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Reading Novels Makes Us Better Thinkers

Started this discussion. Last reply by cresman Aug 13, 2013. 66 Replies

The novel has a hard time competing with the visual stimulation of cinema. The novel taxes our imaginations and our time because we must be actively involved with it and committed to it. But this…Continue

Martial Morality

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ricky Nov 2, 2013. 68 Replies

In a recent discussion group I was confronted with the idea of total, conventional, attrition-style warfare as a simplistic solution to the vagaries of counter-insurgency.And simultaneously I came…Continue


Welcome, Vytautas!

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Vytautas replied to Ishan Jain's discussion Must Read Books
"Everybody, but maybe particularly men, ought to read Jane Austen."
Vytautas commented on Penelope's photo


"This is also a motto of the Sun King, who apparently said he was "not unequal" to the task of ruling "many" lands as the sun was not unequal to shining on many planets."
Sep 25
Vytautas commented on Penelope's photo


"The month of Mars is a fitting time to build cannons."
Sep 25
Vytautas commented on Penelope's photo


"This is a motto that Louis XIV originally put on his cannons: the last argument of kings."
Sep 25
Vytautas replied to The Eyeball Kid's discussion Musicians every man should/should never have on their playlist
"Jack White is awesome! And of course, gender bending amongst rock musicians is nothing new. David Bowie did it years and years ago, and he's still the man."
Sep 25
Vytautas replied to Ishan Jain's discussion Must Read Books
"While I appreciate rebelling against the idea of a canon, there still are works with which everybody really should be familiar. And just as spiritual need might be provided for you by the Christian Bible, that might not be what fulfills…"
Sep 25
Vytautas replied to John Moser's discussion Having discovered why The Odyssey is so poorly written, I now know of a new skill we must recover!
"People who think about the classics are perfectly capable of getting girlfriends."
Sep 18
Vytautas replied to Milo Morris's discussion NPR is running a series on “Men in America”
"Willingness to learn is not a virtue commonly on display here."
Sep 16
Vytautas replied to Clinton Brown's discussion Writing like a man
"If you're working on something history-related, you need to have the Chicago Manual on your desk during all writing. It is the best advisor for producing scholarly writing on history and historical fields. Read more is always a good idea. But…"
Sep 15
Vytautas replied to Milo Morris's discussion NPR is running a series on “Men in America”
Sep 12
Vytautas replied to Viktor Lind's discussion A (soon to be) mans first drink
""Moet and Chandon, in a pretty cabinet, 'Let them eat cake,' she says, Just like Marie Antoinette!""
Sep 11
Vytautas replied to Jack Neulist's discussion Best Southern General of the Civil War? in the group Armchair Generals
"He had troops so disciplined that they accidentally shot him! With friends like that, who needs enemies?"
Sep 10
Vytautas replied to Andrew's discussion What Happened to Communication, Face-to-Face?
"I was about to say the same thing: you yourself will just become the outcast."
Sep 6
Vytautas replied to Vytautas's discussion The New History Wars in the group History Buffs
"@Shane (and, well, everyone else): What I meant by "analysis of primary documents" vs. "knowing the facts" is that this curriculum seems to want students to conduct analysis of primary documents--i.e., the process of writing…"
Sep 6
Vytautas replied to Andrew's discussion What Happened to Communication, Face-to-Face?
"Going on a social media, online site is an ironic choice to vent about this! For the first situation, if you're on facebook yourself, you have to expect this kind of stuff. If you don't want to be subject to it all, simply disconnect…"
Sep 5
Steve Dallas replied to Vytautas's discussion The New History Wars in the group History Buffs
"Yep, disagree big time. If one is only studying history for themselves and not to share, maybe I can see what you are saying, but I wouldn't call them an historian. But in the broad context of history being a story of the past, I just…"
Sep 5

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A Prayer, A Hope

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 2:25pm 0 Comments

I pray and hope that all AoM members in Texas and their families are safe in the wake of the destructive tornadoes that struck the Dallas/Fort Worth area yesterday. Be well!

A Recent Instance in Which I Was Censored

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 2:00pm 2 Comments

It was but this morning when a fellow member's blog appeared on the front page. Its title, raising awareness about government regulation in a certain industry, intrigued me, so I clicked, and I read it thoroughly. The post amounted to a lot of slogans without much substance to the actual argument, and therefore I brought up some of these issues in the comment section.


The author and I ended up participating in an exchange, which was civil and on the whole rather bloodless,…


On Closing Blogs to Commentary

Posted on April 2, 2012 at 9:18am 5 Comments

When we create a blog post on this site, we are sharing with the community. We may be sharing our personal lives, reviewing the latest (albeit, 80+years old) shaving gear we bought, entertaining our fellow members with the history of facial hair, or arguing our political views in an essay.


