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Bruce Willis' Lifestyle Warning

This is purposely short for impact.…


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George Raft Helps the Unknown Lucille Ball

In 1931 actor George Raft was working in the MGM movie 'Palmy Days' with Eddie Cantor. One day on the set he saw a beautiful red head chorus girl crying.  …

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For the love of politicians, part 2

When it comes to party leaders, people tend to see them as figures who represent party ideology that may agree or disagree with them and will treat the party figure accordingly. We judge politicians very harshly according to what they stand for, for the agendas we think they carry, and the…


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A Brief Primer on the Lost Arts of Chivalry and Dating for the 21st Century Man

For some reason, I have an inexplicable urge to write something on dating. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it's because of the worrying decline in the number of men who do things properly. You and I may differ on the topic of chivalry. While I think that it is just as relevant as it was 50 or 100 years ago, you might think that is is old-fashioned and has no place in the modern world. That's okay, you are entitled to your opinion. I only ask that you acknowledge that my opinion is…


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Party of One

Finally got around to seeing I Love You Man this week.

It was OK. Somehow, to me, Hollywood never fails to put a polyurethane coating on life, making it shiny and plastic, and well, unreal.

Paul Rudd's character was good, if a little inconsistent, moving from the guyfriendless metrosexual to an almost annoyingly regularguy with the lightening speed that only 90 minutes of film format can justify.

I came prepared to relate to his character but felt betrayed. My wife kept…


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Too many excuses - no solutions?

9.05 pm photo © 2007 Mark | more…

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For the love of politicians, part 1

Now that Canada is in full election mode, I’ve been busy researching and commenting in the media about political image.  I want to say first that I am not associated with any political party or political ideology represented by any party leader – I may happen to agree with bits from all party platforms, so in the end I have difficulty deciding who to vote for, but I do vote because I think voting is important.


For my blogs, I like to go back to basics, so I…


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High school reunion

I've committed a man sin.  Mere months from my ten year high school reunion, I finally had the breakdown.  I'd actually been looking forward to the event.  I still  live in the town where I graduated from, but I wasn't so bad off.  My last long term relationship was a couple of years in the past, but it wasn't a big deal.  I work a managerial position at a resort.  That's something to be proud of, right?  I don't work fast food, or for my parents, and I have people that I hire to work for…


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The Race

Answering a post here about my lack of sports experience, it hit me I am dead wrong.

29 years ago, in an April very similar to the one we are having now, I was heading for one of my first races.

The previous Fall I decided to challenge myself as I have never before and joined the college crew team. It was something I felt curiously attracted to once I was exposed to it; beautiful in motion, poetic and terribly grueling.

I survived the winter; running in the snow, rowing…


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The Throne of Men...

Men have long had escapist behaviours, most with a notorious lecture from spouses in the end. Bars, pubs, “Exotic dance” clubs and the infamous car “fixing”. Though I enjoy every minute of tinkering on my vintage fix-a-up and joining my buds at a place for a few drinks, it is an expensive few moments of escape.

But I think most Dad's in their infinite wisdom knew, there is a place of escape with zero cost and all the benefits. Now before you fly off your chair huffing and…


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The Year of Man

Heya AoM,


I had a recent Birthday several days ago, and upon finding this fantastic website, I've decided that I'll try to implement the lessons and values of AoM into my own personal life, More so the Physical elements, because if you look at my profile picture, you can tell I'm a rather skinny individual. Also I'm going to try to integrate the values that apply to me on this website, ranging from dating to how to act confident, and so forth. Hopefully by my next birthday, I…


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My insanity plea, update,

A little over a year ago I posted about one of my ongoing woodworking projects-a homemade pipe organ.  I thought I would drop in an update:  I have finally completed the pipes, all four hundred and change of them,  for the keyboard.  I am now left with a decision:  Should I build fifty pipes for the pedal argan, or should I leave it keyboard only?  The pedal organ pipes would be the largest, and at… Continue

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Make your children work!

Thats right, work them.


Today I was shovelling three tons of topsoil into growing box's for the vegetable patch, and it was bloody hard work, I can tell you that much!

But I was thinking. and I have been made to work from about the age of 7. Before that, I was always made to polish my shoes, tidy my room, the usual. but when I hit seven,…


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"In this secular existence, perfection is an illusion. Regardless of all those who utter the contrary, this is the reality. Common man seeks it out. They aspire to achieve it, as if it were some tangible thing. But the fact of the matter is perfection is a hollow shell. It is devoid of any substance. I spit on perfection! Perfection, after all, implies you've reached the summit: no trial and error...no ability to conceptualize. An omniscient being would have no need for… Continue

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Day one of my 30 days, and some other blabbering.

Well, Day one of the 30 days to a better man challenge, and the 5 virtues I wrote down (and this took a lot if thought!) are as follows:







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Leadership and Power...

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've decided to do some blog posts on Leadership - specifically how to develop leadership skills and use leadership tools. I will attempt to put up a new post once a week by latest Sunday. If you have questions or ideas for topics concerning Leadership, either post them in the comments or send me a private message.

In the previous post, I talked about what I believe is the first necessary value a person needs to become a Leader -…


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The start of my transformation...

Well here I am, Planning the start of my transformation.

You see, I already have the capability of being polite, well spoken and kind-natured, but I often choose not to be. At college, I am known for my 'devil may care' attitude, for being able to turn anything into a black and blue humoured joke, and for generally being a little too arrogant.…


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Hello Men!  I am a retired United States Marine, I have four combat tours and was a private contractor as the head of the security for the Iraqi Gov for two years. I found this site by accident and i am damn gald I did.

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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 30 - Get a Straight Razor Shave

Barbershops are scarce in my neck of the woods; very scarce.  The closest that I have come to a straight razor shave at a barbershop was a lady that used to shave my neck with a straight razor.  Since then, however, I have fallen into the whole "21st century young man" thing and started going to a Unisex salon for my haircuts.


As a fair compromise, I've decided to give myself a straight razor shave.  Even before I discovered AoM, I had been interested in the idea of shaving…


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Rug Cleaning

Wanted to show off the rug I had to clean by hand yesterday.  It's a Mercerised Cotton Rug, which means it has been treated with a sodium hydroxide bath, then an acidic rinse to neutralize the previous chemicals, the general idea being to increase the strength and luster of the fibers, affinity to dye, and resistance to mold.


As such, this was a particularly delicate rug, requiring that it be cleaned by hand.  I had to take a sponge, dip it in cleaning solution, and squeeze…


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