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Just a little story.

  He was in the garage; home early from work. Messing with the mower. Mike came running up the driveway from school. He had a walnut in his hand. He was five.

  "Look at this, Dad, I saw a squirrel drop it out on the sidewalk!" He took it in his hand, but Mike was gone into the house, looking for his sister.

  Years passed. They had moved. They didn't know anyone. They were all they had. He was in the basement, working on the house and waiting. He heard the upstairs door open…


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Most guys think too much and feel too little.

It’s hardly surprising that so many guys become anxious for a place at Uni. Three or four years later they can leave there with a scroll attesting to their acquired knowledge. By that means they can almost guarantee themselves a place in ‘the system’. A mortgage will probably soon follow.

But what is this arid knowledge – the utterings, one suspects, of so many lifeless lectures – compared to the knowledge of lived experience?

Backing up for a moment, let’s not forget that, as…


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How To Get Out of Your Head and Stay Out! Part 3: Make Your Body Feel Nice.

Get Out Of Your Head and Stay Out! Part 3: Make Your Body Feel Nice

Ever found yourself holding back in conversations, or wondering what you should say next to make a good impression, and struggling to connect?

This series is all about how to get out of your head and start interacting openly, and freely with the people in your life, whether with women, in your workplace, in social situations or where-ever!

The last two articles have looked at why you should get… Continue

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Uniform Series: Kevlar, the life-saving textile

During this uniform series, we've focused on firefighter and police uniforms. This final post of the series focuses on an amazingly strong and lightweight textile used in both uniforms, Kevlar.

In the mid-60s, Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist working for DuPont, invented Kevlar, opening the doors for…


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How To Get Out of Your Head and Stay Out! Part 2: Remove the Cause

Get Out Of Your Head And Stay Out! Part 2: Remove the Cause

What’s better than being able to conjure up positive thoughts, internalising a set of routines or analysing the situation when you see a beautiful woman?

Not thinking anything at all.

Just being able to ‘be’ with her, enjoy her, share yourself and have her share back.

This is the 2nd installment of the Get Out of Your Head and Stay Out series of 6 articles, originally posted on… Continue

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Bach at Midnight

According to legend, a certain insomiatic Count requested that Bach compose some pieces for Goldberg, the Count's keyboardist, "that he (the Count) might be a little cheered up by them in his sleepless nights." After Bach had composed these

 pieces, whenever the Count would encounter some nighttime sleeplessness, he would request that Goldberg be awakened (yes, yes, poor Goldberg probably was more than inconvenienced by this), upon which the…

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How To Get Out of Your Head and Stay Out!

How to Get Out of your Head & Stay Out.

Men are by nature analytical and logical thinkers. We problem solve and make critical decisions. But there are times when this logical, analytical tendency actually gets in the way.

For example- You’re on a date with a beautiful woman and you’re getting to know her. Would you rather be in your head analysing what she might be thinking, what to say next and how to make her smile? Or would you rather not have to think at all, and… Continue

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So long AOM blogs

I noticed last week that members’ blog posts no longer appear on the main community page.

As someone who enjoyed not only blogging but reading other’s blogs, this development disappoints me. Yes, it was often a lot of drivel (including mine) and exhortations to go offsite, I’m sure a big no-no in terms of advertising.

But in the dreck there would be a gem now and then; someone putting down their thoughts in a manner way more meaningful and in-depth than what occurs in the…


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Man Thought #2: Men teach their boys to be dangerous

When I was about six years old my dad gave me a dirt bike.  When I was ten years old he gave me a B.B. gun.  When I was fourteen he gave me a truck.  When I turned sixteen he made it wicked fast.  When I was eighteen he gave me a shotgun.  Looking back now I can say that every stage of my adolescence…


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Hope Anew

Funny how things can change; a mood, a perspective.

Last week I felt so shitty and negative as I wrote the last blog. Only to (again) have some wonderful, supportive response from the men here.

I had mentioned I would not being returning to the Mankind Project meeting at my county seat, but a former member let me know of another group starting up even closer to me. Between being impressed at his tenacity for what he believed in, and the closeness of this meeting, I decided to…


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feeling disconnected

I am the youngest of four kids, raised in a middle class family, my parents gave us all we ever needed, and childhood was somewhat normal with its fair share of traumatic events.

I have had an undeniable feeling for a long time that I do not fit in anywhere. I don't consider myself anti-social but I find it difficult to handle many people.

Guess the best description for me is both intro and extrovert. A teddybear with a definite dark side.

I am 6'2" and I get the…


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Uniform series: Toronto Police Services

Part of my training as a costume designer was studying costume history, including some military history. I found uniforms particularly fascinating because of the beautiful lines and cuts, and the brilliant and logical practicality of military gear.

I was privileged to inspect the military-like uniforms of the…


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The Road Not Taken

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;…

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The Unbound Titan

I am newly returned from two weeks vacation in the U.S. I stayed with my son and his family at their home situated alongside the Hudson River, a house with a pool and some extensive grounds.

Aside from the obvious highlights - time with my family plus taking full advantage of the terrific food and drink on offer - the major delight for me was the opportunity to lie around soaking up the sun totally naked.

There’s something weirdly special for me about this, something deeply…


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Save the Pen! An analog revolution for iPad users.. and creative types

I've been "running" around for 4 days online and someone recommended Art of Manliness as a venue i should check out.

I'm trying to get feedback on a project i started about 6 months ago and recently launched on If you a paper and pen sort of person, but at the same time feel a little naked without your iPad

NOTEBLOX - magnetic, stackable iPad journals…


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Smells & Fragrances

From my blog at



I have paid attention to the smells around me from a young age. The honeysuckle at the edge where our yard ended and the woods beside my childhood home began; the smell of the grass just after it had been mowed and after a rain; dirt and mud- all these are smells in nature that I carry from childhood. My mother is a very good cook, and many childhood memories are tied to spending time in the kitchen with her and enjoying the aromas of…


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Chocks Away With Bell & Ross WW1 Vintage Watches

Bell & Ross watches are rapidly becoming one of the most sought after and stylish luxury watches on the market and their Vintage WW1 watches are exactly the sort of timepiece which makes the Bell & Ross brand tick.

For any vintage style watch aficionado, it is difficult to look beyond…


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Haven't been coming here much lately. Part of me tells me I still don't belong here, I have no business developing the man part of me. 

Lately, that part has been winning. Work continues to take the lion's share of my attention, and it becomes a comfort. I don't have to work on the man, just keep doing what I've been doing well for all these years, turning into decades. The pursuit of manliness is a luxury of time and for the much younger who are still jockeying for position in…


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Never Forget. Never Again.

Friends, tonight begins the two day rememberance of the Porrajmos, the Romani Holocaust. It was on this day that eight thousand Romani men, women and children perished in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Tonight we burn candles for those we lost. We burn our candles for forty eight hours to remember the more than 500,000 Romani who died during the Porrajmos.

Tomorrow, at twelve noon, we have a moment of silence.

Please join us on this… Continue

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Bring me Ronaldo's liver on a plate

I was thinking this morning about being a savage. A bit more Primitive.

The cause for this was an advert featuring Christiano Ronaldo. It was promoting a brand of football kit, the marketers strategy being, – if you get a little bit of Ronaldo, you’ll be able to perform like him.

This idea of ‘incorporation’ is nothing new for men. In days gone by we’d have fought for the chance to eat the vital organs of a fallen Hero, in the hope that by consuming some of him, his particular…


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