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Kids and the Mandolin

Well it has been interesting since I wrote last.  I realize my kids are getting older and I am enjoying it.  It is bittersweet growing watching them grow up.  You want them to be sweet…


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Funny History Meme

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No time to Bleed: how to fight a shark

Although you have less chance of being eaten by a shark than you have of winning the lottery, if you surf or scuba dive chances are the thought of having one of these aquatic meat processors has crossed your mind at some point.

If the worst should happen and you do manage to bump into one of these ferocious fish, you may be called on to protect yourself or your…


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4 Ways to Manage Withdrawal Symptoms

A growing body of research indicates that heavy alcohol consumption may directly impact the biological function of the human brain. Through the use of newly developed brain scanning technologies, scientists in California have identified a higher release of endorphins in heavy drinkers compared to light or moderate drinkers. This link points to an important discovery in the nature of alcoholism and addiction. Moreover, these patterns are significant factors to consider when prescribing a…


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The Mandolin

has it been busy since I last wrote.  As always I have been working a ton of hours, but there have been some awesome family moments. 

First of which is Azuki (my daughter )is starting her potty training.  She is doing better every day.  Hopefully this is the end of buying diapers.  It is good seeing her growing up transitioning from a baby into a big girl.  Of course we are enticing her to use the…


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Take Only What You Need

Take Only What You Need

When I see an ant

do I step on it and

end its life? It may

seem like a small

insect to me, but

to him it is his life.

When someone

sees a child do

they hurt that child

like it will not matter?

Or do they leave them

alone? A child's life

is very precious.

All the creatures

on this planet are

worth saving. Even

if it is just a…


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