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The Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Buying a Car

There’s a lot to think about when you’re ready to buy a vehicle. After deciding what car you want to drive in, thinking through financing is the next step which may get you thinking of leasing instead of buying. Taking out a car loan or paying cash isn’t the only way to get a new vehicle, as leasing is found in every part of the car industry.…


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10 Parents Respond to the New York Times’ Hit Piece

Follow are excerpts of 10 notes I received from parents this week (responding to my blog) with a different story.


T. Weiss said, “There is almost NO flexibility in brick-and-mortar middle schools for students who love to learn but have delayed fine motor, gross motor, and organizational skills. Even his IEP was not honored, and he was termed “lazy.” With the scheduling flexibility of OHVA which allows him to work longer on classes which take longer and move more quickly…


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Top 5 Gadgets for Your Motorbike

Once you have all the bike parts and gear, it’s time to take a look at some of the gadgets other bikers enjoy using. Some of them are designed to keep you safe while others are supposed to make the time you spend on the road more fun. No matter if you’ve been collecting biking gadgets for some time or you’re just starting out, these 5 gadgets are something you should definitely think about adding to your arsenal.…


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How do emotional bonds work? What is love?

This is kind of my own spin; I'm not sure where I stole the ideas in the first place, but it's probably Freudian-based.


Love is a type of emotional bond, like friendship, loyalty, and even hate. So to define love, you have to define emotional bonds in general.

Emotional bonds are psychological connections of recognition or identity. The following are…


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Paris in Spring: 4 Things You Absolutely Should Do

This March I went to Paris with my kid. I am glad it was a family trip. You see, because romantic voyage to Paris with compulsory kissing at the top of the Tour Eiffel and eating les croissants in bad is so much cliché that I would even enjoy it. In our pop culture, Paris is steeped in romance.

However, if you exclude it from your agenda, you become able to see what the fuss is all about. Paris is an utterly amazing place – historically, culturally,…


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My essay

My goal is simple but something I see as fairly hard to accomplish. I've always loved writing. Always. I've always wanted to be a writer and I planned on using medical school as an option for a fallback. It wasn't until just recently that I dropped my health major in order to commit more to writing. But books are dying out. Nobody reads as much as people used to. And as I've committed more I've noticed that the writing community, at least…


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Custom Application Essay Fast And Cheap

Are you presently sick and tired of all all those educational papers? Does one need a small help from the certified writer? Does one wish to be convinced that the paper can be assessed with all the greatest workable mark? Regardless of what urged you to definitely seek assist with essay creating, is usually below while you say “write my essay”.

Realizing the level of papers to be handed in…


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Golden Shoes

Hey Gents,

Just a fun blog post about taking action in our lives:

Many years ago in a distant land there lived a benevolent and wealthy King. He loved his subjects very much and was a fair ruler of his kingdom. Though he had spacious halls lined with gold and silver, his wealth meant little to him, and he gave much of what he had to neighboring empires and the poor. The King remained in peace and enjoyed his rule very much, though soon he would find out that all this was about to…


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