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10 Qualities of a Manly Watch

Choosing the right watch isn’t an easy task for men. It’s an object like any other and it should serve its purpose, but it’s also kind of statement. From the type of watch a man wears, you can deduce a lot about his life, his aspirations, and his sense of style.

So in order to help you convey the right message and choose the perfect watch, we made a list of qualities that make a watch manly. Keep in mind that sometimes, other qualities are also needed, depending on your personal…


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A Guide to Living With Roommates

As a 19 year-old college student, I've found myself, on many occasions, wondering why my peers have such a hard time being on their own. I owe a lot of credit to my parents for raising me to think for myself and rely on myself as often as I can. Given, while I'm under their roof, I have no choice but to accept the love and attention my mom insists on giving me. 

So far, in my few years as a young adult, I've lived at home with my parents and sister, I've lived in a dorm with my best…


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Good to be here!

Good morning,

after having spent some time on the AoM Website I finally joined the community. I look forward to exchange ideas and hope I can give some interesting contribution based on my background as father, manager, reserve officer, and sportsman. 


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Radiotherapy Treatments in India - An Excellent Opportunity for Nigerians

India provides a great value to medical tourists from across the world. The expense of medical care in India is very much reasonable. With the best hospitals in the…


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The Benefit of Courtesy

A story of courtesy woe.

Jim hurried along the crowded street, mindful of his upcoming appointment.  His determined demeanour belied the nervousness he felt about  his morning meeting.   He'd planned the morning perfectly, making time for a relaxing coffee before heading up to his meeting.  Of course, the train had made him a little late, that was…


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Tips For Holidaying And Booking Cheap Accommodation In Tasmania

Tasmania can actually be quite an expensive place to visit – with so many amazing things to do, food to try and places to explore, the costs can really start to add up. Particularly if you’re visiting one of the larger cities like Hobart, you must be searching for…


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How to Combine Partying with Studying and Be a Pro in Both

While most individual people join learning institution, they do so with big thoughts of academic superiority hoping to score the first rank honors. Conversely, only a small number of people live to accomplish these dreams. Even though learning institution presents that necessary opportunity to connect one to his or her dream career, many challenges always arise which many of the individuals do not resist. The truth that one is around the peers in college, create an exposure to peer pressure…


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Top 10 Manly House Chores

Men and house chores, how does that even go in a single sentence? Let us be frank, us men are not too keen on doing house chores. However, house chores do not include just ironing and washing the dishes, that is, the things only the rare of us participate in and there are things that regularly need to be done around the house which are not meant to be handled by gentle female hands. Let us discuss top 10 manly house chores in detail.

HVAC filter maintenance

Depending on the…


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On Overcoming Adversity

Our lives are filled with strife.

We struggle.

We endure.

We fail.

We move one step forward to go 10 steps backward.

We yearn. For ease. For comfort. For “enough”. For success. For more.

Oftentimes, we look out into the world for answers. We look for clues to make life easier. We read self-help books. We blame “them”. We elect politicians who we believe have greater interest in our success rather than their own.

We… Continue

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Movember: The Changing Face of Men’s Health

Men in the family are known as the head of the family. One can notice their hard work and selfless efforts made for the family but their health crisis always makes a smooth escapism.  Our fathers, partners, brother and friends…


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Something’s Lurking in the Web

Online predators grooming children over the Internet is an alarmingly growing trend of the last years. The combination of factors, such as lack of awareness and guidance, an abundance of online resources specifically designed to meet new people online, and curiosity pertaining to children have made them vulnerable to undesired advances of malevolent…


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Holiday Gift Ideas

As the holiday season quickly approaches, choosing the best gifts for friends and family can be challenging. They have everything you can think of and gift cards are getting really old.


In 2016 why not get a loved one something they will really enjoy. Why not get them some new technology!


Here are a few hot options that will get a big smile for that special someone and make your life tremendously easier:


For the gaming enthusiast in the family,…


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How to Decor a Masculine Home Office Space?

