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Manly shopping

My parents were nice enough to take me shopping for me getting a new job. They are so proud I am finally growing up. I took some tips from here and made sure to get nice stuff that should last me for quite some time. Keep in mind my job is business casual, so no suits, but I did get a nice selection. All for under $300, including new luggage for my flight next week to training in Atlanta.

3 polos - All solids, different shades of blue, Izod and Chaps

4 button downs - 3 solids,… Continue

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Kettlebell training at home

Went home for the weekend to visit my Mom and my Grand Mom. In the afternoon we (my girl friend and I) decided to get a good workout as we were supposed to be in the kettlebell class today. Although we brought a 12kg bell only yet we've had an extreme and exhausting workout not to mention I banged my left shoulder up pretty bad from a poorly executed clean.

So here it is...


TGU without weight 3 x 1 per side

Windmill 2 x…


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The Truth

Let’s cut the B.S. and talk facts. No more rhetoric, no more fiction. We’ve been lied to. Why? Because there’s money to be made. If people knew the truth, a whole industry would be turned on its head, belly up in shame. So let’s start with supplementation, as that’s the money maker.


Creatine works. A double-blind study was done on 14 active men over the course of a week. Seven were given a placebo and experienced no… Continue

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Moving and Frank Sinatra

I am moving to a new city. Well, relatively, I grew up there til I was 18. And the moving process is a bit lengthy.

It isn't a huge problem for me, because I already lived a fairly spartan lifestyle. Even with weeding out my old belongings that were of no use to me didn't take long, all of the going back and forth on whether to donate or throw included. However, my roommate of 3 years is a bit of a hoarder - he is about a quarter of the way through his things and has 30 large tubs and… Continue

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Day 6: Update Your Resume

Jeffrey R. Kees

542 Argyle Avenue…


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Film Film Film!

Im making a film, with my friend.

Well, I will be.

At the minute, I don't have many ideas for what to film. A plotline, a story. So I call upon you, the fine men of AoM, to help. I know every man out there has seen films and thought 'That was shit, I could do so much better than that'.


Do so much better. Spill your ideas, and if I use one, I'll post it up here and you can all tell me what you think.


Added by George Richard Severs on July 28, 2010 at 3:31am — 5 Comments

This month on TomGunnTales . . .

This month on…


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A tribute to printed books

I was surfing the internet today and came across this poem about printed books. I thought it was quite interesting because I enjoy reading books and do not find the kindle or IPad "have to get" items. Like any man, I enjoy the luxuries technology affords each of us but I feel some things should be left alone. Why re-invent the wheel?. I hope you enjoyed the poem as much as I did.

"Books tell folk that learnin' is no… Continue

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Holier Than Thou...

When I was in high school, you wouldn’t have found me without a Gatorade mixed with some kind of Creatine, protein supplement, BCAA’s or whatever else GNC was peddling at the time. I went to the gym four or five times a week, never squatted, and couldn’t bench worth crap. But I thought I looked pretty good and that was what mattered, right? Honestly, I wasn’t all that narcissistic, but I did want to appear fit. Not concerned for health or strength, I “worked out” for aesthetic reasons. I was… Continue

Added by jameson on July 27, 2010 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Inspirational Office Designs - Frank Lloyd Wright


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Real Men and Emergency Landings

The following story, from the Panama City News Herald, is about an old college buddy of mine who is an air force pilot:

Pilot makes emergency landing on 17th Hole at Shark's Tooth

S. BRADY CALHOUN / News Herald Writer

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The First Time I Ever Wore A Suit


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India Recap: A Letter from the Past

We had a debrief meeting at the end of the India mission while we were in Hyderabad. During the meeting, we spent time talking about how we had changed, what we had learned and where we thought God was calling us. At the very end, we wrote a letter to our future selves. On Friday, I got home from summer camp and had that letter waiting for me. It was an interesting time to get the letter. Here’s the letter. I wonder how I stack up to my past self.…


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100 push up challenge

Decided to try my hand at the 100 push up challenge. http://www.hundredpushups.com

I am looking forward to the results, especially since I maxed out at 14 pushups for my initial test...sad, but that is why I am starting this. I will keep up to date on my progress.

Has anyone done this?

Added by Justen Jones on July 24, 2010 at 7:43pm — 6 Comments

cf Five Steps to Becoming a More Manly Man

In today’s society, the manly man seems to be drowning in a sea of swirling estrogen. As the “men” of today “progress”, they seem to regress in their manly duties. But have no fear, for here is a five step program to turn the most feminine of boys into the manliest savage of beast creatures that they should ever strive to be. If you are one of these unfortunate dandy fellows, hopefully you can gain insight into your true calling by following these simple…

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Becoming a better Man...

I decided to try my hand at becoming a better man. And of course, I am going to use the back bone of the 30 day program on here. I have made it to day 3, so far, and I feel a change coming.

The main reason I have decided to try this is because of my aimlessness. When I graduated high school, sheesh 7 years ago, anything could have happened. Having never had a real mentor, I never had someone to emulate, and that lead me to flounder I feel. Anyway, I got stuck at a dead end…

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One of the many reasons why the 2nd Amendment is a right.

Look out your window. Do you see a police officer? Probably not. But we all expect them to be where we are in the event of an emergency. But it's just not possible. Never has been possible and never will be possible.

With budget cutbacks really and truly effecting community budgets, yes, even the police departments are going to feel it. Well who is left to protect us?

We are.

Even on the best of days, we can't expect a police…


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Personal 'bucket' list

1) Visit Yellowstone Nat'l Park
2) Travel entire length or Route 66
3) Walk at least part of the Appalachian Trail
4) Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
5) Visit Bristol Motor Speedway
6) Spend the week at Speeweeks leading up to the Daytona 500
7) Take my kids to Disneyworld
8) See a show on Broadway
9) Take a cruise on a Riverboat (not a one-day thing)
10) Take a cross-country train ride

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Manvotional from Philip Roth

Following is an excerpt from Philip Roth's novel I Married a Communist. The book isn't really about masculinity, but it has a some characters who demonstrate a high model of manliness. Here's a description of the narrator's high school teacher from the 1940s, Murray Ringold:…


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