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Think and Grow Rich: Book of Champions

Think and Grow Rich is an excellent work written in 1937. Next to The Bible, this is my personal…


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Choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaner or Floorcare Specialist

Gentlemen (and Ladies),

As I blog here on AoM, I'm trying to keep the articles relevant to the general theme of the website.  I put up something about dealing with Spots and Stains not too long ago, and today I'm going to talk about some of the pointers of choosing a proper, professional cleaner for doing work in your home.

To begin with, I'd like to address a…


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How to open chapagne.

I often become the designated opener of bubbly at parties.  It's really a unique skill that can't be applied to much else.   I mean if you can open a bottle of wine you can open the vast majority bottles of wine in the world.  If you can open a beer bottle, your an expert for 99% of what's out there.   If you can open a can... forget about it.  But there really isn't any thing that can be applied to learn how to open sparking wine.  So here's how to do it to maintain the carbonation and…


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New group , all welcome

Today l have , pending approval , started a new group called " Eclectic treasures ' where l hope members can post pictures or links to everyday items that that have and use , but are much more than things , they are pieces of art in there own right .

What inspired me is the passion members have for items such as - saddleback bags , knifes , watches and such , but what about the small things , like the Chicago comb CO combs or a para cord belt .

lf approved l will get the ball rolling…


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Really digging this site. Read "Manvotionals" and enjoyed it. Always striving to be a better man and embrace masculinity.   I'm not a woman hater, but I really feel like I'm one of the victims of feminism.  Nothing against women.  My mother is a woman.  I just prefer to spend my time around men.  I'm really sensitive about the "cut your balls off" message and attitude we get from society today and it really turns me off.

One thing I've always wanted to do, but didn't have the balls to…


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Some humor

I found this on FB. Suits me to a T.

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Spot and Stain Removal

Hey guys (and gals),

I've recently opened my own Carpet Cleaning company after working in the industry for several years.  One of the things that most people don't seem to know much about is how to deal with spills, spots and stains on carpet in their homes.

First off, let me qualify this by elaborating on the difference between a spot and a stain...and yes, there IS a difference.  It's considered a spot when there is a substance on the carpet that coats and obscures…


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My Best Friend

A recent post on male friendships got me looking back at the few instances in my life I've had such things, and one fellow stands out.

College sophomore year I started my degree program, and all of a sudden my classes were full of others I would be spending the next three years with, for it was a small group.

Early in the Fall I remember getting up at the end of class, gathering my books to go. In the back of the room a small group of students had gathered. I heard a whiney,…


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Men on caffeine

Now that I’ve reduced my caffeine intake, I actively seek decaffeinated coffee and I’m finding it rather difficult, at least in Toronto, to get a decaf after 11 am. This makes me wonder why the powers that be are making decaf hard to come by, but then I decided that it’s actually about creating addiction which affects…


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An Introduction


I wanted to do this blog post in order to introduce myself to the AOM community. I have been visiting the website for about a month now and have found so much useful information from the site. I felt the next obvious step would be to join the community in order to interact with other users. I have never been one to blog, but I think I would like to use the platform here in the AOM community. I have no idea how often i'll blog or what about, but it is something that I…


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This post is a spinoff of my post about reading. I love to write just as much as I love to read. It is one of my favorite means of communication. I get excited when I see words that I have written in print. I'm sure this is one reason for deciding to finally start a blog of my own. Since I am not a student anymore, I don't have anyone telling me to write. So it's up to me to practice and try to improve (or at least maintain the status quo).

My first memory of enjoying the activity of…


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The Spot, Part 2

Recently I posted a picture “How to Care for Your Introvert” on my page. I saw it, liked it and without much thought pasted it next to my humorous Map of New Jersey.

I was in for a surprise when I checked up on it later, and saw the fur flying. I won’t go into specifics here, but I did leave with one impression: as an introvert who’s not happy with that sometimes, the onus was on me to change, not anyone else.

The premise of the last few years of my life has been that I can sit…


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I tried Feathers.

Meh. I appear to be one of those that it's just okay for. It didn't give me any problems, and it's sharp, but it just wasn't great.

On my next shave after the feather went dull, I tried my first Shark Super Stainless. WOW! The second best shave of my life! (the first being that random no-prep shave in the other blog post)

I think I found my first 'best blade'. Hopefully I will eventually get the hang of the technique and will get as great or better shaves on a more regular…


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Sorry for my absence. We have internet issues.

Still do, actually. We had an OLD linksys cable gateway (modem and router in one device) that had become a bit temperamental and would crash if we connected to the wifi, so we got a Belkin wifi router and got it going. Then a while later the linksys started to act up more and we all had to move out ethernet connections to the Belkin and leave only the one connection to the belkin plugged into the linksys. Then another while later the linksys started randomly deciding to not allow us onto the…


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Ken Norton: Fighter of Faith

My parents and my all time top sports hero Ken Norton influenced me in my level of faith. Like…


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Guess the era!

This week, we're going to test your spacial-temporal abilities and see if you can visualize the gentleman's coat from the pattern pieces below and match it to one of the coats below:

Your choices:…


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A question to the gents out there,

Do you ever get frustrated\irritated and annoyed, while not sure why? It has happened to me lots in the last few weeks. Just annoyed and no reason why. I have a great job, great girlfriend and awesome friends.

The worst thing about it is no matter how nice people start being it only serves to make me more irritated.

It will eventually become better and i go back to my happy self.

Normally when I'm burnt out i waste time on the…


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Representation for civil matters

Over in The Great Debate, you're discussing lack of counsel in New Hampshire in civil child custody, child abuse, child neglect matters. I repeat, these are civil matters. There is only a constitutional right to counsel in criminal matters, matters for which the accused can go to prison for a fixed period of time. These NH cases are civil matters, involving fines and child custody. There is no constitutional right to counsel in civil matters. These civil cases can involve jail time, if a…


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Zen and the Art of Getting Over Yourself

A few weeks ago the man I reconnected with over a canoe trip asked me if I wanted to attend a class with him. I was thrilled to pieces that another man would actually be asking me to join him in Something, so I agreed without any thought as to what I would accompany him to. I would have said yes to a basket-weaving class; I regret that now.

Not the outing itself, but my lack of forethought, for the class was a “Kyudo Introductory Session for Complete Beginners”. Kyudo is the…


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A Stew of Cultures is better than a clash


I have just published a book that I think would be interesting for people who like short stories, the west, learning about other cultures, Jewish holidays and life and the way it should have been.


I would so love for some guys from this exclusive club to read it and share what you think with me.  It would help me a lot.

You can get it here…


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