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Thank You God For Discipline

This morning during the school’s morning message time we prayed for our Principal (as tomorrow is National Principal Day). My daughter Abbie (6) has received more demerits and been to see our principal more time than just about every other student. Our disciplinary procedures at the school are geared toward helping a student see why their behavior was wrong and lead them to repentance.…


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House Prayer

A house. The first house. The original house we wanted in Holdrege. It has just come back on the market.

We put an offer on it. This one is within our price range. We’re offering full asking price, asking in return that the seller pay closing costs.…


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May 1st! Kissing Under The Cherry Blossom!

The tradition of celebrating love on the first day in May goes far back into Czech history, to be more precise, to the beginning of 19th century. This was the time, when great Czech Romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha lived and composed. His best work is an epic poem Maj (in English May).

This poem is about a tragic love between two young people and is a Czech classic. Every Czech knows first few lines of this poem. It goes like this:

It was late evening, on the first of… Continue

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Psalm 42:5-6

Why are you cast down, O my soul,

and why are you in turmoil within me?

Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,

my salvation and my God.…


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Slip Out The Back Jack

I’ve not been posting here as most of my notes and posts have gone to Facebook. But recently I have become completely and thoroughly disenchanted with FB. Not to say I won’t use it again someday, but for now, my use of said so-called social networking site is going to be fairly minimal.…


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Substance and Style


Of all the blogs and websites out there trying to sell you something, how many really think very deeply about the substance of their product? In the world of Manliness Inc. the idea of manliness is reduced to an image, a suit of clothes, a telling look. Well, readers of this humble project of mine will know that I am by no means indisposed to a good suit of clothes and a telling look. But it is what the look tells… Continue

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The joy of thrift

Well men, today was a joyous day in my 'menaissance'.

I went out into the local thrift/charity stores in the village and bought myself an arsenal of smart clothes.
This included a brand new navy blue blazer, a brand new (with tags) sports jacket, a very smart Italian suit jacket, a pair of brand new trousers and a fantastic shirt (with tags).

Coupled with my new DE razor and blades, a splash of 'Old Spice' (which my wife loves) it has…

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How to smoke a cigar?


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History of the cigar -…


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Time and A Place; or, Get A Room


I am all for the romantic arts. ‘Courtship’, whenever that word gets wheeled out, seems unable to escape its epithet: ‘old-fashioned’. Since I care not for fashion, nor for passing fads, I think we ought to put period to this unfair appellation. The outward form of courtship may change with the times, but at its heart is a respectable romance and a foundation of politeness. It takes place in two settings, one… Continue

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The Manly Art of Expertise: Part I -- What is an Expert?

Every direction a modern gentleman turns, he is bombarded by the opinions of "experts". These "experts" guide his decisions with endorsements of products, lifestyle suggestions, politics, money, medicine, and any other part of a man's life. Many go along through life listening to the "experts" rather casually, adopting some suggestions, ignoring others. But frequently, these "experts" lack credentials, are paid off sponsors, are opining in a field beyond their knowledge, or outright lying to… Continue

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Post the first.

Bonjour mes amis

This here is my blog. I will blog as often as I can, with a large gap in a few weeks to accomodate for my exams. I'll give my opinion on news, random stuff, stuff I care about, general things, and if anyone's interested in what I say then speak up. As I said when I first joined, I'm here to learn.

So. I've just got back from a rugby tour (Americans: I'll teach you more about rugby later ;) ) in the Lake District. We had the afternoon off and me and my dad…


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Me, My Dad & Martin Luther King (from LivingstoneConant.com)

I have learned and adopted an absolutely amazing amount of traits and characteristics from my dad, for which I feel very fortunate. I didn’t always feel this way. My adolescent years were

darkened with despair and paxil. I descended the depths of intense

emotional valleys. Made several “visits” to mental health hospitals and

gradually became more and more sick. All common high school activities

and relationships were foreign to me. While I was well…


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The politics of madness

It's election time in Blighty and I am still undecided who to vote for. Earlier this week I spent time looking at the available parties manifesto's.

My word...

Why on earth do some people stand for office? Surely parties such as 'The Communist Party' and 'British Fascist Party' have no chance, do they not realise this?

I perused a good few, I've always thought of myself as a somewhat liberal fellow (believe me it means…

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It's Shakespeare Day!

Today is the 446th anniversary of the date traditionally assigned to Shakespeare’s birth. It is also the 396th anniversary of his death, but people being what they are, we tend to look upon the birthday rather than the deathday aspect of the matter, thus, perhaps, play some lip service to the long acclaimed notion of the ever-living, immortal bard.

But why do I speak of Shakespeare, the man from Stratford, and his life and death, when many believe that he did not, could not, in any… Continue

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Dear Diary

“Dear Diary,

I have a dilemma. The funny little blog that I’ve been writing for a few months has, much to my eternal surprise, been growing in popularity. Of course, I never meant to journalise per se, and I certainly didn’t want it to be one of those crass and conceited spaces where bored individuals talk endlessly about themselves to no apparent end. Look at me! This was not the kind of attention I desired. No, I meant to create… Continue

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Real Men and Waking Up Early

As I sit here basking in the glow of my 13 inch computer in an otherwise dark room this morning, I'm reminded about one of what I consider to be one of the great tenets of manhood, that is, waking up early

Growing up as a child and a teenager, I was always amazed each morning how early my dad woke up. No matter how early I got up each day, without fail, he'd already be awake and laying on the couch wearing his Nike hoodie and reading the paper.

The funny thing is... the… Continue

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Invisible Church

I remember doing this and that, I remember all those who came and go, I also still know the structures their halls and all their doors and all the wonderfull people I have met along the way. From the Catholic church where my mom use to take me to the Baptist church where I was pulled to accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the non denomination Vinyard church where I first raised my hand in praise. Their still there all of them their…


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Real Men and Pancakes

A real man knows how to cook pancakes... in fact, a real man knows that the proper name for pancakes is actually MANcakes.

While I could do an entire post on the importance of learning to cook in our journey to manhood, I've found that specific is always better and let's be honest here, "cooking" is kind of a broad topic that could take years to master. But as my father-in-law likes to say, "You can eat an elephant one bite at a time." so we'll start with this very important staple… Continue

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