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tim's coffee

i'm getting the car detailed today. i'd clean it myself, but i don't feel like doing it. so i dropped the car off about 15 minutes ago and walked over to Tim Hortons for a nice place to sit, wait, and waste time.

i honestly hate the coffee here at tim's. it tastes like warm dirt flavored with dishwater. i've found that at every tim hortons i've been in. at least they're consistent. as i walked in the door, the scent of fresh baked pastries filled my nostrils and made me begin cursing… Continue

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Back to the Uncertainty

I wrote on Tuesday about real men and how they are OK with uncertainty in their lives. That was early in the morning and I realized later in the day that I'm not quite there yet in my journey.

I left my office at 11:15 to meet the lovely and talented wife for lunch before going to our appointment at 1 for the "high-risk" pregnancy ultrasound.

We were supposed to meet at noon and I needed to run by… Continue

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A Brief History of Fitness

Readers of this website are well aware that conventional “wisdom” on most manly matters is worthless. We mighty men need to look back to other mighty men for guidance. If conventional “wisdom” is our source of what it means to be men, then ask your wives to help you pick out a dress. I’m sick of hearing about zone “blocks,” BMI, abs, bigger arms, faux hawks, and the like. Who came up with…


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Mortality...day 2

I posted my first blog on this site yesterday (Facing one's mortality...nahh.)...and you know something? Somehow and in someway it helped me. Don't ask me, I've yet to figure it out. As I was writing I didn't notice the usual throb of my knee or the pins and needles sensation in my foot and ankle. So being human, I'm back for more.

Yesterday, I asked my Dr. for a pain killer of some kind to help me through the next 20 days till surgery. His office said they would gladly call something in.… Continue

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Absolutely Perfect

This ain't no baby blog, but what kind of man would I be if I didn't brag a little bit on my future progeny?

The lovely and talented wife had her "high-risk" pregnancy ultrasound yesterday and everything checked out wonderfully.

The ultrasound tech and the doctor each did independent scans and both of them kept using the phrase, "This baby is perfect." When it was all over, the… Continue

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Yes Sir/No Sir; Yes Ma’am/No Ma’am


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Depression: accepting the unacceptable

I was depressed for 10 years.

Toward the end of it, I did something that wasn't really targeted at depression: during the season of Lent, I made the stretch to meditate each weekday briefly on: "Not my will, but Yours, God, be done, in regard to _____." I filled in the blank differently the two years I did this.

At the end, I was no longer depressed, or only mildly so. I had energy and was ready to take on the parts of my life I wasn't happy with.

I took this to mean… Continue

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Facing one's mortality....nahhh.

August 8, 2007. I had just finished the midnight shift at the hospital for which I had worked as an Engineer for the past five years. I felt a little tired but not bad considering it had been around 95 degrees in the boiler house all night. The fact that I had just finished punching tubes on No. 2 boiler and had probably lost gallons of precious bodily fluids didn't help. I was looking forward to the fifty-two mile trip through the Northern Virginia countryside to revive me. I had owned my most… Continue

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Real Men and Uncertainty

Knowing that some things in life just don't lend themselves to an easy solution or a quick answer, a real man learns to be OK with uncertainty.

Though he does everything in his power to move toward action and solutions, recognizing his own limits, a real man knows that sometimes the only thing he can do is wait and see what happens.

The lovely and talented wife has a 4D ultrasound today at 1 o'clock. Her doctor scheduled it because of some abnormalities in… Continue

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All New Fiction

ALL NEW fiction! Check it out:

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Real Men and Yelling

A real man rarely raises his voice and when he does, it is never out of anger.

A real man's influence comes from the gravity of what he has to say and the character he has built over time. He lets his words stand on their own merit without resorting to amplifying his volume and furrowing his eyebrows to get his point across.

A real man knows that to raise his voice in anger, is to… Continue

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Branching Out and the Feeling of Remorse for Lost Connections

People are by nature creatures of habit and comfort. Humans prefer to remain with doing what they are comfortable with and remaining in familiar locations. There is some statistic that says a majority of children are still living within 50 miles of where they were

raised. I can’t blame any person

who wanted to do this. Home is

where we were raised, where we made our friends, where all of our memories were

made. If these memories are happy ones,



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The Gentleman's Club, II


In keeping with the notion that one must seize one’s opportunities, I’m taking the chance to go for lunch at the Oxford and Cambridge Club on Pall Mall next week, before my European voyage comes to an end. Since I have previously…


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Dealing With Depression...The Manly Way

Hello All,

So this is my first post on AoM, kinda nerve racking right?

About me, well im 19, male, and from the United Kingdom. I've never really had a role model of a farther, so a lot of my growing up has been done by myself, and with help from my mother and brother. (excuse the rhyme)

Recently I have found myself relatively low, in comparison so my usual self, I am stuck in what seems (at 19) a dead end job, and home life is not great.It seems i have very few… Continue

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Woman-Now read

Woman is a beautiful and magnificent creature. Its love infinite , its compassion endless we who know her love her without question. The great governess, goddess and imperial empress. Who else can man kneel before.

As man we desire woman more than anything else. if it were a job position, their would little turnover rate and an endless supply of applicants.

Question what is femininity? Who do we men identify it?

Here's how…


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Manhood undervalued

In today's society, a man has a tough road ahead of him in defining his manhood. Our society has lessen the role of manhood by focusing on mans imperfections. Today’s feminist woman has engaged man in a battle for supremacy

though strength.

Sadly, women today hide their insecurities behind terms like, "I am a strong woman" due to her…


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Ode to My Truck


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Kites is a Bollywood movie

To date, the Ridley and Russell reunion tour has coaxed a mere $66.1m (£46m) from audiences across the pond. That's small change for a tentpole release these days – especially one that reportedly cost $200m – and Robin Hood will do well to creep past $100m before the theatrical cycle comes to a close. But studio heads know that even when a movie disappoints in the domestic market, they can, if the… Continue

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Starting to get there

Wow, it's been two weeks since I updated this thing, I'm gonna have to add a recurring alarm to my phone or something.

Here's a few quick updates:

I took a forced week off lifting. I broke my bench! I was using an old wooden bench that I made out of scrap wood, it was fairly solid, but not made to take 145Kg. So I quickly ordered another one and waited for its delivery. I could have gone to a local sporting goods store and got one, but I'm loath…

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The barbershop renaissance

I know a version of this has been posted on here already. I just wanted to add a few things from a barbers perspective

Do you like the smell of perm chemicals and burning hair? Do you want some girl just out of cosmetology school, who gets paid more the faster she pumps out haircuts,…


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