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The Monolith of Pain

I have to say this before I start.  Any statements that I make with regard to a specific brand name of product are done solely to be of use to the AoM community.  I won’t talk about it if I haven’t used it.  Nobody pays me to use their stuff.  If something works for me, I’ll tell you.  Same goes for the negative.  This concludes the disclaimer.

In an earlier post, I talked about the ruck I was going to use…


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The Ruck

I've previously posted about the fact that I'm planning on participating in the Bataan Memorial Death March in 2013; in a nutshell, I'll be walking a marathon with a thirty-five pound ruck on my back. Right now I'd like to cover the pack itself; I'll cover what I'm carrying and how I train in another post.

I have to say this before I start.  Any statements that I make with regard to…


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Finding your Core Desires & the Passion to Pursue your Purpose.

If I told you that I had discovered a system for discovering your core desires that's quicker and more efficient than any other method I've come across, would you be interested in knowing what it was?

What if I also told you it's one of the easiest ways to motivate yourself to push through your barriers and challenges that stop you from fulfilling those desires? Would you be interested then?

What if I told you it was 100% free?

You'd probably ask what the catch… Continue

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This went nowhere.

It is true that libraries are a public benefit the government is not obligated to provide, just like fireworks displays and hiking trails. But once the government chooses to provide a public benefit, there are limits on how it can restrict use of that public benefit. 

Speech is not food. We have excellent medical, scientific, and legal definitions of food. The various welfare programs remain fairly hands-off about making sure benefits are only used to buy "good food." They do not, for…


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Uniform series: Toronto Fire Services

When I was in university, part of my training as a costume designer was studying costume history, including military costume/uniforms. My original plan in life was to be a men’s clothing designer, so naturally I was drawn to the lines, durability, and practicality of military uniforms. Uniforms worn by emergency services…


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My new friend, The Gada

I want to introduce you to my new friend. This is a Gada, or mace. I made it out of a second-hand bowling ball and some black iron pipe – Total cost: approximately $20. Total weight: 19lbs. This exercise tool has it’s origins in the Middle East, but India is where it has really come to prominence. From scientificwrestling.com:

This killer training implement was preferred by legendary wrestlers for centuries, from the Pehlwans of India to 'God of Wrestling' Karl Gotch.…


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If I Were President - Part 1: Inauguration Speech

This was a concept that I have been thinking about for quite some time.  I would have preferred to do it in a video/blue screen format on YouTube to make it appear as if I were actually addressing my fellow United States citizens.

The concept is simple.  What would I say to the American people and Congress if I were made president?  It is a moot point because, it will never happen but, seriously, if I were put into that position, what would I do?  How would I endeavor to inspire the…


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Get That Book...

I’ve been thinking about the Sports Spectrum…


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Engagement Story (someone asked)

It was all very quiet and calm. Wednesday is our usual mid-week date night. [Medium] met Rebekah at her place after work Wednesday, July 13, 2010, with yellow Asiatic lilies. Rebekah put them in the sake bottle he got her at a garage sale St. Valentine's Day weekend. Then he said he had another present for her. He pulled out a little red box and said, "I wanted to give you this and ask you to marry me." She said Yes.…


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The Wisdom of King Solomon

King Solomon was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time. He provided the master keys to success in the Book of Proverbs in …


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The Lost Art of Self-Reliance

It has become apparent to me over time that in modern Western societies a major problem has developed. Individual persons and families no longer rely on themselves for the safety, and security of their properties, obtaining of goods and services and of their liberties. Instead, partially due to a change from an agrarian, to industrial to technological society and partially due to the degradation of the concepts of honor, pride and self-worth, peoples have become more dependent upon others to…


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Back from Vacation

Tonight is an MKP meeting. I’m not attending.

I’m home, writing this.

Why? I’m exhausted and don't have the energy to go.

Two weeks ago I went on vacation, and it turned out to be one of the best times I’ve ever had. A solid week of perfect summer days, each one a gem of lost time and little thought except to appreciate the simple things: family, friends, life. 

Like last year, it was not only good to get away from work and the daily schedule, it was good to get…


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索罗斯与“街头政治” 目前正在进行的乌克兰总统选举中,基辅街头出现了反对派示威游行、安营扎寨、静坐抗议的“街头政治”活动。这种“街头政治”同苏联解体、东欧剧变时和前不久格鲁吉亚发生的“天鹅绒革命”期间在这些国家曾经出现的几乎完全一样。“街头政治”是一个新词。笔者在手头的几本辞书上都没能找到这一名词的词条。在网站上也没能搜索到带有释义的“街头政治”词条。但人们都知道,所谓的“街头政治”,是指成千上万的群众上街示威游行、街头静坐、罢工罢课,冲击政府部门,导致政权更迭。苏联、东欧共产党丢失政权,第三世界一些国家领导人的下台,许多国家的政局动荡,是与“街头政治”所起的作用分不开的。对于这些“街头政治”的出现,美国的各种基金会,包括索罗斯基金会,“功不可没”。 索罗斯与索罗斯基金会…


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Dabbing like a gent

A client recently asked me what he should do when sweat runs into his eyes on a hot and humid summer day.

“Good question,” I said, “there is no reason that a gentleman shouldn’t do as a gentlewoman would on a hot day – use a hankie.”

I pulled out my embroidered scarlet vintage hankie and showed him what I do with it when I find beads of sweat rolling down my face: dab.…


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Hopefully the Beginning of a Good Thing

One of the things that I have found about men of substance, is that journals are a focal point of their lives.  They record musings, important ideas, and desires for the future among other things.  The writing is preserved for their future use, and as a record of their lives that may not see the light of day until they have run their race.  I hope to begin a good habit here and try to stick with it.  I have had many friends say that if I wrote a book, they would buy it; so I must say things…


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Taking One For The Team

A  mate based in New Zealand recently sent me an email with an attached article. All the email said in it was, “Do a ‘Real-Man’ piece about this guy”.

All I can say is, Tevita Ngalu is more than a ‘Real Man’. That’s under-selling him. He’s a Hero.

I'll post the article below, but to summarise:

It’s a story of the New Zealand weightlifting team, and of two men, Tevita Ngalu and Richie Patterson.

Tevita Ngalu had a pulled quad muscle, although I have read elsewhere…


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My First Straight-Rasor Shave

I know it isn't ideal the way I went about this, but I just had to get started.  I am too talented at putting stuff off, so I decided to not let this one slip.  I bought a decent straight-razor to learn with.  The reviews rated it ok, so I figured I would get the hang of it, then wait until Christmas or my Birthday to get some of the other stuff (Karate takes most of my funds).

I would ideally like to have a straight-razor that I would need to hone and strop, but the one I…


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What is Important to Me as a Man

These are my notes from the day 1 of Becoming a Better Man process.

Core Values


     The times where I feel the most fulfilled are typically when I feel healthy as well.  When I feel I have not eaten too much and have been physically active, chores or fitness, throughout the day is what I mean by healthy.  This leads me to feel that health is a core value of mine.  If I do not feel healthy every thing I do or say feels…


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Chess vs. Poker

Okay, so the title is misleading. It should really be: Chess AND Poker. But saying “vs” is a little more exciting, don’t you think?

I have a 3 year old son, and I am determined he will learn how to play both of these games. Here’s why:


A board game. 64 squares. 32 white.  32 black. You have an army of 16 pieces. So does your opponent.

The object of the game is to trap and “kill” the other guy’s king.

Checkmate. From the Arabic “Shahmat “–…


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