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30 days to a better man: Day 3

Finding my Mentor has been a goal of mine for at least 3 years. I've had a couple in a couple different areas of my life. Mainly I've been alone looking for personal growth my own way. The few times I've had mentors have been really nice though, and have helped me grow substantially more than when I've been on my own. 

          It's funny that I'm in my mid twenties and don't have a good relationship with my dad, and that more people out there than I thought have the same problem.…


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30 days to a better man: day 2

          This one is easy. I've been shining my shoes since I was 15, learned to do it in a youth military program. I can tell you outright that the only reason I didn't join the military was out of fear. I can shine shoes, do push ups, and run all day (well, I used to be able to), but I don't like being yelled at, and feel like boot camp would be too much mental strain on me. God bless you guys who are doing it, or have done it. You have my every support here at home!



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My 30 Days: Day 1

         I have found the post for "30 days to a better man" here on AoM. I intend to post a new blog for every day that I follow through. They may seem oddly made as I seldom have time alone to blog, so my thoughts will be poorly worded, or have rabbit trails that appear out of place. I will make every effort to remain on topic.

My day 1 core values are listed below:

*Reverence (spirituallity, godliness, prayer, etc.)

*Family (Healthy relationships with my…


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Garden Show

I done did it.

I'm about to become a radio show host.

Flash back in time to 1993; I was unemployed, living with my girlfriend and some other people in a shared, rented house. I was young but bored out of my mind; no money to enjoy life with, job search run to a grinding halt while the unemployment-check clock wound down.

The local radio station had a show called Garden Talk, on each week that I liked to listen to; hosted by two landscape architects that…


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10 Summer Fishing Essentials

10 Summer Fishing Essentials

There is no better way to spend a summer day than out on the lake. What man does not want to spend time out with his friends and family on the water swapping fish stories and reeling in the next story. Before you go out on the lake, make sure you have the right equipment to reel in your fish and comfortably do so.

Here are the 10 things that I have…


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T-Post Number 53

“Take it easy.” He says, standing over me. “Steady.”  I crouch low.  Young, sore hands gripping the rough fencepost. Hefting the 16 pound sledgehammer, he drive the t-post slowly, unerringly into the dry, stony ground.  My breath comes out ragged under the shock of the blows.   We finish that post and reach for another.  It’s well past noon and he shows no signs of quitting.  Hell, he isn't even slowing down.

Thirty years later, I am standing over…


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