears are to fall

life is like that giving and taking

and me trying to figure it out.

So I sit here wondering…


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