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The Monarch is Above Politics

To be specific the monarch is removed from the competition between competing interest groups and individuals for power and influence by virtue of his title. Since he owes no one for his position he is free to choose the greater good for its own sake. A monarch does not owe loyalty to a political party or anything similar to a political party because no one else is responsible for bringing him into power. As such, a monarch is less inclined to feel indebted to certain parts of the population at… Continue

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Core Principles of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing” A very Ethical and very rich Experiencing a period of profound and the accelerated transformation the techniques of marketing.  “Digital marketing” a method of various Digital frameworks, by learning the ethical strategy of Execution, Analytical the universe with the practices of “Digital Marketing” and Budgeting the Strategy with solid techniques. There are thousands of fortune Digital marketing Companies all around the world, having lack of employees having profound…


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Reflecting on my time in the Navy


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Question Evolution Day

Today is the third annual Question Evolution Day.


You heard me.

In the 1990s, I agreed with others that it’s an exciting time to be a creationist. It’s even more exciting now, as science keeps confirming what we’ve been saying all along. We’re coming up on the third annual…


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Monarchy - More Definitions

This next group will take rather more explanation. Everyone is used the the left/right contiuum that has been a commonplace since the French revolution to describe liberal/conservative poltics. Building on that, I think we can map out most governmental systems.

Imagine a triangular field and in each angle a different form of government in its purest, most ideal scense: monarchy, democracy, and statism. Every government ever devised falls somewhere between these extreems. (By adding… Continue

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I am an American and I am a monarchist. Yes, it is possible to be both but what does that mean? Oddly enough, I'm more sure of what it means to be a monarchist than an American. A monarchist is one who believes in the inherant superiority of governmental systems with a single and, usually, life-long head of state. A monarchist will also do what he can to support and advance monarchy. How can an American make such statements? That is what I intend to answer in this blog. The response is long and… Continue

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Manliness down deep.

[I wrote the following on 9/29/13, and was at that time, planning to attend NWTA, an experience offered by MKP.

It was fantastic to be involved with the I-groups until

I had to cancel my weekend and get my deposit back. After that, I was no longer allowed to attend the groups and felt like I had just been cut off from new brothers. The reason for my doing so was the honest realization that I was not up to it, and that it would not be a good experience due to the likely severe lack…


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Understanding Shirtlessness (written 5-21-11)

Shirtlessness is a simple and profound thing. It can be a matter of convenience and practicality, with little or no consciousness of the fact by the male, or those who see him. It can also be a very intentional statement, a declaration of a manifest man, a common denominator that disdains the superficial status of a shirt, and displays the uniform for which only the Creator of the…


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""I think you're misunderstanding the point; obviously couples will end up developing common interests in the natural course of things" Not necessarily. I've met plenty of couples who got together because of attraction that…"
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