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5 Home Repair Skills Every Guy Must Know

There is nothing worse that feeling helpless in the face of simple household repairs. Every guy should be armed with a little bit of DIY knowledge, and there are 5 repair skills that are an absolute must.

Lamps And Light Fixtures

Beyond replacing a…


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The Truth & The Path

The truth is, I've never really understood my place in this life.

I learnt early on of the bitter pains of jealousy, contempt, and hopelessness. I developed the ability to manipulate those around me through those emotions with their natural offspring: lies. I could convey a truth where there was none to be found, and develop a means to an end which I believed to be the only real truth. The only real truth being, in my mind, that I was alone in my dreams and passions. My…


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7 Manly Jobs that Pay Surprisingly Well

Despite the vast number of desk and cubicle jobs out there, there are still manly jobs to be had. These jobs require a good amount of sweat, hard work and a full day that will leave men satisfied. Some men want to work with their hands all day and then kick back and drink a cold beer.…


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7 Common Food Myths

Often myth becomes intertwined with truth, making it impossible to know exactly what is true and what is just fabrication. This holds true with just about every element of society, including food. Food myths run rampant throughout the health industry, frightening individuals into thinking they are not able to eat a particular food type or that other foods might prove useful in ways that are simply incorrect. Due to this, it is important to know what food myths are just that: myths. Here are…


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Time for Yourself: Six Ways to Relax Every Day

In today's fast paced society, where being connected to social media is almost expected, it's difficult for guys to find quality free time for themselves. To maintain an all-important balance, here are six ways to take time for yourself each and every day.

1.      Meditate…


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Haim Steinbach Let Loose in Menil Collection’s Storage

In the 1960s, artist Haim Steinbach made a pilgrimage to the Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville, the Paris hardware store where decades earlier Marcel Duchamp had purchased his readymade Bottle Rack (1914). But by the time Steinbach got there, the store was selling only red plastic bottle-drying racks instead of unpolished metal ones. Nevertheless, Steinbach bought two of them. He later told this anecdote to the late Walter Hopps, celebrated curator of Duchamp’s first museum retrospective, who…


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Creating a New Life

Hello gentlemen,

For those of you who are post 40 and feel like your life isn't what you hoped or planned it would be, what would you have done differently and how are you changing things for the next chapter of life?

Your health?

Your career?

Your relationships?

Your world view / core beliefs?

Your bucket list?

Best to you all,


Added by Henry H. on July 18, 2014 at 12:17pm — 2 Comments

Masculinity...(lol.....what else?!)

A good friend and brother (not on AoM) wrote:

"Learning to enjoy and self-affirm my own God-given birthright of intrinsic masculinity. There is something incredibly testosterone rich with a healthy self appraisal."

And so I was inspired to comment:

Often, in my experience, I can get full of myself, ignoring the humbling areas in which my growth is most-needed. As if that revelry were to balance out the shadow places. But it IS about balance. And like…


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How to Decorate Home With Stone Wall Cladding

Nowadays, people are as concerned about the beauty of their house as they are concerned about the reality. Now a day’s Stone wall cladding has emerged to be one of the most important designs in home construction. In order to cater to the ever increasing…


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