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13 October Workout

My Tuesday and Friday workouts are more intuitive as far as weights used are concerned. So I will give weight ranges per exercise and not weights per set.

Shoulder circuit - front raise (25lbs plate)/lateral raise (8lbs DB)/seated DB clean and press (8lbs DB) each exercise done for 10-12 reps. completed 4 times today

DB 1 arm row (70-90lbs) 4 sets x 6-8 reps

DB shrug (80-100lbs) 4 sets x 6-8 reps with a hold at the top

Cable tricep…


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Workout 12 Oct 2015

Rack pull (from the knees)      335lbs                   9 sets x 2 reps

                                              295lbs                    1 set x 5 reps (speed work)

Zurcher Squat                         205lbs                   9 sets x 2 reps

                                              185lbs                    1 set x 5 reps (speed work)

Pull-ups                                Body Weight             5, 5, 4, 3,…


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Todays Workout

Today's workout was completed as a circuit.

Dumbbell deadlift                 200lbs (100lbs each)

Zurcher squat                       185lbs

Pull-up                                  Body weight

 2 reps each for 20 rounds, rest as needed. It took about 45 minutes for me to complete and my rest periods kept getting more frequent and longer.

Warning: staying up late watching ovies and drinking San Miguel the night before will make this…


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Few Facts about Weight Loss Foods Which You Must Know

What to eat and what to not, it is a kind of challenge for those who are willing to lose weight. They find eating the right kind of food a cumbersome job because most of them are not aware as, which is the right food for them. Another reason of obesity is unhealthy lifestyle and intake of junk foods. Do you think that purchasing and eating healthy food items is really difficult?…


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How the sinking of a ship build credibility for its designer

I think credibility is a hallmark of manliness. If we don't have credibility with our neighbors, family and customers, then we are worthless in their eyes. Credibility is something that is given to us like friendship. So how does one build it? In the book "Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success," Wharton professor G. Richard Shell tells the story of the Sinking of the…


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It's secluded

It's secluded, down in rs gold a cave beyond a fountain plaza. The conjurers appear to be gathered on a platform suspended above a cave pit. I learn from the silver-haired child leader that conjuring is not, as I'd hoped, a discipline of summoning. Apparently, that's Summoning. Conjurers, on the other hand, commune with nature to develop strong healing and preservation spells.To begin the walk in transcendent harmony with nature, I must first destroy…


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Guide For People To Use The Nandrolone Decanoate

The Deca Durabolin is highly classified as anabolic androgenic and 19-nortestosterone steroid and they have the amazing applications of the medical field, including treatment for improving the outcomes, osteoporosis and postmenopausal women. The Deca Durabolin is used depends on the progestin contraceptive and they are well tolerated as well as effective for curing the muscle diseases. The steroid effects are more in building the muscle in the user. Today, most of the HIV patients are…


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5 Foods Not To Eat Info Source Here – Don’t Get Trapped In The Bait

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people shell out tons of money for getting flat bellies and becoming more glamorous. They spend on expensive medicines, diet plans and pricey health food items and do whatever is necessary for reaching out their targets. However, while busy doing the same; they forget that food is the source of energy and should be consumed in a balanced pattern. Are you doing the same…


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Natural Penis Enhancement Pill: Does Really Effective Boost your Penis Size?

Penis Growth Pill Information: Why is Ginseng In a Penis Growth Pill?

The familiar herb ginseng, or its varietal Korean ginseng, is commonly found in penis growth pills, and most of the Penis Growth Pill market is curious to know why. After all, there seems to…


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How To Get Your Music Noticed By Music Bloggers

It is tough to get your music heard leave alone getting it featured. So, many people who know that the internet, which is a great way to dispatch all news related to music, can now be used to publicize your music. As a musician, it is your job to maintain positive relationships with bloggers. Here is how you can get your music noticed by music bloggers.…


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How To Choose The Right Natural Treatment for Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a problem that is more common than many people realize, and should be no cause for real concern. With a few basic natural premature ejaculation treatment options out there, it's possible to hold off and provide a longer-lasting, more satisfying sexual experience…


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Naming Your Female Cat Be Easy

So, you have adopted a small kitten and you come to know that it is a girl. Wondering what name you will choose. Naming a cat can be easy if you follow the activities of your cat closely. Kittens are always cute, but when they grow up, you will understand how they react and what their activities are. Some are quite and want to be loved by everyone; some are playful and always want the attention of people around them; some…


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Everything That You Need To Know About IRS Form 1099

Are you one of those unlucky people who have got a 1099-C form that asks about the reporting of “cancelled debt income”? This will automatically bring in the question as to whether this form will have any reflections on your credit score. The answer can be a bit dicey. First of all, you will have to report about the cancellation of indebtedness income and the amount will have to be more than $600. However, no copy of the…


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How Natural Male Enhancement Product Effectively sexual Health Life?

It's hard to walk down the aisles of any drugstore or herbal remedy shop without seeing row after row of natural male enhancement product options. There is a huge market out there for natural male enhancement, as the aging process and stress can contribute to a drop in libido and ability to…


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The Best Assistance Given by the Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

In case there is a sudden case of accident and you become the defaulter then it is imperative for you to seek legal help at the right time. It can be a car wreck or a motorcycle accident and you have to face the consequence then and there. Once you become a part of the problem you have the vehicle accident lawyer helping you to escape the legal complications. In this case you can hire a local lawyer and he would be the…


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Why Digital Photo Frame Rock these days?

With practically every cellular telephone these days highlighting some kind of camera, it’s a dependable fact that computerized photography has turned into the new standard and has made it considerably more helpful for all of us to catch those extraordinary minutes. Obviously, that implies that the way we showcase our photographs is additionally evolving quickly. In case you're hoping to show your photographs with a more…


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Drug tests in companies

            There are many random drug related tests and screenings that have been made mandatory as a company policy. All the employees, including new hires as well as the already existing ones need to go through random drug tests in their respective organizations to have a clear record.…


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In response to today's emailed post about Spartacus

As it didn't seem possible to reply directly to Brett's 

Manvotional: Spartacus to the…

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Watching TV online:

            With so much of improvements and evolution happening around us all over the world, in each and every field, people can take up to viewing TV programs and series online, anytime and anywhere, without any hassles and difficulty. Sky is the limit when it comes to online watching of TV and hence one…


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London city – tourist centre:

            The wonderful city of London is one among the greatest cities in the entire world and it has so many beautiful, historical, cultural and touristic places to see and enjoy. While on vacation or holidaying in London, the city has so many marvellous sight-seeing spots that one…


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"Beer ≠Grain Alcohol"
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"They sell cans of beer out of vending machines in public places (ex: train stations, subway stations, etc.) throughout places like France, Belgium, etc. I saw fewer drunks on the street in France and Belgium than I ever did in places like NYC or…"
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