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Batterie Toshiba PA3757U-1BRS de PC Portable

Tout allait bien jusqu'en 2013 : au sommet de la gamme professionnelle d'HP, on trouvait les EliteBooks 8500-series, monstres de 3 kilos et 15 pouces, indestructibles, qui sacrifiaient la mobilité au profit des performances et de la stabilité.

Mais le marché grand-public n'est pas le seul à avoir changé ces dernières années. De plus en plus d'utilisateurs, même professionnels, cherchent un ordinateur léger et performant, même si c'est au détriment du lecteur optique et de ports…


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Batterie ASUS X71Q de ordinateur portable

Nous avions déjà testé nombre de stations de travail mobiles des grands noms de ce secteur du marché des ordinateurs portables. Il est temps de mettre la main sur ce que Lenovo a à nous proposer avec sa dernière création longuement attendu par certains d'entre nous, le ThinkPad W540. Il s'agit là d'incarner la machine professionnelle parfaite alliant la réputation légendaire de la gamme ThinkPad aux performances attendues d'une station de travail. Les nombreux changements opérés dans le…


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Hypocrisy of AoM

I came here hoping to converse with other men. The site touts itself as a place for men to help other men. I have not seen that. What I encountered was a level of hostility I had never seen before. there are "men" here who have the high school jock mentality, like they own the world and anyone who does not conform must be ostracized. Life is too  short to tolerate that.

I voiced my opinion (because this seemed like a place to do that), and was jumped on for it.

I was…


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No time to Bleed: how to fight a shark

Although you have less chance of being eaten by a shark than you have of winning the lottery, if you surf or scuba dive chances are the thought of having one of these aquatic meat processors has crossed your mind at some point.

If the worst should happen and you do manage to bump into one of these ferocious fish, you may be called on to protect yourself or your…


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4 Ways to Manage Withdrawal Symptoms

A growing body of research indicates that heavy alcohol consumption may directly impact the biological function of the human brain. Through the use of newly developed brain scanning technologies, scientists in California have identified a higher release of endorphins in heavy drinkers compared to light or moderate drinkers. This link points to an important discovery in the nature of alcoholism and addiction. Moreover, these patterns are significant factors to consider when prescribing a…


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The Mandolin

has it been busy since I last wrote.  As always I have been working a ton of hours, but there have been some awesome family moments. 

First of which is Azuki (my daughter )is starting her potty training.  She is doing better every day.  Hopefully this is the end of buying diapers.  It is good seeing her growing up transitioning from a baby into a big girl.  Of course we are enticing her to use the…


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Four Money Saving Tips

The need of saving money is not the invention of today. Past generations were saving all the newspapers for recycling, ate the last spoon of jam out of the jar, and compared the insurance policies and companies to get the best insurance quote – many people do these today as well. The new thing is that technologies can really help you save a dime or two. And even though there are not many people today believing in this, sooner or later you will come to this, and…


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salomon speedcross 3

Pendant que vous courez , marchez , exercice , ou d'entreprendre toute activité sportive , les chaussures deviennent la chose la plus importante . Vous ne devriez pas Salomon Outban perdre votre temps à acheter des chaussures qui ne sont pas en vaut la peine , plutôt acheter des chaussures qui ont la particularité de…


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Why Buck Naked

There are many reasons why after living over 50 years that I seem to have an ever-growing inclination to go "buck naked", and for joining the BN group here. Sure, I have always recognized the beauty of the body, and I think the main two driving factors are honesty as in "naked truth", and idealism, the recognition of the "masculine ideal" portrayed in classical art, especially sculpture.

As for the ideal, the first pictorial image that likely pops in one's head historically…


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Current Landscapes - Poem

Current Landscapes

The snow has covered everything

the air is crisp, and the wind is blowing.

My mind is distracted, but it is current

no flashbacks of the past. Just getting ready

for Christmas and new years, and more snow.

I am Looking…


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Always Take Love - Poem

Always Take Love

when someone reaches out a hand

take it and do not feel unworthy

always take love when it is offered

it may be a life saving event

when you are down reach out to a friend

you never know which one will reach…


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A Moment Ago - one of my poems

A Moment Ago

One Year can

Make a difference

With the help from friends.

One Month can

Make a difference

With the help from Friends.

One Day can

Make a difference

With the help from a friend.

One Moment can

Make a difference

With Love from a Friend.

One Friend can make a

world of difference

With Love from Within.

By Michael Joseph…


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Things To Consider Before The HomeMove

During a homemove, packing and moving could become a nightmare. However, you can free yourself from this tension if you decide to hire a good moving company. Moving company makes your job easier, especially when it's a big move, because you might have expensive stuffs, like furniture, artwork, piano etc. As per your requirement and budget, they can package and label all your stuff, remove all your furniture and reassemble them once they have been transferred to…


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The challenge of getting from A to B with the family in town

The Minicabster Map

how to screenshot on windows

As a mother of two a number of challenges present themselves to me on a daily basis, and like a veritable army general I have to deftly navigate the troops until we are on safer shores. Describing parenting in this way may seem a little dramatic, but…


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Instert Clever Title Here

Well it has been a while since I wrote. 


Well it is official I have been slacking in my attempt to get back in shape.   I have no motivation. I think there is something about the winter and never seeing the sun that zaps my motivation.  Now that it the weather is getting nice and I am actually seeing the sun again I am starting to get motivated.  Hopefully by…


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Live a Life You Can Be Proud of. Ten Things to Help You Become a Man

Be a man! Stop piddling your birthright away on jeans that are too tight and hairstyles that make you look like a girl.  Seriously, grow up and learn to be a man.  This is sound advice that was given to me by several people, mostly my dad and has helped me greatly. 

I want to start out by acknowledging that not everyone will agree with what I deem to be manly but as I said, this is advice I was given and it has served me well.  



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My Mother's 99th Birthday

Ninety-nine years ago today, March 8, 1915, my mother Evelyn Elliott Davis was born the second of 9 children to Charles David Elliott, Sr. and Mae Neighbors Elliott. Her older sister had been born exactly a year before on March 8, 1914. My mother was a wonderful woman and I still miss her.

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Four Reasons Why Office Removals Are Unsuccessful Without Experts

We all understand how hard it is to get a small house relocated. With that being said, imagine the large-scale movement that takes place when an entire office is to be relocated. Whether your workplace is situated in a large hall, the whole floor, or the entire building, office removals without Man and Van teams is simply not possible.

Here are four reasons that you need to know in order to understand the importance of relocation experts:

The simultaneous handling of items…


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Mullens Raises Prospect of Security Issues at Cheltenham

 Doping in horse racing has been a constant issue over the years, and champion trainer Willie Mullens has admitted that he fears his horses might become victims of it at races during the Cheltenham 2014 Festival and other major events.…


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needing a change

I have taken odd jobs, trying to pay off student loans. I feel trapped in my current situation.

I want to move but not sure where. My family doesn't talk to me and I don't have friends to hang out with anymore (they are busy raising their family,etc.) I am not married and there are no kids.

So, what would you suggest?

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