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Resolutions on a bleak day

Is it possible to be surrounded by family and friends and yet feel so alone, alienated and numb?

I do have a small family and some old, close friends, but they are very few and most of them are women. For years I was happy with the status quo, and I had a memorable, if wasted, twentysomething decade to look back upon.

Then I ran into someone who let me know I was starving, starving for male companionship, a buddy to confide in, share experiences with. I knew I had none, but had…


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Stories of generosity. Let's hear some.

Follow this link to read a story titled "The Ring".  This forum is a great place to share stories of generosity in men's lives.  I'd love to hear some.

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What are you carrying?

Divorce - Climbed Mt Everest - Foreclosure - Suicide - Wedding - Funeral - Lottery Winner - Car Accident - Infertility - Large Family - Small Family - No Family - Debt - Anger - Happiness - Wealthy - Starvation - Incarceration - Success - Failure - Miracles - Dying Child - Paralyzed - Blind - Celebrity - Pro Athlete

We all make lists, don't we? When we make our list we like to focus on the negative things, the stuff we wish would go away. When we make a list… Continue

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Why my girls made me decide to be a man.

I've written before of my desire to become more of a man other than by merit of what hangs between my legs. This self-awareness is a new thing in my life.

My life is filled with women, family, friends, often work environments all ladies. I've never had to work hard at being a man because I've been the only one.

Today visiting my mom I got reminded of that, and a bit more.

Coming back from a restaurant my sister laughed "you look so funny being the only guy in the car…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 28 - Write a Love Letter

This is a very touchy subject for me, and some of the guys here might tell me to "man up" after reading this post.


In all honesty, love scares the crap out of me.  Deep down, as I'm sure we all do, I yearn for the love of a good woman, but I'm afraid of taking the risk; afraid of exposing myself.  A good analogy might be to compare it to a terminally ill patient who's doctor tells him that there might be a cure for his illness; however, there is a chance that the process…


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Picked up some manly stuff

Went to my local man supply shop yesterday, "Just For Him" to get a hat.  I wound up getting a black wool flat cap, and I'm still trying to find a fedora I like.  Along with my hat I bought a new wick for my Zippo, and some lighter fluid for my friend and I to refuel with.  The hat still smells like the cigar and pipe tobacco smoke that fills the shop, and I love it.  My grandfather was a smoker, so it is a smell that I have grown to love.  So, all in all, yesterday was a pretty good day.  My… Continue

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Ruminations of an IT Professional

I spent most of my childhood and college life in front of a computer screen so it only seemed right to transition from an early life of computing to a C.S. major and a job in IT. I work in a typical white-collar office with typical white-collar coworkers and typical white-collar bosses. Most (and by "most" I mean "99%") of my work does not correlate to my college education, but to my own research on the job. When a college sends me an email about an error on their screen (or tells me…


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A Day of Woodcutting


A Day of Woodcutting


by Danny Crowe



Woodcutting is a job that has been done by men from the day humankind realized wood’s potential and started using it for fire. To spend at least a day working in woods is a must for all those men, adhering to the art of manliness. This short entry is about my experiences in the…


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A plea to the gentlemen of America

I cant help but wonder what happened to the days when it was honorable to have honor.Men acted like gentlemen and women acted like ladies.They raised their children to have a level of respect and taught them to act like ladies and gentlemen.when it was honorable to pray in public,discipline your children or to hold the door for a lady.when people would speak to each other without using vile,disgusting language,or hatred in their hearts.When a man was measured by his deeds and his works,and…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 27 - Start a Book

This was one of the easiest challenges so far - in fact, I completed it before I even read it.  I love reading; always have.  When I was in second grade, every kid in the class had a cutout of Bart Simpson stuck to one of the walls in the classroom.  For every book that you read, you got a sticker.  By the end of the year, I was almost half-way through a second cutout, while most of the kids were at around a quarter of the first one. 


Thanks to my grandma and my aunt, I'm a…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 26 - Take the Marine Corps Fitness Test

I. Am. Out. Of. Breath.  Being a gamer/geek and a programmer for the last few years, I've never been the fittest man around.  Recently though, I invested in an Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar (Brett recommends it, and so do I) and a 20kg set of dumbbells and started working out.  I've been doing strength training since…


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The co-ed gym

I’ve been going to a women’s gym for several years and due to various circumstances, decided to switch my membership to a gym closer to where I live. This particular gym happens to be a co-ed gym.


Working out with only women is its own thing, but working out with men is quite another. The dynamic is different, it smells different, and people behave differently…


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Started boxing

So I've started boxing! Reading AoM boxing began to grow in the back of my mind. Especially after reading that Hemmingway and Roosevelt were proponents of the noble art.


For a while I was looking for a good old school boxing gym to join, but never found one. All were mainly for fitness. Then I found Joe's Boxing. It's an old school gym, where the owner has love and passion for the sport, so much so that he lives above the gym.


In my first one on one class I…


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Check Out My Blog

My blog address is

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Canoe Trip

In the mid-nineties, before going online, marriage, home ownership, parentage, I worked as an editor for a major financial services firm.

As my luck always works, the marketing group I was in was all women, all the way up the food chain to the top. It was such a henhouse; I was in my element LOL.

One day another man was hired, someone close to my early thirtysomething age. He seemed like a nice guy, though we did not work directly with each other.

One day, out of the…


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30 Days to a Better Man; Day 25 - Start a Debt Reduction Plan

I'm writing this post as I'm on my way to the office. (Here's a tip on saving money - carpool!)

If I can summarize debt in two words, it'll be "debt sucks!" Lucky for me, my credit card debt isn't that much. Most of it was built up while I was studying. Even though it's not that much, my budget made me realize that it is a bit more serious than I thought. Ever since I compiled my budget, I've made a conscious effort to reduce my debt, largely by cutting on entertainment and… Continue

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Admitting my mistake...

I know that these blogs are used to share ideas, insights and opinions, I would like to use it now to simple share an experience and use it to clarify my thoughts.

I've been working in Liberia for just over two months, and met a local woman which I found interesting and attractive. I admit that I had become bored with the two immature men living with me which I am teamed with. They are, without judgment, not the kind of men I generally associate with, for various reasons. Meeting… Continue

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How to equip your kitchen with your first set of knives

     Ah, the kitchen knife. As a young man, I would watch my mother preparing the evening repast, and find myself wondering only one burning question-

     "Why do we have to eat the same crap every week?"

     For that reason, at 15 years of age, I started to teach myself to cook, using various recipes in my mother's monthly magazines. By the time that I had graduated and moved out of the house, I was practically cooking my own evening dinner. Over the years, I have parlayed…


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The outlaw







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To Compete

In response to advice I was looking for to spice up my quest for strength and size (I'll admit I wanna be pretty), someone here was kind enough to suggest I enter a competition.

The suggestion threw me for a loop. I often spout about leaving my comfort zone, but this one took the cake.

My construct has always identified with avoiding competition; I figured I was all the competition I ever needed. Let's just say it was a defense mechanism left over from an unhappy,…


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