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It took a gal to help me be One of the Guys

My job rarely requires I travel far, but this week had me going out to Pittsburgh for a day. I didn't have to drive, but I did have to show up at my ride's house by seven in the AM sharp.

Not too early, except that departure point was almost two hours from me. I decided to stay at a friend's house in that area the night before and subsequently, the night after the trip.

I went with two other guys, associates on this project. I find man groups can be like dogs; two is a certain…


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Scott Thompson, revised

I like to see people enjoy their food. The day I met Scott Thompson, he had just come from the gym and we met for lunch. He ordered tea and fish and chips and talked to me about his life and his career as a comedian. As I listened and watched a heavily-peppered, spade-sized piece of fish disappear down his…


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The Ultra - Runners

The "Tarahumara people" are worth researching. This is a tribe of people in, I think, Mexico, and it is traditional for them to run up to 200 miles barefoot for a long-distance run to another village. What do you think of this? How does it make you see things?

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Thoughts around MKP

I write this to put down my feelings/observations after my first Mankind Project meeting.

For those alarmed I will reveal specific information, know I will not divulge anything that happened because I promised the group to keep what occurred private.

I drove over on the evening of the longest day of the year. It was hot, the fields were shimmering Summer, and there would still be hours of warm light till sunset. The nervousness I had suppressed for days now made itself fully…


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A Sheepdog's Motto

A Sheepdog's Motto

     I recently was speaking with a young man who wants to be a Police Officer so bad he aches.  To be honest, I see great possibilities with this young man.  He just needs to mature a little bit.  He is currently in the Military and I foresee him growing up pretty quick there.  We were talking, of all things, about the HBO Series “Game OF Thrones”.  He knew I watched the show and was curious about the different families…


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MKP here I come..

In my last blog I put down I had decided to attend the next Mankind Project meeting in my area.

I thought putting my decision down in this somewhat public forum would be a good way to help keep me from changing my mind.

I'm sure to many who've done and know MKP well, or are even used to men's groups from their church or other situations, my hand-wringing must look silly.

This joining a group to be with other men in brotherhood and support is totally alien to me. Other…


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I have had depression since age 16. I am in my late 30's. I thought at this point in my life I would be married with at least one kid. I look at my siblings and see that they are successful, married and they have beautiful homes. 

It feels like every day is a gray blur. Every day I imagine what life would be like if my past wasn't so messed up.

I know there is something wrong but no matter how hard I work at fixing the mess, the result is the same. I feel lost.

I have…


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Jim Braddock "The Cinderella Man"

It was 77 years ago when Jim Braddock beat the odds and defeated Max Baer by unanimous decision. Braddock made a comeback from nowhere to become an inspiration to the entire country during the Great Depression (Braddock…


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Classic Cool




Learning lessons from those who came before us drives human progress in medicine, science, art and politics. Why should this be any different for class and charisma?…


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Ken Norton: Two-Time Father of the Year

A happy Father's Day greeting to all. Speaking of Father's Day, former heavyweight champ Ken Norton was twice voted as "Father of the Year" by the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Sentinel in 1977. To quote from Norton's biography…


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Medical instruments in vaginas

Over in the Great Debate, I see you're talking about whether "vagina" is a proper word for formal discourse, i.e., the Wisconsin legislature. As a medical term, I agree with the consensus there that it is a proper term. It could even be a required term for certain kinds of legislation. Penal codes, for example, often define rape as any penetration of the vagina without consent. This is to change the law from older definitions, when there had to be "forcible" or "violent" penetration, or…


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What is art?

What is real art? When does something become art. A true definition is quite difficult to come by, because there are so many artforms that differ from eachother in many ways. Music is an artform, but all music isn't art. When a songs focus is more on the looks of the performer than on the sound of the song, the music has lost the real meaning.

In my opinion all humans are art. To really apreciate a peice of art, you have to be able to relate, observe and feel human nature. Therefore…


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Touching Paul Bellini

Canadians fell in love with the brilliant CBC series, the Kids in the Hall (1988 – 1994), a hallmark of Canadian comedy.

We all had our favourites, the Chicken Lady,…


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I want to live a life, where i have the ability of using my full potential. This is something i have tought a lot about since my first visit into the art of manliness. I am currently living in a quite confusing state of mind, where i havn't exactly figured out the right road to my fullest potential. Therefore i am trying to write something down, as a kind of release from my daily toughts and hope this will help me getting to know myself better. I might as well let people read the things i am…


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Thank you Brett and Kate McKay!

 Thank you for making me realize how much better it feels when i express how gratefull I feel for something!

 I reacently started folowing the "schedule" of "Be a Better Man in 30 Days" and i't currently 6 in the morning where i live. The past day was day 5, i had to find 3 people to say a big thank you to. I Easely found my first, it was my girlfriend, so i wrote her a letter, even though we currently live in the same house, for her to find when she is going to study tomorow. I then…


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Gentlemen’s Wardrobe Basics

Most men today, are not sufficiently equipped when it comes to a wardrobe. So I’ve decided to offer some assistance in this matter. This is meant to be a starter. You can always add more, but everything should start with a foundation. I will provide this. At the end of this blog, you will at least, have the knowledge to build the foundation of your wardrobe. You also will have a timeless wardrobe, that will never go out of style. You are…


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Nicotine and its many forms

     So I am down to a morning cigarette and a few pipes throughout the day, or a cigar if I am lucky.  Apparently the withdrawal symptoms are like a cold, which explains the layer of snot on the roof of my mouth.

      Getting the newsletter off the ground has hit a financial snag, damn printer wants nearly twenty dollars to make a production run and one of the contacts is being balky.  In general, Deb has mentioned that she is sorry for not being more supportive of the…


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Crawled Out

Well, I did it, I got a job. In the same field, but more challenging area; more money; and closer commute with some nice travel. I was lucky, very lucky in the is economy.

I tried very hard though. I used this site a lot. I read Brett's "Hustle" like 2x per day, and the articles on TR. I…


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Simplicity is the Art in living within it's smallest footprint. That footprint extends to the quality of items one purchases, food consumption, & exercise.

I need nothing but quality of product to content thy mind, wholesomeness of product to consume, & the least bit of weight to travel with.

Weight is attached to the body mass & can be kept best at it's minimum when only tuning thy tendons and not muscle.

Anything not just becomes…


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Self Educated Man

During High School, or possibly somewhere before then, I became disenchanted with the educational system. It was not that it was not benificial, I feel even now that my school was well advanced over the typical American education system. It was more that I felt some disembodied conglamorate had decided what it was I was to be taught. I felt as though I were some advanced pet forced to jump particular hoops. I have always been strong headed, perhaps to a fault. Being of that temperment I was…


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What Would You Do?

Let's say you're a freshman in high school. On your first day, you meet up with your counselor for the first time with some other kids with the same counselor. You do some ice breakers and you learn a little bit about each other. Suddenly, you notice a Nebraska Cornhuskers lanyard that your counselor is wearing and since you are a complete idiot and from Colorado, you strongly condemn the Nebraska team (and it is warranted because, many Nebraska fans are extremely annoying, and because you are…See More
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