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I've been a terrible AoMer lately...

I hadn't touched a computer from late Thursday until yesterday night (and only to do some work), so I've fallen behind on my 30 Days to a Better Man challenges, too far behind for my liking. I plan to make them up in full, just feel awful for getting this far and falling behind like I did.

I hope you are all doing better than I.

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Information Overload

These last few months have been pretty exciting at work. The web site I am responsible for is undergoing a redesign, due to launch Wednesday, and I have been adding fun technological toys to a couple of the other sites I run. Google has launched a plethora of new web apps, and I have been playing with various Linux distros. The corporate IT department adopted Google Apps, so my departure from Microsoft is nearly complete. Lots of things happening in a short amount of time.

As I have… Continue

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Father's Day recap

Work has been pretty crazy lately, so I am behind on some stuff I wanted to blog about. In this case, Father's Day was over a week ago.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Father's Day, this year marked my fourth as a father. My oldest is 3, and the baby is almost 8 months old. Both of my boys are happy and healthy, and my wife and I feel blessed to have them. They both have their moments, though.

Benjamin is recently potty-trained, which we are pretty stoked about. His… Continue

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A Light Gone Out

When I put up the first post in this series, I hoped that more would come of all of this than has. But time, like all things made by chance, nature, and the ineffable hand of a possible creator, does not concern itself with the interests or desires of small men, and I am indeed a small man. I came here, to India, to find a man to inspire me, to find a home of courage and bravery. I have found an empty urn, a family in perpetual mourning for an irreplaceable figure, and a road that leads… Continue

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The Journey Begins

Many years ago I spent some time in India with colleagues, in the aftermath of a particularly lucrative game in Bombay, now Mumbai. As the idle rich are wont to do, we spent our time, in what was to us a strange and foreign land, looking for "adventure" promised to all young Europeans by Bond novels, movies, and countless other tales of the mysteries of the Orient, to which India was the gateway. What we found in the Hunt was a journey into the wild that showed us the true nature of ourselves,… Continue

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Late June/early July is the season for new beginnings, the halfway point in the year...

...Make the most of it. Quit your job if you haven't already, start something new and fresh. The economy's really not that bad.

The first half of 2009 was definitely challenging. I currently work for a company that deals with sending golfers to Mexico for extravagant vacations. I've been the only web/graphic designer for this company, the last 5+ years (almost 6), it was my first job out of college. 2009 brought lots of controversy to Mexico with the drug cartel… Continue

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How to Iron and Shine shoes the Japanese Way.

Ok, I don't know if it's "THE JAPANESE WAY" But the site has style products on it for shining shoes and shirts.


Click on the shoes to see how this guy shines shoes and the folded shirt to watch some rising sun ironing going on.

Can anyone explain the Shoe shining and ironing process?

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How to built sturdy basement shelves

At Brett's suggestion, I'm writing this up: how to make cheap, sturdy basement shelves you can be sure won't fall over. I am not an expert; don't sue me if yours do. But I'm not worried about mine. (I did take the precaution of putting very heavy stuff on the bottom shelf. Nothing will save a top-heavy structure from falling over -- nothing but an L-bracket, anyway, and I… Continue

Added by Sir on June 23, 2009 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

Gregg Breinberg (the man behind the PS22 chorus)

Staten Island's PS 22 chorus is everywhere these days. They have the top-loaded YouTube video. They are on every tv talk show. They are on every newscast. They even appeared live on the steps of congress, last week. New YouTube videos are being circulated almost daily. What's all the buzz? Well, if you haven't experienced the excitement that is the spirit of this very special group of school kids, then you may be living under a rock. >… Continue

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My contribution to 30 days:performing service

Volunteering service to another by means of fraternal organizations, service clubs, community groups, church organizations or just by doing it of your own free will of course carries the side result of feeling good about yourself and I can see where some would do it out of the NEED for self-interest. I.e. the need to do something to get that pat on the back or chance to say “see what I did, now tell me what a good person I am.” This by no means a valid reason for doing so. Performing Service… Continue

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Getting started on my path to manliness...

