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I Thought This was Pretty Cool

By: Major Richard “Dick” Winters with Colonel Cole Kingseed

Berkley Caliber Publishing Group, New York

Leadership at the Point of the Bayonet…


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Remembering the fallen - A1C Carl Anderson

Today I remember Airman First Class Carl L. Anderson. Vehicle operator, United States Air Force, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.

Carl was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and

was Killed in Action (KIA) on 8/29/2004, my birthday. Carl was a good

Airman, a good person, and a friend. He and I were stationed at

Elmendorf with the 3rd Logistics Readiness Squadron from 2003 until his

death in 2004. Carl… Continue

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Oh, for the "Good Old Days"

Buona sera. We were discussing the "good old days". Funny how this stuff keeps cropping up in my life.



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Real Men are Fighters

A real man is a fighter.

He fights... for what's right, for the people he cares about, for the power of love, against adversity, to make a difference. He fights... for the cause, for answers, for truth, for honor, for justice. He fights fires. He fights apathy. He fights for his life.

He fights in France and he fights on the oceans and the seas. He fights with growing confidence and growing strength. He fights on the beaches and the landing grounds, in the fields, in the… Continue

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The King of Cocktails - The Manhattan

A few years ago when I really started getting into cigars I started exploring fine cocktails as well. As many know a good cocktail

compliments a fine cigar, so in my quest for knowledge, I wanted to take

in as many samples of fine cocktails as I did fine cigars. I had been

reading about a lot of cocktails and the Manhattan caught my eye. I

decided when I was down in L.A. one evening having dinner with Danielle

and my good… Continue

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Real Men and Expiration Dates

A real man is not afraid to eat or drink something that's past the expiration date.

Realizing that expiration dates are just a clever marketing ploy created by food and drink manufactures to sell more product, a real man throws caution to the wind and laughs in the face of the few small numbers lightly printed on the packaging of his sustenance.

A real man knows that food past it's expiration date is simply a little further down the product chain.

Expired milk… Continue

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Summer Time is Cocktail Time!

It's getting to be the warm part of the year and with the warmth comes hours of sitting outside and drinking cocktails designed to quench the thirst of the hot

and well, thirsty. Danielle and I enjoy sitting outside on weekends and

weeknights alike talking and sipping on a fine cocktail. I figured I

would share a few of my favorite recipes…


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Opus - Man, Deciever, or pawn?

At first glace, you would think my situation consummate:

If you come to my house, you will find me behind a fine chess table, you'll see a $1500 hand carved set including a solid leather board imported from New Zealand.

I will serve you either Dan Aykroyd's "Crystal Skull" Vodka, or if your brave, my own home made 1800's formula Absenthe.

I will offer you a cigar from my humidor. The prize smoke being a Jamaican, rolled with aged vanilla, aged in old rum barrels, and… Continue

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Stuff My Dad Taught Me: Always Be Kind

"Always be kind to people, you never know who they'll turn out to be."

As a kid, I heard this in my mind when I was tempted to make fun of people who I perceived to be less "cool" than I was. I mean, let's be honest here, kids can be pretty cruel. I probably would have been too if it weren't for my parents. And while I was far from perfect in this area of my life, it could have been a lot worse.

As a kid, this habit was pretty selfishly motivated. I approached it from the… Continue

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Mechanic Costs!

I just had a to take my wife's car to the shop for a muffler problem that I couldn't fix myself. Sheesh! I went to an affordable mechanic and it was still a 25% markup on the parts plus $86 an hour for labor. I couldn't believe the labor cost. It's been a few years since I've been to a mechanic b/c I try to do most thing myself, it was about $60 and hour then. I know they have a lot of costs in keeping a shop running but this seems outrageous. That's bordering on lawyer prices.

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Secret Agent Man (NOT)

Me: Oh, I didn’t know you were still awake. And here I was trying to be all stealthy.

Jenn: Yea, you’re pretty terrible at that.…


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Returning home

Last week my wife and I had a date just to talk things out and see if we could continue on, after I returned to my mothers place to think about what was said and how I was feeling. Thankfully after a few hours my wife called me and asked me to come home. We are working out our various problems together and are working very hard to make our relationship work. I believe that most relationships don't work is because most people think that it is too hard to fight for it and give up before it has a… Continue

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Refutation of radical materialism

By radical materialism, I mean the statement that only matter and energy exist. (Less radical materialism might say that supernature does not exist; I'm not addressing that.)

I have talked online with someone that held this view, so it's not a straw man. I gave some examples of nonmaterial things that exist: pi; numbers; beliefs; gravity. He said: they all do not exist. (The electrical impulses in your brain as you think about them exist, but that's a distinct electrical impulse from… Continue

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Week 1 of 5x5 over

So I just finished my third workout, Workout A. First week over, how did I do?

I'm glad I started light (35Kg), though I question the wisdom of using the same weight for every exercise. The squat goes up twice as fast as the other exercises as it's performed every workout, but I don't think it's going up nearly fast enough. I should have started at least 10kg heavier on the squat than the shoulder or bench press.

With that in mind, I started the…

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First Clue?


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Manly Reading: Dear Boy: Lord Chesterfield's Letters to His Son

I have a book that I bought, apparently in London judging by the price sticker on the back, many years ago. I don't remember doing so, but I have read this book, cover to cover, several times and it has a permanent place on my shelf.…


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Hi everyone...

I like AoM since when i found. I want to share my things too. Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Music, Movies, Books and AoM my favourite things now. But i haven't much time. I can't be online when i want or how much i want. But i will watch you when i had time.


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India Recap 30: What Christina Said

I'm sorry for such a long time between the last blog and this one (almost two months!). I have been busy and lazy and all of the above. I WILL finish up chronicling this journey. It's important to me. I just hope that I can continue to find time to work on it. I hope you enjoy this one. It's about a life-changing moment. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I should get them soon. They're "lost" for right now.… Continue

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Aimzy :)

Tomorrow, freunden, is the two month anniversary for me and my girlfriend.

Someone pass me a bucket, but we're celebrating :)

Admittedly we're not actually going tomorrow but hey, we have an exam. And friday nights are better :)

Anyway. This got me thinking, like a soppy bas****, what makes things good between us.

And I decided not to talk about them! Because that would be cloying and saccharine. And foul. But yeah. Things are good, and I decided to say it out…


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Approaching manliness

Perhaps not a title that many would have chosen due to the possible homoerotic connotation, but manliness means rising above such petty concerns and refused to be bowed by the chortles of the simpleminded!

Greetings, gentle reader; my name is Shawn. While I would like to believe that my graying hair, profusely scattered about the entirety of my person, my beautiful daughter, approaching her transition into the mysteries of puberty, and my military background of mechanic's toil and… Continue

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