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Osteoporosis: a disease that knows no gender

Although women are more likely candidates for osteoporosis than men, do not think that you are safe from risk just because you have one Y-chromosome more than an average damsel. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, about 20-25% of all hip fractures occur in men, and the number is expected to increase by 310% by 2050. The stats should not be taken lightly, especially since…


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The points that really resonated from "10 Overlooked Truths About Taking Action":

  1. Don't let yourself plan or research until I’ve taken action. Step 1 is…

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BEWARE the Spee-I-derrrr

So it's the second time I have noticed something faint out of the corner (top) of my eye. I am sitting at my desk at work. There is slight movement above my head...

YEP - It's a SPIDER sliding up then down on a web strand...what a creepy word - S-P-I-D-E-R. Just saying it in my head gives me weird chills. It must a be primal fear that goes way back into our ancestors. Monsters, sharks, clowns, the Spee-I-der. All very scary. Yet so fascinating at the same time....…



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Today I completed 6 weeks of my Building the Monolith based workout. I really enjoyed it and will be doing it again in the near future. I will be doing some traveling next week so it will be a good week to schedule as a deload. I am not sure what I will be doing yet for the deload, but it will be low weight and low intensity. I am currently planning to do a high intensity rest-pause for 3 weeks after my deload. I will post the workout sometime the end of next week.



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Ways to Travel More Often

Every now and then, there simply comes a time when we need to forget it all and just recharge our batteries. The best way to do so is to take a trip abroad and by leaving your comfort zone, broaden your horizons and rejuvenate yourself. However, this is not always an option and two most common reasons against this are obligations at home or financial difficulties. When it comes to responsibilities, you can always take a leave or arrange things differently to gain at least 7-10 days for your…


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Build a Fort of Happiness

Surround Yourself

Build a Fort of HAPPINESS

Me 3

Remember when you were little and you took the cushions off the couch to make a fort? You covered it with a towel or a sheet and brought your favorite toys or books inside with you. It was your private retreat. Your happy place. It was awesome!!

It felt like your own world where you were in control and anything was possible. The only people allowed inside your fort were the people you chose.…


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hello everyone

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Happiness of Others

YOU are not responsible for the Happiness of another person.

However, there's a lot you can do to influence the people around you - either for good or for evil.

This is literally the most power we have in this earthly existence.

Think about that for a moment...

We have the power to make someone smile or to ruin someone's day. We have the power to cheer someone up or make them cry.

But this power is most effective on people who care…


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Happiness is an Inside Job

It's important to remember to feel good all the time.

It's not something that just happens - it's intentional.

Of course there are times in the day (sometimes many, many times) when people or situations try our patience. Like being late for an appointment or getting stuck in traffic when you have to pee or being on the receiving end of someone else's bad day.

But we are in control of our reactions to these situations. I'm not a…


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Life IS Change

Well it looks like it's time for a life change. Sometimes it's welcome and sometimes not. For me at this time, it's a mixed bag.

On the one hand, I'm emotionally and psychologically ready for a big change in my life. In fact, I've been craving one for quite some time now, which is an eerie feeling.

But along with the change, I don't want to watch everything around me that I consider important crumble to the ground.

That may seem like the tricky part. Well, it is, of…


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Multiple Types Of Best Foot Care Products

One of the most mistreated parts of the body is feet and it is something that is most neglected. Thus, it is very important for you to take good care of your feet. No matter what your profession is, feet undergo a lot of stress. In order to take care of them, buying the best foot care products is what you need to do. The foot care products are available in a number of types and also they work in a couple of ways such as backup step and safety measure. The feet can…


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Three Essentials A Man Cave Needs That You May Not Initially Thought Of

We all know that woman controls most of the decisions in the home. That includes where things go and decorating. If by chance a man gets the jurisdiction for doing what he wants with a spare bedroom or the basement area, it usually turns into the mindset of a man cave.

There are a lot of common items that go into a man cave such as a comfy couch, big screen TV and probably a spot of beer mugs.

But when putting together a list of items that is needed to make this mancave…


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What adjoin Peru and Chile

The five-time FIFA Ballon d'Or champ will affection in this antagonism already afresh afterward his aberrant performances en avenue to Brazil 2014. Messi was afflicted during the aboriginal four condoning matches this time about and Argentina acquainted his absence keenly, so abundant so that they absent…


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What is a Pipe Band?

My name is Brett Lamb and I am the Pipe Major of the Akron and District Pipe Band. Quite the mouth full isn’t it. I still feel anxious uttering those words. I seem to suffer from a serious case of impostures syndrome. But that is not why I’m writing this post today. I’m writing to tell you a bit about what exactly the Akron and District Pipe Band (ADPB) is, how one goes about learning to play a instrument like the Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB), and why joining a…


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New training routine

OK. So I just started week 2 of my new routine based upon Jim Wendler's Building the Monolith. It breaks down more or less like this:

Day 1

Leg press

Overhead press



PJR Pull-overs

Day 2

Walk approximately 1.5 miles with a weight vest. Started at about 60 and increasing weight until the vest…


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19 March 2016

Thursday (17 March) and Friday (18 March) were my 10 sets x 2 reps days. They completely kicked my ass. To the point I was unable to complete the days workout. Definitely time to change things up.

Today was just a light day to determine calculated 1 rep max's for the program I will start Monday (21 March).

Starting weights will be based upon the following calculated max's/Wendler's training max's:

Press          …


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Entry 1: Square One

There is no true direction in these ramblings, but more of a purpose to purge these words in to the ether. A day such as today, where the celestial bodies and planets created friction within my waking world.

Square one, a familiar territory; one so vacant and full of a wanting desire. A desire so vast that it overwhelms and wraps my body and mind in a swirl of emotion and naiveté only to be thwarted by not knowing. The not knowing of how and where to begin. Stagnant. I have become…


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15 March 2016

I haven't had access to reliable internet the past several days. Rather than bore anyone with the last few training sessions I will just state that the sessions are progressing along the lines of the last several months. I do feel like I am starting to stall on this program and this will be the last week I run this. I am planning to do a day of calculating 1 rep maxes this coming Saturday and then I will begin a program "inspired by" Jim Wendler's Building the Monolith" program. I…


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9 March 2016

Bench            205lbs                 7 sets x 2 reps

                     185lbs                 1 set x 5 reps

Shoulder circuit - front raise (45lbs plate)/lateral raise (20lbs DB)/seated DB clean and press (20lbs DB) each exercise done for 6-8 reps. completed 3 times

DB Row          70lbs                 4 sets x 6-8 reps

DB Shrug        90lbs                4 sets x 6-8 reps

1 arm DB Skull crusher       …


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8 March 2016

Rack-pull               475lbs               7 sets x 2 reps

                             405lbs               1 set x 5 reps

Front squat           225lbs               7 sets x 2 reps

                            205lbs               1 set x 5 reps

Pull-ups       Body weight + 25lbs      5,5,5,3,3

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