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Reading List in Politics, Economics, and Government

This is a list of written resources and inspirations for libertarians, classical liberals, federalists--anyone who wishes to see freedom and limited government. Please be aware that I have not read everything on this list and am largely going on recommendations--feel free to comment if you feel a work should be included or left out. Enjoy.



The Constitution of the United States, by various authors

The Declaration of Independence, by… Continue

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"Vindicating the scars of the past."

A little over a week ago I had a great experience that I'd like to share. A group of people from my church went down to Mississippi over spring break to do hurricane relief in and around Biloxi.

One of the days, we were clearing overgrown brush and removing unwanted/fallen trees in Gulfport when a black gentleman who works for the city came and thanked us for being there. He explained that we were in an all-black neighborhood (which most of us hadn't noticed) and that there was still… Continue

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Healthcare...should NOT be a for-profit industry.

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1st blog

I'm not really sure what I can blog about here, but since I'm a new member here at AoM I thought I'd post something.

So I'd like to say thanks to Brett for inviting me, I've been an email subscriber for some time now and I really enjoy what the site has to offer. It's a beacon of hope to a young man such as myself, living in such a time when true manliness is hard to define. It's good to find out that there's other guys out there who still live by good morals and… Continue

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The Real Reason for Gun Rights

The issue of gun ownership of varying degrees in the populace is a hot topic with a new President in office, firearms being blamed for shootings across the country, and anti-gun groups springing up everywhere. Proponents of gun rights defend themselves with several arguments, the most common of which are:

1. Self-defense. Wielding a firearm has obvious advantages over being unarmed or using a knife, pepper spray, or other weapon in home defense.

2. Hunting. Hunting is a… Continue

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For your reading enjoyment

I'm serializing my civil war mystery novel on my blog, If anyone is interested, head on over and enjoy the read.

Added by Eric B. Ruark on March 12, 2009 at 11:51am — 1 Comment

The Socialist's End Move

I still find it both funny and saddening that even today, after centuries of watching socialist systems such as the Soviet Union and China fail miserable and seeing free markets prosper in places such as the United States (for the most part) and Hong Kong, people still do not see the evidence against planned economies and societies. I was just watching a YouTube video of an interview with Bob Beckel where he asked, "What is wrong with socialism?" I was taking a drink of water at the time and… Continue

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The Misconception About Capitalism

Capitalism is increasingly being misunderstood as a system of destructive competition where the only way to make a profit is to hurt the interests of someone else. However, this idea forms the exact opposite of a major principle of capitalism: that a transaction taking place in a truly free market benefits all involved.

Visualize an economy without government intervention. A consumer wishes to buy a computer. He goes to an Apple store and looks around for the right computer to buy.… Continue

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He Who Governs Best, Governs Least

Now, more than ever, the people and the politicians alike push for more government involvement in society, but what are they really asking for? The traditional "big government" comes with a hefty price tag. Here is a list of several ways in which an active, powerful government harms society (in no particular order).

* The Middle Class Loses

In a society with a powerful government, that government can be used as a weapon by politicians and special interest groups. The lower… Continue

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