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How to Decor a Masculine Home Office Space?

You have probably been told many times that you should keep your work and home life separated. However, what was once a rule has become an exemption: Nowadays, many of us either work from home or occasionally bring some overdue office tasks with us. Instead of making this feel like a yoke around your neck think about the bright side of things and all the benefits that come along. Here are a couple of tips that can help you get started in building the man cave of your…


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Contribution of some of the famous names who are from London

Over the years, London has developed in a very beautiful way. This city has gone through major changes however it has still managed to keep its original heritage still intact. The minute you step forth in the city, you will see that even though it has modernized itself to live up to the latest times and trends, it is still managed to keep its traditional and cultural aspects…


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May I ask for some advice or help?

I quite enjoy the articles I get from AOM, they have really helped out a lot. I'm really struggling lately, I feel like I'm really loosing myself. A couple years back a girl I was madly in love with was murdered. I'll skip the long story but it really messed me up. Ever since then I really haven't been myself anymore. I found comfort in my career (marine conservation) but for a few months I've been unemployed and all the spare time is really getting to my head. I thought I was doing okay…


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Is Vaping Manly?

Well, it been awhile since I joined and I haven't really contributing anything or added to any discussions.

Anyway, as I sit here vaping in front my computer while reading AoM, I began to ponder the question: Is Vaping Manly?

At first I feel everyone thought it was cool to vape, but it seems…


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Best Ways to Fight Teen Cell Phone Addiction

It is hardly possible to imagine our modern life without using a cell phone. This handy device helps us keep in touch with our social circle, play mobile games, and listen to the music. But the thing is, a regular cell phone usage imposes many risks, especially for children. Teenagers are more vulnerable and sensitive. As a result, we've got such a serious problem as…


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Opinions on civic organizations?

My first choice is Freemasonry. However I may not be able to find a sponsor as many friends are lapsed. Also I'm very open amongst my friends on Facebook about my struggles with depression and aspergers. For while I was posting cries for help. Somebody on my friends list belongs to my local Lodge. So I may have screwed myself out of that.

If I was real popular guy, I'd start "The International Order of The Bow Tie" where distinguished gentlemen organize social outings of refinement,… Continue

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"Progressive" Teddy Roosevelt?

Leftists have jumped on how Teddy Roosevelt called himself "progressive", but the word has changed its meaning over the years. An interesting…


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End of a friendship, the search for new ones

Feeling sad over the loss of a close male friend. I fear that I won't find friends which I share a deep bond with. The best I can do is hang out in bars and collect more drinking buddies. That's what I don't want. Zero loyalty. Gone when the drink is gone. How do I meet friends with good souls and character? I'm not religious so church groups are out. Can I even develop close friendships in my 40s? Where should I look?

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4 Qualities Every Moving Expert Should Have

Come on, who can argue against the fact that moving house is all about having the manly qualities. The words lifting, moving, and carrying all have masculinity written all over them. Not that there are no women house movers, but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that the women in the removal service profession often exhibit the masculine qualities which are required of all moving experts. What are these qualities? The list is long, but if we are to make a small list of the most…


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Dear goodness I'm becoming a brony

I resisted. Then a friend in my aspergers support group talked endlessly about it. Now ifpve binge watched two seasons. Help!

Added by Douglas Perry on September 23, 2016 at 11:44pm — 7 Comments

Helping your kids to adjust to a school year

Abrupt transition from relaxed summer atmosphere to “back to school” mode is never easy. Although, as parents, we may gladly embrace the liberating fall, that frees us from sibling quarrels, crazy holiday activities, sunburns, insect bites and other parenting concerns that summer…


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Beautiful places to take a vacation

I have often taken a vacation and a roadtrip to some awesome places, so I am going to make some suggestions that all might consider. If you have anyplaces or experiences you would like to share, please do.

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Men Are Shopping More Like Women than Ever Before

According to a survey done by the marketing agency Ogilvy, 94% of American Men reported that they have a defined personal style. If you just look around, you’ll notice that the idea of men caring about fashion is widely accepted. Men are making headlines on the red carpet and athleisure is still a rising trend. Nowadays, men are definitely not limited to quick shopping tours anymore. They are experimenting with trends and browsing like never before.…


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Amorous about FIFA 17

“Depending on who they support, they’re gonna like you or not like you. But I get noticed all the time on the streets, whether it’s a accede or a wave, or something else, it’s a city-limits that’s amorous about the game, so they’re acquainted of who we are in a big way.”When asked if the aloft activity happens in Toronto, aback in his built-in Canada, Hutchinson can't advice but giggle. “I don’t anytime get recognised in Canada. Not ever,” he chuckled, a adequate activity about his country’s…


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What I learned from the Royal Guards (Part 1...probably)

What I learned from the Royal Guards

1. Pleats are awesome.

2. How to iron shirts and pants, polish shoes to ridiculousness, and press uniforms.

3. Sometimes it's better to just be quiet and call for a patrol when somebody is insulting you.

4. Royalty are cool people with a wicked sharp sense of fashion.

5. It's a crazy world full of grown up babies and irresponsible people.

6. The treasure chamber is that way.

7.… Continue

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Links for the Financially Challenged Dapper Dan Man

Ladies and gentlemen. Not all of us are rich and can afford bespoke suits to equip our wardrobe. Not all of us want to either for that matter. But for those who do, I have a few links to help along the way.

Clothing Connection Online

CCO have tons of suits at reasonable prices. You'll have to have the pants hemmed at a tailor's as they normally sell them unhemmed, but it should… Continue

Added by Henrik Stroemblad on August 21, 2016 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Boston maternity photographer – The ultimate dream makers!


Becoming a mother is said to be one of the most joyous and precious moment for any woman. Nothing can be compared with the joy you are about the experience with your new born. So this is a moment that may not come to you often again. Maternity leaves a woman often fatigued and depressed and to toss your baby blues away you need a photo shoot. Yes, this is the time when you grow…


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The acclimation of Mr Vesel

"The acclimation of Mr Vesel as complete ambassador of FIFA's assay and acceptance axle is an important development in the advancing adeptness to strengthen FIFA's babyminding and acceptance systems,"said Infantino."This is a basal role aural the alignment and Mr Vesel's assay adeptness and all-embracing associate will admonition assure stakeholders and restore affirmation in FIFA."After Domenico Scala's affecting resignation,…


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Your Personal Guide for DIY Construction Work and Tool’s Purchase

It is obvious that you will search for a construction company or an interior decorator, whenever you want to make some changes in your home. Things get fairly different if it is about building a new house, but why not try DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas for home renovation. It will be a great fun and you will enjoy free time by doing something constructive and innovative. Berman Rosen belongs to construction field, where he has spent years by building and renovating…


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The Wardrobe Transition into Manhood: 10 Essential Elements

Behind closed doors, in the privacy of your bedroom, you might be clothed in pajama bottoms or sweatpants, hunkering down on your mattress trying to build the perfect custom level on Super Mario Maker. You may venture outdoors wearing worn-in jeans and an old concert t-shirt just to have…


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Nipple Piercings - Manly (But Kinda Painful)...

I’ve been going through some pretty significant changes in my life over the past couple of months: leaving my old job, starting a new job, travelling to Europe for the first day of the new job. Plus, there have been additional personal challenges as well. So I recently decided it was time to do something I had been thinking about for a very long time: I got my very first piercing.  No, I didn’t go with something as pedestrian as an ear (more on that a bit later). I decided to go all the way and…See More
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