You have probably been told many times that you should keep your work and home life separated. However, what was once a rule has become an exemption: Nowadays, many of us either work from home or occasionally bring some overdue office tasks with us. Instead of making this feel like a yoke around your neck think about the bright side of things and all the benefits that come along. Here are a couple of tips that can help you get started in building the man cave of your…


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Contribution of some of the famous names who are from London

Over the years, London has developed in a very beautiful way. This city has gone through major changes however it has still managed to keep its original heritage still intact. The minute you step forth in the city, you will see that even though it has modernized itself to live up to the latest times and trends, it is still managed to keep its traditional and cultural aspects…


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May I ask for some advice or help?

I quite enjoy the articles I get from AOM, they have really helped out a lot. I'm really struggling lately, I feel like I'm really loosing myself. A couple years back a girl I was madly in love with was murdered. I'll skip the long story but it really messed me up. Ever since then I really haven't been myself anymore. I found comfort in my career (marine conservation) but for a few months I've been unemployed and all the spare time is really getting to my head. I thought I was doing okay…


Added by Jon-Pierre Windsor on October 19, 2016 at 5:39pm — 6 Comments

Is Vaping Manly?

Well, it been awhile since I joined and I haven't really contributing anything or added to any discussions.

Anyway, as I sit here vaping in front my computer while reading AoM, I began to ponder the question: Is Vaping Manly?

At first I feel everyone thought it was cool to vape, but it seems…


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Best Ways to Fight Teen Cell Phone Addiction

It is hardly possible to imagine our modern life without using a cell phone. This handy device helps us keep in touch with our social circle, play mobile games, and listen to the music. But the thing is, a regular cell phone usage imposes many risks, especially for children. Teenagers are more vulnerable and sensitive. As a result, we've got such a serious problem as…


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Opinions on civic organizations?

My first choice is Freemasonry. However I may not be able to find a sponsor as many friends are lapsed. Also I'm very open amongst my friends on Facebook about my struggles with depression and aspergers. For while I was posting cries for help. Somebody on my friends list belongs to my local Lodge. So I may have screwed myself out of that.

If I was real popular guy, I'd start "The International Order of The Bow Tie" where distinguished gentlemen organize social outings of refinement,… Continue

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"Progressive" Teddy Roosevelt?

Leftists have jumped on how Teddy Roosevelt called himself "progressive", but the word has changed its meaning over the years. An interesting…


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End of a friendship, the search for new ones

Feeling sad over the loss of a close male friend. I fear that I won't find friends which I share a deep bond with. The best I can do is hang out in bars and collect more drinking buddies. That's what I don't want. Zero loyalty. Gone when the drink is gone. How do I meet friends with good souls and character? I'm not religious so church groups are out. Can I even develop close friendships in my 40s? Where should I look?

Added by Douglas Perry on October 1, 2016 at 12:38am — 1 Comment

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"She's a Russian sleeper agent. The trigger is other dudes."
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"Those were paraphrases of the dictionary definition of the term. The only way they're "kind of like" that nonsense is if you're reading them with the intent to misunderstand or dispute them. JB"
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Jack Bauer replied to Ian M's discussion Girlfriend was flirting with one my friends - am I over-reacting?
"Mark your territory. Certainly an option. JB"
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Jack Bauer replied to Mongoose's discussion Methinks "Manly" is a Misnomer?
""Manly" was what we were defining. But, it's a qualitative term, so you're not going to be able to define yourself past reasonable differences of opinion. That doesn't make the term undefinable, though. Even where opinions…"
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Shane replied to Ian M's discussion Girlfriend was flirting with one my friends - am I over-reacting?
"ITT: Men overthink it. Just fuck her. Hard. Fast. Sweaty. Don't wait till you get home. Don't talk. Just fuck. And by fuck I mean; put your penis in her vagina and slam vigorously and repeatedly until you're both dehydrated."
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Mongoose replied to Mongoose's discussion Methinks "Manly" is a Misnomer?
"That's kind of like saying, "the definition of an orange item is any item which is orange.""
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