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I need to eat better....

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sir Jun 10, 2014. 23 Replies

... The problem is I have no idea how to work around the restrictions my life imposes. I'm hoping some of you guys can help in that regard.I'm an over the road trucker. My only realistically viable…Continue

Man smelling deodorant/aftershave/cologne combos

Started this discussion. Last reply by Specs May 21, 2014. 29 Replies

For the past... well, it's been a while... I've been rocking the Old Spice "Original Scent" line of products.Unfortunately I ran into a problem yesterday/today: the mother of all rashes. I don't know…Continue

Nifty safety razor/brush/shaving soap holder

Started this discussion. Last reply by Robert Brown Jul 8, 2013. 1 Reply

So I was poking around on Kickstarter (there is some cool stuff!) and ran across this contraption:…Continue

Tags: kickstarter, thing, soap, brush, safety


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Tim replied to Jack M.'s discussion What book do you think is worth re-reading and why?.
"The thing I find interesting is it was written as what the conservatives would do, when it's currently the liberals doing the same things (sweeping generalization because it's easier)."
Jun 24, 2014
Tim replied to Rafael's discussion Decluttering your email account
"I have my non-time-sensitive emails handled through unroll.me Basically it gathers all of today's emails and formats them into a single email I will get tomorrow morning. A quick browse down that lets me know what I need to read, reply to, or…"
Jun 24, 2014
Tim replied to Ronnie Red's discussion Learn how to dress like a multi-millionaire
"Money can buy you all the fashion in the world, but it can't buy you a thread of style."
Jun 21, 2014
Tim replied to Dann Anthony's discussion Having enemies a sign of character?
"As far as I know, I have no enemies. Do I have strong opinions? Sure. Do I voice them? Sure. Do I stand up for them? Sure. The key is doing it in a way that doesn't generate enemies."
Jun 21, 2014
Tim replied to Andrew McNeal's discussion What was your first car?
" Green 1994 Toyota Camry, budget package, with 170k on the clock. It was a "getting a job" present from the parents in 2009. In 2012 since i had a clean record they took it back and gave it to my sister for her first car, and I got a…"
Jun 21, 2014
Tim replied to Chris Joyce's discussion Beard tips needed....
"I use The Beard Barons beard oil. Softens, moisturizes, and smells awesome. Now a question for you: you say you point your goatee? How do you achieve that? It's something I haven't been able to do, which bothers me because it's the…"
Jun 21, 2014
Tim replied to Joshua's discussion What is your career?
"I don't care so much as to what, as long as I'm designing. Film/game design is what I'm targeting though."
Jun 18, 2014
Sir replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"No stove.  No microwave.  No refrigeration.  No time to shop for food. It is apparent that you will not be cooking. There are places on the road where you can eat green stuff.  One vegetarian told me that KFC was a great place…"
Jun 10, 2014
Penelope replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"Sounds like you need to cut back on solid carbs and salt.  Almost anything will have fewer calories and salt than chips.  Popcorn would be the first substitute.  Even crackers are fewer calories.  (Saltines have lots of salt and…"
Jun 10, 2014
Tim replied to Kevin Go's discussion DIY Ideas for creating a Gentleman's Apartment, not a Bachelor Pad
"For me, lack of decoration IS the character. I don't like having 'noise' around.Now granted, I currently "live" with my parents (meaning I'm there 2-3 days every month or so since I really live on the road for work),…"
Jun 10, 2014
Tim replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"We have a winner!Also now I feel dumb for not thinking that up myself."
Jun 10, 2014
Tim replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"No outlet or converter, though I do have a 12v. That actually looks pretty nifty - I'm just cautious because I've heard nothing but bad about road pro stuff."
Jun 10, 2014
Penelope replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"Get some egg crate foam and store apples, oranges, etc. in/around that."
Jun 10, 2014
Tim replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"I've started to develop a gut, which I want to nip before it gets any further. My current diet is Poptarts (yeah...), and lunchmeat + bagel sandwiches (and chips). I park for 10 hours a day, 80% of the time at a Consignee or Shipper,…"
Jun 10, 2014
Tim replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"Only thing I have is a 12v plug, and nothing can really draw enough power from that."
Jun 10, 2014
Tim replied to Tim's discussion I need to eat better....
"The problem with pre-cooking is I'm on the road for months at a time, so things tend to go bad before I'm done. I have been considering using it to hit the first couple of weeks though.As for take-out, I don't eat out often enough for…"
Jun 10, 2014

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arnab banerjee replied to arnab banerjee's discussion the question of rape
"I am not asking you to justify rape . I am just telling you why rape occurs. It seems to me that you are looking for causes not to justify rape and I am telling you causes of rape. So we too cannot chat since our objectives are different. India is…"
1 hour ago
Nick H replied to arnab banerjee's discussion the question of rape
"Dominance theory? You mentioned in your other post and here (with the face slapping) that your justification for rape is when a girl shuts down a man's advances. That isn't dominance. That's a f'ing coward who can't take a…"
1 hour ago
arnab banerjee posted a discussion

the question of rape

i had just introduced myself in the introduction forum and immediately the context of rape comes in as a welcome speech. i am really glad to be greeted that way. this shows the kind  of manliness practiced in this forum in a pretty much comprehensive manner. i was told how indian men should think about women, how real men think about women etc. etc. now let us examine this question of rape in detail : why men rape ?the answer i have got is  dominance theory so far. now let's examine this theory…See More
3 hours ago
Pale Horse commented on Pale Horse's status
"And I envy those who saw it."
3 hours ago
J. Exalto replied to J. Exalto's discussion What kind of woman are you interested in?
"Well said."
3 hours ago
Sir commented on Pale Horse's status
"I felt the same way about the moon landing."
5 hours ago
Marcus replied to Ulises Torres's discussion I am responsible for co-sleeping
"Totally agree. My wife and I chose to co sleep with our daughter who is now gong on 3 and we do not regret the decision at all. nothing beats waking up and snuggling with your clan in the morning!"
5 hours ago
Salt Dragon replied to Nevada Smith's discussion Myers-Briggs Personality Types
"Cool! I went to a counselor to save my troubled marriage (to no avail) and continued to see her for another two years until she finally admitted:  I really don't understand where you are coming from or how I can help you. Freak flags…"
6 hours ago

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