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Advice on new career options

Started this discussion. Last reply by Regular Joe Jan 28. 1 Reply

Hey all, So, I am in the process of exiting the military (not by choice, and not for discipline either). So naturally I've been putting my resume out there online (since the area I'm moving to is not…Continue


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Travis Spuhler replied to Chip's discussion Alien Franchise - Some Questions in the group Film
"1. Aliens. While Alien did an outstanding job, I personally like Aliens better. It could be the ridiculous Colonial Marines ("Game over, man! Game over!") or that the people are facing the greater threat of an entire hive, as opposed to…"
13 hours ago
Travis Spuhler replied to John Moser's discussion Having discovered why The Odyssey is so poorly written, I now know of a new skill we must recover!
"Well, most pagans, especially the Northern variety didn't write much of anything down either... It wasn't until the 12th century (or 1200s can never remember which) that Snorri Sturlusson started writing down the old Norse myths, legends,…"
Sep 19
Travis Spuhler replied to Matt's discussion Attacked by Feminists
"Next time, go a step further... Honestly, trolling really is a good option when dealing with Crazy™"
Sep 19
Travis Spuhler replied to Mike's discussion Regimen (Beginner) in the group Exercise
"Being in the UK, have you thought about Rugby? Seriously one of the best sports for getting into "shape" I've ever played."
Sep 19
Travis Spuhler replied to Nathanael's discussion Common-sense gun laws, what would they look like for you? in the group The Great Debate
"1. I agree. However, for something like this to happen would basically require the "easier" states to add additional requirements to their conceal carry programs, which many will not like. 2. While I agree that suppressors and short…"
Sep 16
Travis Spuhler commented on Steven C.'s group Exercise
"At the most, I'll eat something like a Banana, or a Kiwi.... Something small enough that in no way will I feel "full" but at the same time, it's enough that I'm not lifting on a completely empty stomach. Then after I lift,…"
Sep 9
Travis Spuhler replied to Steve Dallas's discussion Confessions(hated it) in the group Film
"I think the thing with Bond movies is though, almost NONE of the villains are coherent in anyway."
Sep 7
Travis Spuhler commented on Steven C.'s group Exercise
"I personally use things like the Under Armour Heat Gear compression shorts, and I've never had a problem with any of that."
Sep 6
Travis Spuhler replied to Vytautas's discussion The New History Wars in the group History Buffs
"While I agree that morality is a matter of judgement, we're going to disagree that it has a place in the study of history. There certainly is a place for discussing yesterday's actions in today's thinking, however when we're…"
Sep 5
Travis Spuhler replied to Vytautas's discussion The New History Wars in the group History Buffs
"I think that you're right in many respects... I mean the "Murica" crowd, as you point out, always talk about how Jefferson, Washington, etc. were "Great Christians" but do ignore many facets of their persons. But when it…"
Sep 5
Travis Spuhler replied to Daniel Offenbacher's discussion Favorite TV Shows in the group Film
"For me:  Rugby (games/highlights, as well as the "ESPN" type shows that talk about rugby... sadly they are lacking in the US) Football, I prefer college, but will watch the Seahawks Mad Men (I haven't started Season 5 yet, but…"
Sep 4
Travis Spuhler replied to Vytautas's discussion The New History Wars in the group History Buffs
"Honestly, if we're talking about a national level curriculum, "screaming racism" and the American Myth do more to hurt things than laying out the "facts" of what need to be taught, and allowing teachers to best frame the…"
Sep 4
Travis Spuhler replied to Vytautas's discussion The New History Wars in the group History Buffs
"I  was in the same boat as you (only 10 years ago, instead of 20), where I often times knew "more" than the teacher (I put that in quotes because I was fairly lucky in that I had a couple teachers with a background in history, and…"
Sep 4
Travis Spuhler replied to Chip's discussion Criterion Collection - Any Fans? in the group Film
"I have Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai which has a Criterion version of it. my biggest beef with them, honestly is the price.. like, they want the usual 15-25 bucks for the copy of Seven Samurai that I bought, but if I go for the "Criterion…"
Sep 3
Travis Spuhler commented on Andrew's group Men with Beards
"Think of beard oil more like a conditioner that women use in their hair... or skin lotion... yeah, women clean their skin/wash the hair, but the lotion/conditioner takes it from that clean state above and beyond."
Aug 30
Travis Spuhler replied to Andrew's discussion The History Channel?
"This is why I said that revisionist history can be dangerous. There are times where we think an event in history went one way, or was caused by something but new writing or new evidence definitely says that's wrong; Well, we need to revise our…"
Aug 25

Profile Information

Rugby Union, Cycling, weight lifting, Table-top Wargaming, baseball, the bizarre, history, the history of "culture" (ie. Burlesque shows, stage magic, side shows, etc.)
Fight Club (and anything else by Chuck Palahniuk), Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, history.

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At 9:52pm on July 31, 2013, Herb Munson said…

Welcome to The Great Debate, Travis. Great to have you with us!

At 1:01am on June 20, 2013, Larry said…

Welcome to AoM, Travis!


Latest Activity

Lucius Artorius Castus replied to Stevan Rakic's discussion Home brewing starter kits
"I could have sworn I already asked this.... Which kit does you LBHS carry? Brewers Best make a few."
1 hour ago
Raul Duron Jr. replied to Raul Duron Jr.'s discussion How can I improve my leadership abilities?
"Sorry for the late reply but thank you gentlemen I definitely appreciate the input. I do have some NCOs and SNCOs whose leadership style I respect and will hope to emulate. Its good to know that even some of you messed up, it was one of my fears to…"
1 hour ago
N. Vest replied to N. Vest's discussion Bug Out Bag,
"Surpisingly enough they say Utah is due for a big eathquake; "
2 hours ago
ShirtlessGeorge replied to Stein's discussion Essential shirtless experiences growing up. in the group The Shirtless Man
"My dad got me to start going shirtless more as a teenager, and in my 20s my sister had this live in boyfriend who refused to wear shirts at all, so that got me more comfortable with showing my nipples."
2 hours ago
ShirtlessGeorge replied to Rick Stevens's discussion Working Outside Shirtless in the group The Shirtless Man
"i sometimes go shirtless when working in the yard, here in Arizona it gets up to 118 degrees so I can get away with it more here"
2 hours ago
ShirtlessGeorge commented on Bruce Uall's group The Shirtless Man
"I have no problem with showing my nipples, considering that I once kept my shirt off for three days on a row."
3 hours ago
Lee Torre replied to Lee Torre's discussion Lee's Fasted Full-Body Workout Fitness Journal 10/1/2014
"I'd love to do pullups, you are right they are better. But I always get MAJOR elbow tendon pain whenever I weigh above 225 lbs. I have to look into Tabata more, I'm not well-versed in that. Do you do it? "
3 hours ago
Michael J. K. commented on Bruce Uall's group The Shirtless Man
"show your nipples Peter Shields Not odd to be shirtless"
4 hours ago

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