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Website Positioning Copywriting Tips Those.

SEO Tips

Optimize ѕo that thesе things give you greatest results. Therе аrе аlwаyѕ а few thіngѕ, whісh уоu carry оut yourself and add tо your trаffіc оr visibilitу; so you can reducе down on the totаl cost. The goоd news is that thе majority of pеople who upload videos onlinе avoid anу kind of орtimizatіоn. If уоu include аnу іmagеѕ, create yоur kеуword that wіll help the ALT bench mark when роsting it.

A Shared Web Hostingcontrol control panel maу cоme only diffеrent namеs… Continue

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Seo Tips For Wordpress Marketing

Morе and mоrе еach period businеѕѕeѕ arе found sіmplу bу particular person doіng a effortless ѕearch on the onlinе world. As being а wеbsіte owner, could not уоu want this рagе аt the top? And, іt's rеаllу рossіble to have уоur poѕts stay on the tоp 10 fоr уеаrs to come! Onе of the better SEO Tipsthat уou саn learn іѕ that you nеed оutgoing lіnkѕ regarding quаlity ѕiteѕ if уou want to асhieve gооd results. Quаlity сontent iѕ the tip fоr ѕuccessful Sеаrсh Engine Oрtimizаtion аnd weblog cаn… Continue

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On Freely Choosing Chastity

I'm not sure what's meant by "freely choosing." I had opportunities for sex before I got married, and chose not to. My choice was based in my moral understanding, which was formed by my upbringing and my friends and family. But I didn't fear violence or financial repercussions from them if I fornicated.

Now that I'm married, I'm ambivalent about my choice. The consequences were not entirely positive physically, emotionally, or relationally. Nor are my moral principles so strong that…


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Why does the format change

So every damned site I go to and get comfortable with the setting g and get upgraded and I'm back where I started trying how to figure out how to do things .
Like. How do you post a picture to a thread now ?
How do I change my avatar ?
I must be getting old cos I hate change .

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Time Out

August 10, 2013

Left Brain Rests—Right Brain Muses

A short pause in the wheels of ongoing responsibility was caused by a week-long camping foray the grandsons and their parents take annually to Michigan’s northwestern Lower Peninsula. The setting is a family gathering near Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan’s National Lakeshore. My wife and I found that the biggest chunk of responsibility that we have joyfully embraced over the past seven years disappears into…


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Monday morning. Tired and groggy. Breakfast, fire up my tablet and head over to my FB page.

The friend request logo glowed red, and curious as to whom it was, I tapped it.

Eyes opened and mouth dropped; there was a name out of my past; Jim Z.

Most of my childhood was friendless; yet I could say for a time I had a best friend and that was Jimmy.

He lived up the street from me, the only boy my age in the neighborhood. I have a vague memory of his mom coming over to…


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Knife Sharpening

I collect knives, not a couple, around 100+... However, I can't get half of them to the sharpness I desire. The type of sharpness I like, ie you touch it, it bites. I have a spyderco sharpmaker, and can get a great edge, but it isn't quite as sharp as I like. I'd like to invest in an professional sharpening device like the Wicked Edge knife sharpener, or the Edge Pro Apex. But I'm a 15 year old high school student, and my only job is working as a coach/waterboy at a football camp for kids,… Continue

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36 Years and Missing my Dad

Yes, 36 years have passed. I am 54, my dad died when I was 18. Well, even before that he was non-existent. My dad left my mom when I was 11. Just in time for me to enter Junior High school needing someone to teach me the ropes of becoming a man. I had no male mentors in the small town I lived in. My mom was over protective and was part of the problem as to why my dad left although I dod not know this at the time. She was abusive emotionally to him. I felt conflicting messages throughout my… Continue

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