When we, the members of this site, create a blog post, we are injecting our own ideas, however small, petty, or provincial, into the marketplace of…


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At 7:49pm on May 4, 2014, The Original Cody said…

nope, not a big tattoo guy. Just been a year since I have been translating and such and trying to see if I am still on course.

Plus everyone knows if I wanted a tattoo it would say Molon Labe with an American flag and 2 riffles shooting down the red plague of socialism!

At 7:41am on May 4, 2014, The Original Cody said…

so... would Πάντα  ερώτα, μάνθανε τι, μηδέν αποκρίνου be the most proper way to write the uncited Euripidean quote of "Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing"?

and to make it more accurate, would one have to capitalize it all with no spaces or accents?

At 1:21pm on November 26, 2013, Dave said…

"I encourage you to join and take part in our discussions, which range from the humorous to the intellectual. I won't hide my purpose: I think that the Golden Dawn party is a terrible evil, and I want to convince you of that."


At 10:37am on October 16, 2013, Dino Silone said…

Ah, A gyro!  I thought I'd never get good Greek food again after I moved out of Astoria.  But it turns out that there are some decent Greek restaurants and even one excellent one here on the West side of the Hudson...

At 12:16pm on October 15, 2013, Dino Silone said…

Thanks for the welcome!  I can't contribute much on classical Greek, but am a real fan of Greek music and food - born and raised in "Little Athens" (Astoria, NY), and lived there until my mid-30s....

Are there any other Greek or Greek-inspired musicians out there?

At 12:27pm on October 2, 2013, Stephanos Kythreotis said…

Εγω ειμαι απο κυπρο αλλα τωρα ειμαι αγγλια για σπουδες

At 4:10am on October 2, 2013, Stephanos Kythreotis said…

Γεια σου! 

εισαι απο ελλαδα?

At 11:18am on May 21, 2013, C.C. Dolph said…

Hey, Vytautas. Thanks for the request. I'm glad to have you on my friends list.

At 12:09pm on May 29, 2012, Daniel Bull said…
Hello, Vytautas. Thanks for the invitation. I teacg Classical Greek. If you need any help just ask.

At 4:55pm on April 24, 2012, John Thomas said…


How are you. Sorry I did not introduce myself earlier, when I joined. AOM and on-line activities keep taking a back seat to work.


I am a "Hellene".The last name might put you off its literally Θωμάς

Im glad you put up this site. I took ancient an ancient Greek class many  many moons ago. Just want to read and brush up (or relearn really). Times the biggest factor. The church I attend is in 100% Koine/Byzantine greek, except the father will give the sermon in demotic and english.

Lately I've been preparing for professional practice examinations in engineering. Taking up most of my free study and reading time.

 How long have you been studying greek? Im glad you put the group on the site!


Latest Activity

Josh Allen replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"Oh have you ever seen me in action? No so shut up."
4 minutes ago
Pale Horse replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"LOL I know ten year olds who could stomp your skinny behind."
16 minutes ago
Profile IconNicholas Vogelgesang and Ashton Britt joined t-train's group

Armchair Generals

A group for men who are interested in military history, or anything militaria.  Discuss armies of the past, great leaders, strategy, weapons, etc.See More
24 minutes ago
Lucius Artorius Castus replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
""I had him later though in the bathroom, shoving his head down" LMAO"
33 minutes ago
Josh Allen replied to Jack Bauer's discussion "Don't follow your passion" -- Mike Rowe
"I got into a fight with a lawyer a few years ago in a nightclub, things started to kick off and he took a cheap shot at me which caught me off guard. I had him later though in the bathroom, shoving his head down the toilet, he never messed with me…"
35 minutes ago
Lee Torre replied to Lee Torre's discussion Lee's Fasted Full-Body Workout Fitness Journal 10/1/2014
"Well not really Shane, I'm going full-body every workout but not A/B. I get bored quick so I will tweak it each workout more or less. Got keep things interesting."
45 minutes ago
Will replied to Daniel Offenbacher's discussion First Girlfriend- How to make it work
"To keep her attracted, they say, give her these messages:  you're strong and she's worth your devotion.  I'd think if you are aware of those messages when you act, the actions will be the right ones."
49 minutes ago
Ashton Britt replied to kpeckham's discussion Manly Advice about starting a journey at the Air Force Academy
"My brother actually is attending the Air Force Academy as of now and during basic training atleast a key thing to constantly think would be the fact that the true glory and pride of attending the academy and pursueing a career in the Air Force is…"
1 hour ago

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