Well, something I've been meaning to do for some time is to buy a hat. I've always felt too self-concious wearing hats, but now it's time. I'll post pictures once I've got some.

Current aims:
1) Get fitter (lose that gut) - this is a long term one.
2) Get a new wardrobe - I'm aiming to head out to teach abroad so this gives me a good excuse. This was one of the reasons I found this site.

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Happy Father's Day! It's not too late to know your dad...

Originally posted April 2, 2009 Updated for June 21, 2009.

My dad was considered to be a good man by most people. He was quiet and unassuming. He loved to tinker, spending most of his free time, alone in his workshop.

He was undoubtably the most unconventional man I've ever known. He always did things his way. He always followed his path. The man had no use for neighborhood get-togethers, higher education, organized religion, politics, or sports of any… Continue

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30 Days to a Better Man Day 20: My Personal Experience Performing Service

Note: This blog entry was posted on my Facebook July 26, 2008. It describes the Royal Family Kids Camp, a group that I will be voluenteering for again this summer. The post is LONG, but it describes the ENTIRE experience that I went through. It also describes the transformative nature of service.

So I wanted to write about where I was this past week because it was such an amazing experience and if I get it down on paper, it will be easier to tell. I hope this doesn’t turn out… Continue

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REMINDER! Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st!

Father's Day is THIS Sunday! (June 21st) And what a perfect time to capture some "fatherly" memories, on disk. Keep the camera handy... you never know when you just might need it. (oh, and make sure the batteries are charged, and the lens is clean!)

Have a great Father's Day weekend! Oh, and don't forget to enter the on-going Photo Contest for June!…


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American VS Forign performance Cars

Japan builds better performance cars. They put large engines in these cars and think that it will make them fast. They need to learn to make smarter engines with less horsepower. A 2.5L Flat 4 in a Subaru STI makes 305 horsepower. I want to support and buy American cars, but their quality and performance is not up to par with Japanese automakers.

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A Different View of History

I picked up a copy of the Reagan Diaries at Costco the other day. Reagan is on my list of the greatest U.S. Presidents, so I always enjoy learning more about him. Being able to read about his presidency through his own words has been a great experience.

The last couple of years have been full of insider history. Working at a law school, I have been able to listen to a number of Supreme Court Justices that have visited our campus. So far I have been able to listen to Justices Alito,… Continue

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Father's Day

This year marks my fourth Father's Day as a father. It's hard to believe. I have been thinking about the concept of Father's Day lately. I think it is a good thing to honor our parents. They do a lot for us, and this is a way to give a tiny bit back to them. Being on the receiving end of this day is still pretty new though. Not that I mind getting presents from my boys, because I do. I just feel weird still.

Father's Day has always been about my dad, and my grandpas. When Father's… Continue

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30 Days to a Better Man Day 12: John's Bucket List


Teach a course

Run for Public Ofice


Make over 100K


Be able to do 10 pullups

Be able to bench 1 plate on each side


Learn to cook

Learn to cook Chili


Learn to play the drums

Learn to play the guitar Removed

Get backstage at a… Continue

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Marijuana: Just the Facts

Here are the facts about marijuana, its use, and its criminalization. Make the decision for yourself.


General Information on Marijuana

The illegal drug marijuana (also known as grass, weed, dope, pot, Mary Jane, bud, indo, and hydro) is made of the Cannabis savita plant. The leaves and stems of the Cannabis plant are ingested by smoking them in a joint or a bong. The primary active ingredient in marijuana is THC… Continue

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On Being a Professional

The only successful beings in any field, including living itself, are those who have a professional viewpoint and approach everything as a professional. A man should attempt everything he does with his best effort, no matter the size or perceived importance of the task. This involves developing a professional attitude and performing tasks in a professional manner to elicit the best outcome and avoid the consequences of a job half heatedly done.

Professional Attitude

The… Continue

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