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when twice again they died

Author's Note: This is not a happy story. It does not end well. In spite of all this, however, it is a love story

This is perhaps the greatest and most important mystery of them all. You must not try to solve it. But by thinking on it, you may come a little closer to something beautiful, and true. 


Paddy the bear sat slumped on the corner shelf under a press of thin, hard-cover books; which leaned against his back and…


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Follow the magic leader

I happen to have met a couple of real life magicians recently and found myself fascinated by their craft and curious that I could apply image principles to what they do and how they do it. Last week I wrote about James Alan, Magician, and how his clothing dictates what kind and how much magic he can perform. We also found that because James practices traditional magic, he makes his image match his profession.

This week, I will again discuss modern magic in ways that you didn’t… Continue

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Hey buddy...

Want to rub me the wrong way? Call me buddy.

I could never figure out why guys use that term so loosely: at best it is unnecessary, at its worst it smacks of insincerity (I need something from you, so you are my new best friend).

For me it hits a bruise, for anyone knowing me well enough to call me buddy in the true sense would know that I have no buddies, in the classic male sense.

I've looked up the definition and it does say someone considered a friend or…


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Men, Women, Violence, Comedy

Great story-telling hinges on irony and the unexpected. Great tragedy has as its protagonist a man in a position just a bit better than average - a bit more money, a bit more virtuous, etc. He's like us, so we identify him. He makes a mistake we could all make, but it has huge unintended bad consequences, and we feel for him.

We don't have an excellent analysis of comedy because a heretical Benedictine ate it, but it also hinges on irony and the unexpected. Reading the comedies that…


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The magic suit

Here is a question for you: when was the last time you thought about magic and who did you think of? Harry Houdini locking himself in a milk can full of water? Gentle Doug Henning's colourful clothing and wild Styx hair? Perhaps the handsome David Copperfield making large objects disappear?

I happen to have met a couple of real life magicians recently and found myself fascinated by their craft and curious that I could apply image principles to what they do and what they wear for… Continue

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Gran Torino

So I watched the movie Gran Torino over the weekend. It was my second time and since them I've strove to look for examples of Manliness everywhere. Here are my impressions of examples of Manliness from Walt Kowalski.



Walt Kowalski rearly ever asks for help. He strives to go all he can on his own. He is a capible handy man. Able to fix any normal houshold repair. Walt mows his own lawn with his push mower. He never admits to his own weakness and failing…


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Summer is in full swing, and it has once again come in all-you-can-eat portions.

Work has been busy, but sane. A photoshoot took me out to completed, established work for a week and was a huge ego booster. I met clients who said almost literally "your design, your work has changed my life outside". Pictures were taken that would look right at home in Architectural Digest. 

My bosses, our crews, our company, our work kicks ass.

Socially things are not very…


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Of unconscious behaviour: at the gym

I'm very aware that once the day's wardrobe is replaced with mostly non-descript gym clothes, identities are lost and wehave trouble sorting each other out because the visual cues that tell us about people's occupations, social standing, etc. are missing. I find gyms really interesting for this…


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What a great week

Well the last week has been great (with the exception for work.) I had a great weekend with my family.  I took Hiyoshi to see Cars 2.  It was a great movie. It had lots of actin which kept him interested plus anything with a car in it and he gets mesmerized.  If you have kids I highly suggest you bring them to see it and if you don't go see it anyway you will like it.

After the movie I put down some more grass seed in an effort to make my yard better.  I was just filling in some spots…


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Becoming Superhuman in 2011

This article really "hit home" for me.  I've read and learned so much from the Art of Manliness site and can relate to many of the articles big ways, but this particular article really got to me.  I had the idea of going above and beyond society's accepted capabilities for today's man, but in the "back of my mind," I always felt a bit childish, as if I was trying to become a superhero or something fictional, and my personality pulls kept telling me "that isn't real life...you can't learn…


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Your feet in summer

People seem to think that just because it's hot outside, they have license to dress like a slob and slack off on grooming (and we will surely all agree that men are the not the only ones guilty of this). Do you see ratty old t-shirts walking around in public? Have you ever had the misfortune of being downwind from someone who has slacked off on bathing? How about people who interpret "summer business casual" being the same thing as "cottage wear"?

There are guys out there who… Continue

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The Past Repeated.

I have read the Bible, and throughout the history of the Jewish people that I see there, I have been surprised at the number of times, they have turned there backs on God. As an outsider sitting comfortably in the year 2011. I have wondered how after they were freed from Egypt, could they ever believe in an idol? God sent plagues, He gave them a pillar of fire, He parted the sea, He took care of there every need. And yet when Moses went into the mountains and received the Ten Commandments, on… Continue

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Soldier leaves legacy much larger than 'he was gay'

I'm posting this everywhere I hang online. I've been amazed by this young man ever since his story first broke in March.


= = = = = = = = = = =


Rosemount, Minnesota (CNN) -- Andrew Wilfahrt changed his gait in the weeks before going off to basic training. He walked more upright. He bulked up with weights. He spoke with a deep Robocop voice. He acted "manly."

Through the eyes of his parents, Jeff and Lori, it was all a bit…


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The Quest of Manliness

   Dear men,


   I am a 17 years old student from Quebec and in the past few days I have been wondering what the ultimate man in the 21st century is like.


   Like any other men, I have goals in life and one of them, is to be a MANLY MAN.

Okay you may think : But wait.. You're a man.. What's the point?

Well, my point is that I am young, I've have my whole life in front of me, i also have great grades at school, excel in sports, have a sweet…


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