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Wishing You ALL A Very Happy International Children's Day!

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For this day

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Big Guy

"Hey, big guy!"

I looked around; there was no one to receive that greeting except me and my daughter.

We were at the pool, heading for the snack stand when I heard that come from within the concession. There, manning the resurrected grill was a young man I had met a few days earlier.

I had showed up at the pool with a Jeep-load of perennials to decorate the entrance, to be planted by my wife's (she's a leader) and daughter's Girl Scout…


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A manly mentor and friend

was the neighbor at my last house.

I first met him in the colossal hall of the firm I worked for; a friend introduced me because we all lived in the same small town. He seemed quiet, and stuttered a bit when he talked. I thenceforth thought of him as the "guy with the stutter".

Well, as chance had it when it became time to buy our first house it turned out to be right next to his. Since we both worked at the same firm, a solid hours commute one-way, I mentioned to him if he…


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And men fake it too!

A mist of goodwill, wellbeing and lazy relaxation temporarily obscures reality.  Both sexes may experience a burst of creative thought since orgasm produces a near lightning storm in the right, creative-thinking side of the brain. Biological duty fulfilled, there normally follows a lengthy period of exhaustion, rest, and - frequently - sleep.…


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Men Planning their OWN wedding!

Women plan the wedding.  That's the way it is.  Men are more than okay to just simply show up the day of.  Our mentality:  "Pick out something for us to where, let us have a party beforehand and tell us where to go and when to be there."  That's all we need.  We're simple.  But wait a second.  It's our big day too, isn't it?  Do you mean to tell me none of us has ever had a vision of what our wedding day should be like?   It's our wedding, too.

Now  I'm not saying we were playing…


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Have a weekend of Peace & Love... :)

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Old Maps

I'm not the manliest guy around, but I do have a penchant for maps, something I've noticed seems to run on the male side for preferences.

I love to pore over old maps, seeing place names and old roads, it's the archaeology that is all around us, for in an old map is a snapshot of how the land was years ago, and if it's the land we inhabit so much more interesting.

It's an affinity my wife finds baffling; to her maps are to bring out on vacation so we don't get lost, and with…


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All purpose clothing maintenance

This week, I’d like to give you fellas some very simple and very do-able image-enhancing tips on keeping your basics nice and neat to give you a polished look.  Ready? Here we go!


Basics for ties 

Ties are cut on the bias of silk, meaning that they are cut on the diagonal instead of the straight of the grain, like most garments are. This method of cutting gives an elasticity to the fabric, useful in the tying of the ties but making…


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The Canoe Trip

In an earlier blog I mentioned how I planned to reconnect with a guy from my past with a canoe trip.

Well, we did it last weekend.

To men accustomed to outdoor living, I imagine our sojourn would appear quite lame; in the heart of some very comfortable New Jersey real estate we paddled away on a preserved canal for a few hours. I met him in the canoe rental parking lot, with fifteen plus years on him he looked pretty good, and he said the same if not more about me.



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One or 2 more experiences re: why I'm here

The questions "What are women doing on AoM?" have become less frequent (except from my boyfriend) but I already have a few blog posts on the issue, and these are short and obvious, so here's a couple more about me as a woman with "manly" interests, or at least lacking "girly" interests.

My boyfriend and I attended a book group Friday night. Book group - totally girly, right? Well, the book was Book I of Plato's Republic. There were 12 or 13 people there. I was the only woman.



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I think this is ridiculously funny. . .

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Putting her down

I put my dog down this morning.

She was 16 years and two months old, to be exact, and for a lab that's as old as Methuselah.

She had stopped eating, and we decided that it was finally time for her to go. And it was time for me to be the man: I had to take her for the procedure, show calm…


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Why I Am Here...

I am honored to be apart of this community. My desire to join AOM is a bit interesting. My father was a Black Panther, a phenomenal artist, poet, boxer, and gentleman with a feminist heart. For so many reasons I idolized my Dad; the way he could command respect from his dignified appearance, intellect, conversational prowess, and gentlemanly ways. Other men balked at my father, and women swooned when…


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Time to get out.

Now that the novelty is over, I find myself loosing interest in this forum. 

It's been a reminder of what I'm not, nor am particularly inclined to be. Most men continue to be alien creatures, and I navigate the crowd waiting to be discovered, stripped of my disguise and ejected from the group.

I have not decided if I going to outright leave; I have gotten some valuable feedback and advice, viewpoints I cannot get from my wife or ladyfriends, and since I have no real male…


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Wilders, Mujaheddin and Marines

Lemme tell you a secret. The only difference between these three groups rests on one word: Chivalry.

"Men are pigs" or so Tim Allen tells us. I agree. At bottom, all men are animals. So are women. We are hard-wired for certain reactions and that hard-wiring can be shown both empirically in human society and in terms of (dare I…


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Silk, revisited

As a fabric junkie, I did a textile series a couple of years ago for my men's image quarterly, image inc., discussing natural fibers including silk. I shared some information about the textile including its history, care, and uses (read ithere). I work with silk all of the time when I'm putting men's wardrobes together, gathering silk ties and silk hankies, and sometimes silk…


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Life Lessons I have Learned From Playing Cricket

Cricket out of Compton, a Los Angeles based organisation, are using the sport of cricket as a way to help gang members in LA turn their lives around. The organisation arranges games in the USA and International tours for players (recently they played a series of matches in Australia)

As a lifelong cricket fanatic I found this fascinating. Cricket is a very popular sport in some parts of the world, but certainly not in…


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Hanky Panky

I'm working with a client who likes to "dress to the nines" out of respect for himself, his profession, and for his law clients. I was at his house recently and went through his closet full of dark suits and white shirts, his ties, and a fistful of pocket squares that were laying off to the side.

"James!" I said, "You've got to start integrating these pocket squares into your wardrobe," explaining that a little splash of colour in his breast pocket can really sharpen up his suit,… Continue

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Who'd be interested in Oak or Leather custom-made shotgun cases?

Who'd be interested in Oak or Leather custom-made shotgun cases?

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