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30 days to a better man Day 1.

Hello everyone, I am Matt and I figured I would do the 30 days to a better man as blog posts. I am looking forward to going through this.

Day 1 is "Define Your Core Values", it is suggested to choose only 5 but having gone through this I had a hard time limiting it down to 5, but I got it down pretty close so hear it goes. My Core Values as I see them at this point in my life.


1. Wisdom and Knowledge is not only something I value highly but seek to atain for the rest…


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Paul Weller: Modfather

Paul Weller started life fronting the wildly influential new wave group, The Jam (1976 - 1982), then moved in to a smoother soulful/ jazzy/R&B sound with the Style Council (1983 - 1989). He heavily influenced the guitar-based Britpop movement of the 1990s and since that time has been a successful solo artists.…


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To MKP or not MKP?

In my last blog I mentioned a challenge thrown before me, but did not explain it.

I mention it now, for feedback should anyone care to do so, and to also hold myself accountable.

All my life I’ve avoided any kind of male fraternal entities; no boy scouts, sports teams (except briefly in college) or fraternities. I didn’t even want to be an altar boy.

Yet I find myself on AOM, again and again. Some need is being filled that I didn’t know I had, even if it makes me feel…


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Article from Psychology today

This article is way to short and fairly simplistic, as the problem is much more complex than what it states in it's one page. But the general idea remains valid, and I think is one of the most important topics relevant today when it comes to relating to many issues here on Art of Manliness. I could go on endlessly about the sociological…


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The Curse of the Reel Mower

Since the dawn of time man has learned to roundly curse the blight on lawncare that is the reel mower.  Frustrating and inefficient to  use, slow and fit only as a vestige of a more brutal time, they still have not been entirely iradicated but raise their ugly heads from time to time in period photos and in the minds of those who do not know any better.


Unless you are moving into a house…


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Komfort Kills

The worst part about being unemployed is the pitty. Everybody has a tale about themselves, and say how bad my employer was, and politicians are driving the country into the ground....Its not your fault yadda yadda. But if it isn't my own fault who is to balme?


Yes the company did not provide any training of any sort, but what did I do on my own?

Yes the company did not compensate fairly, how did I make myself worth more?

Yes things were managed poorly, did I…


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Jealousy is a primal thing which, if it is present in excess in a man, must be minimized. I don't struggle with it, but I have a friend who does - he is uncomfortable with me talking to his girlfriend. This is understandable in his case because he is afraid of losing her, as she is his first.

Here is this question. When you yourself have surpassed jealous feelings, how do you help another person surpass it themselves? For that matter, how do you help anyone with something…


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Giving Back

 This morning I was looking around my office (easy to do, I work out of my house) and realized that most of everything I surround myself with these days has its roots in this website and the ideals it represents.  From the vintage-y prints on the walls, the pipe rack sitting on my desk, the cigar box holding my trinkets to the kilt I cover my rear with, AoM has given me much needed validation that how I feel is
 not limited to my Masonic Lodge, with men thirty or forty years my…


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My First Heart Attack

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to provide a description of what my experiences have been, and are, with getting old. In particular I want to talk about the ailments that come along the way and how I handled them. I do this as a means to be informative for younger people but also for my friends who regardless of age, may benefit from knowing what I go through.

I am mindful of my age this morning as I am writing this article. I am 52 years old. It is 49 degrees right…


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SPF for men

Gents, it’s time to be clear on summer skin. Since humanity blew a hole in the earth’s ozone layer, it is now dangerous for us to go outside without a protective barrier between us and the sun’s rays. This is why we need to use products that contain SPF, or Sun Protection Factor – sunscreens that reflect and/or absorb the…


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In the pit


Well I'm in the pit, Iaid off with a crappy serverance. I knew it was coming with the way the company was going, I've already had interviews with some more lines up. But there is no way to sugar coat the issue. I've been here before, but it feels different. Im older, the economy sucks, and I'm wondering what to do.


I'm trying to be proactive just to get aggressive and stay positive. I think I have to stay active and just keep doing things. So this blog is a sort of…


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Stein's Blog -Taking Stock

I have not posted here in a long time. My sister Deborah was diagnosed with bladder cancer, had her kidney removed in January and her Kidney removed in February. She stayed at my dad's place , where this incredible 86 year old man took care of her, until she became too ill. She was supposed to gain strength to start chemotherapy , but she never got to a point where the chemo could be tolerated. She died on April 30th leaving behind a fantastic 17 year old son,  my father and I, along with my…


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1923: 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas

Motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar discussed Billy Miske's last fight in his book entitled …


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Manliest Sport: Muay Thai?

Most of the visitors to The Art of Manliness know of muay Thai. Muay thai is referred…


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How do I get over anxiety in sports?

I'm actually a fairly athletic guy. I'm 6 feet, and have a fairly muscular build. Since I was a kid, I always thought way too much about things then necessary. This is something I believe I learned from my parents. For example, when I play basketball, I always start strong, score a few points and play well on defense, but then I soon get in my head, and I start losing confidence. Soon, I can't perform. This affects me…

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What if it were over -- everything?

What if the human race, the earth, and all traces of humanity were to be erased by some cosmic disaster -- say, in 6 months, or 50 years?  What would you do with the time left?  Would the elimination of us and our culture -- no prospect even of aliens or future life discovering what we were -- make it all…


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Fear and Comfort

Taking a little breather from AOM after putting my foot in my mouth one too many times.

With the return of normal weather (i.e. rain) all of a sudden there's things to do outside, and I've been doing them. But my silence here is an uncomfortable one, as it reflects my own insecurities and feelings of not being worthy.

In email exchanges with a member, he said I needed to move past the fear and comfort, and fight for what I wanted to be. That struck me as an odd…


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Taking Care of Your Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture is beautiful.  It's a great investment, doesn't go out of style, and can last FOREVER...if taken care of properly.

I've always liked leather.  Whether it's a pair of boots, a jacket, or that great looking Living Room Set you have that's Chocolate's just beautiful, and classy.  Just promise me ONE thing.  Don't use saddle soap on your leather, unless it's for a pair of boots.  That stuff will dry your nicer leather out, causing it to crack and age…


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Compliments on my saddleback briefcase

When you read the brief about the saddleback briefcase is that you will get compliments everywhere , so l thought l would post on this blog every time someone comments on it .

Day two of owning said bag , young girl working the reception at my gym compliments it three times in one sentence , good start .

Added by Brian Splash on May 5, 2012 at 9:29pm — 1 Comment

The First Post

My first post... I have been lingering here... reading and gathering knowledge for a bit now, and decided that If I was going to consume so much of the knowledge that is shared on this wonderful site, it's about time I contribute to the world I have been taking advantage of.  I can't claim to be the perfect man, but I do strive to be a better one every day that I am alive.  This website has done much to further that goal and I am thankful for that beyond words.  Stay tuned for more…


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