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India Recap 18: Homes of Hope or We are Blessed to Be Blessings to Be Blessed Again


We finished with the devotional for the day and drove over to Suresh’s house for breakfast. While there, we had a tailor, Jonny Genius, there with different fabric patterns for safari suits. The previous day, he had been there sizing us up for shirts and our Panjabis. I had chosen two different patterns for the shirts the previous day, and this day I found two patterns for safari suits. I was pretty excited to get a tailor-made suit, even if it was a safari… Continue

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India Recap 17: And His Banner Over Me is Love


The first FULL day of ministry was a long one filled to the brim with… ministry. Needless to say, I was exhausted and had no problem falling asleep. I was able to wake up at 5:30 without an alarm. This was good, because I had enough time to shower and then go wake up everyone. I went to prep my bucket shower and realized something: there was no hot water. I waited a little bit with the water on to see if it would get warmer and realized that I was not going to… Continue

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Chivalry: Don't Let It Die!

''I expect you have heard the saying many times before 'chivalry is dead' normally by the woman you just let a door slam in her face, or when you sat down first for dinner and didn't offer her a seat. Chivalry was a medieval institution, a code of conduct that all knights must follow, such as virtues, honor and courtly love. Is there a place for chivalry in modern society? of course there is! and… Continue

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Mystery Team

Funniest movie since 'The Hangover'. Kid you not. It's about three guys that were a crime solving team as kids and though they grew older they never grew up. So you have these G rated characters in an R rated world trying to solve a double homicide. Must see.

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The Art of Fine Dining

At some point in your life as a scholar and a gentleman, you will be called upon to pick a fine eating establishment. Maybe your friend is getting married, and you're a groomsman, or you and your boss are going out to celebrate a project you just finished, or maybe you're about to pop the question to that certain someone. With all the options, and with the associated expense of all of them, finding the right place with the right atmosphere and the proper price range can be daunting. Luckily,… Continue

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Freedom Reigns in this Place

I haven't posted any India blogs for a few days and this blog explains why.

For the past two nights, my church, RockHarbor, has been putting on an event called Sex Love and God. It was a two day forum on God's view on sex and love. Our lead teaching pastor, Mike Erre, taught both nights. The first night was a discussion on why sex is actually a good thing and how God wants it to be good. The discussion went through parts of Song of Songs to show how this. The discussion also… Continue

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Love is Contagious

Love is Contagious

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Everybody (or one?) was Kung Fu FIghting, those kicks were fast as lightning...

Tommy and I started work on the same day; that was thirteen years ago. He has a boy about the same age as number three. He’s a good single day, although a little lost at times without the influence of a woman on raising his boy. But he loves his boy and he shows it. That means a lot to kid. Several years ago, they both got into Kung Fu.

So now, Tommy teaches Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, at a San Shou boxing school here in Lubbock. He has a small class, usually about four students, and… Continue

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Has Your Marriage Been Condemned...by YOU?

You have done it. It has been said. What else can be said? Have you seen enough? If you have been following this week’s series on the Divorce Life-Cycle then you know that we have reached our 4th stage of Condemnation. You and I have looked at Irritation, Contemplation, and Irrigation all the while feeling the roller-coaster of emotions that accompany love in the E.R.

And…if you are going through this cycle or have in the past, you know the ebb… Continue

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Operation Tidy Up

My cubicle is a mess. The papasan chair in my bedroom is used a repository for sweaters, pants, and power cables. The floor is a bookshelf on its own. There is a large stack of shipping boxes under my desk, which is itself covered in old papers, electronics that no longer work, and forms I should have mailed three months ago. I have kitchen knives still in the package on the floor of my bedroom because my kitchen is so unorganized.

Enough is enough. February I begin Operation Tidy… Continue

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Been too long

Been away from this site a little too long, need to check in more often.

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Those Who Are About to Die

"Burn the Land, and Boil the Sea - You Can't Take the Sky from Me." Firefly

Fortuna Audaces Iuvat - "Fortune Favors the Bold"

Twenty four years ago today, in the Florida sunshine the space shuttle Challenger roared to the cold sky, its solid rocket boosters burning rapidly towards a failing joint and O-Ring seal that had cracked in the cold. Seventy-three seconds into the flight when the fire reached the joint it blew out the side, and hit the fuel tanks - A fiery… Continue

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The Right Kind of Service

I have a younger brother who left for Haiti this morning. I couldn't be more excited for him or more proud of him. He's been wanting to visit Haiti for the last four years. You see, he was originally called to serve an LDS mission there. The week before he was to board his flight, the mission was closed to outside missionaries. So, he was sent to Fort Lauderdale Florida to work with the Haitian population there. He's going as a translator and will be gone between two and three weeks. He'll be… Continue

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Will Watering Your Marriage Bring it Back to Life?

I am sure you never thought we would or could get to Stage 3 in the Divorce Life-Cycle. You must have thought that after the Irritation and Contemplation stages we would never be able to think about resuscitating a relationship that has caused great distress in recent weeks, months, and years.

It takes a lot of work and if you can, honestly, say that you are at this stage then you have put some work in. You have had to deal with the mortality of… Continue

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Civic Service Academy

As a transition from conscripts I would like to offer up the next of my proposals on ways to change society for the better. There are currently five federal service academies (West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine), I believe that the federal government could benefit from building a sixth, the United States Civic Service Academy. This four year college would be run similar to the current service academies… Continue

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Finding a Hero in a Pudding Pop

In my search for like minded men, men who keep their pants up, who open doors for ladies, who keep a sense of style without being called "metrosexual", and who understand the importance of what it means to be an honorable man, I found this website. But during my journey, I began to wonder who in our society we can actually look up to? Who should my "hero" be?

Bonnie Tyler once sang a song about her need for a hero.

Bette Middler followed suit by singing about a person who… Continue

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Until the advent of video games, it was fairly easy, and common, for fathers to build the toys and games of their children. These are among my favourite things to build. I love seeing my daughters play and enjoy the things I have built for them. This post will examine a few games.

A game board can be as simple or as elaborate as the builder desires. I will begin with a simple checkerboard.

This board could not be simpler.… Continue

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The Divorce Life-Cycle Part 2

Well then. Here we are. And, if you have been with me from the first leg of this journey then you know that either you are in a "rough patch" or you are looking for direction with regards to your relationship.

You have entered Stage 2....Contemplation A scary place to be...yes! You are beginning to think about your life in rewind while trying to fast-forward at the same time.

This process is akin to putting your foot on the gas… Continue

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India Recap 16: Reach Out and Teach Someone


We drove back to the hotel and had a little free time before we drove to Suresh’s house for a “snack”. “Snack” is pretty much dinner. There’s about the same amount of food as the other meals, it is just later at night. We ate our snack and then left for the outreach at about 8:00 PM. An outreach event is the same thing as saying a revival or a crusade. We head out to an area that doesn’t have many Christians, set up a stage and do an expanded version of what we… Continue

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The Importance of Proper Dress

After my Junior year in college, I took a job as a tutor for a private tutoring company. At the time, I had hair that ran halfway down my back, and that is no exaggeration. It wasn't nappy, greasy, or covered in split ends; in fact it was rather well-kept. For this new job, I had to lop it all off, and keep it above the collar.

I had spent many years getting my hair that long, it was a project I had taken some pride in. But I was also in college, and wanted to get a semi-professional… Continue

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