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This begins the documentation process of my quest to become a better man.  I came to this site to see how I would compare and I find myself lacking.  Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to change habits, attitudes, and manners to become a more complete man. 

Since becoming a member of the the site, I have changed some of my habits, especially in dealing with other people.  The biggest change has been dealing with my girlfriend and when I explained to her what it was I was doing, she…


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Even If Your Child Is Gay...

By Dennis Prager and originally published at

Last week, Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio…


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IMMORTALITY (and other short stories)

After two years of writing, writing, and more rewriting than I even want to think about, I am happy (and terrified) to present IMMORTALITY (and other short stories) for your purchasing pleasure...

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Vacation Planning: "Are We There Yet?"

The 1,000-foot climb to Yosemite’s Vernal Falls had been spectacular. My wife and I now started hiking back down the cliff, a much more relaxing direction then the steep trek up the slippery, rocky trail. We both wore wool socks and sturdy hiking shoes nicely broken-in from previous excursions among the Sequoias and…


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Short Cuts

I was walking through a large bookstore the other day, and I was noticing the plethora of quotation books.  It seems anyone with any sort of published works has a book of someone else's idea of the their most profound statements...  Have we lost the ability to recognize great ideas on our own.  It seems to me people are filled with profound statements, and they don't have any idea why they are profound.  They didn't take the time to read the book, listen to the entire speech or understand…


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Toughening Up

Been feeling rather blue lately.

I know the time change has something to do with it, and the maudlin weather so typical of the end of winter. But there is more to it. I’ve had a string of things come along and rock the delusion that I’m happily becoming a better person, better man.

It also wakes me up to how much fear I live in…and if I tell you promise not to laugh.... well, go ahead. I know how silly it is.

I’m afraid of being hurt, and not physically.



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So that's what loyalty means

A new Beastly blog post where DirecTV defines it's meaning of loyalty

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Man Thought #3: Every man needs a dog

Whether single, dating, or married, every man should own a dog at some point in his life.

You see, a dog is like a kid that doesn’t die if you forget to feed it for a day or two.  If you’re a man like me, you’re probably not naturally the caring type.  A dog forces you to care about something beside yourself.

As an only child, I begged my parents…


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Summer Fashion Trends for Men this summer

Finally the winters are over and it’s time to wear light clothes, fashionable accessories and present a masculine look when going out on streets. Yes the winters are over and how about updating your wardrobe with all that can give you sexy looks and flatter your body and personality.

It is never too easy to update your wardrobe without sacrificing huge amount of money. But why should you pay more when online stores are offering discounts and deals. You can easily get coupons from…


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