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Car camping road trip

Started this discussion. Last reply by Brian Splash Jun 23, 2013. 9 Replies

I'm doing just what the title says--going on a road trip and car-camping rather than stop at hotels.  One reason for doing that is to save money, another is because I haven't done nearly as much…Continue

Tags: cooking, trip, road, camping

When they know you, but you don't remember them.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Paul Sappington Aug 29, 2012. 4 Replies

So, the other day as I was leaving the pool, someone who had just arrived appeared and said, "Hey Thomas, how are you doing?"I did not recognize this man.I probably didn't handle it the way I should…Continue

This is what Prada thinks we should dress like, apparently.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Brian Splash Jul 6, 2012. 46 Replies

Found this on another message board I frequent.  Behold Prada's Men's Fall 2012…Continue

Cooking for one

Started this discussion. Last reply by Beowulf87 May 12, 2013. 29 Replies

I live alone, and I have a limited repertoire of dinner recipes.  I'm totally okay with eating the same thing multiple nights in a row--I haven't done the math, but this may be a money-saver.Anyway,…Continue


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Latest Activity

Thomas replied to Neil H's discussion Punching bags
"Actually, I'd recommend looking for a boxing or kickboxing class, if the right gym can be found in your area.  There, you can learn proper form and technique from an expert. And yes, it is all that much of a workout if you're doing…"
Dec 12, 2013
Thomas replied to O R's discussion Is a Grey Suit Appropriate for an Evening Wedding?
"That all sounds good.  Go for it."
Nov 13, 2013
Thomas replied to Todd Behrend's discussion How do you use diplomacy in telling a good friend he's with the wrong girl?
"Alright then, I suggest phrasing it something like this:  "[Friend], I need to be serious with you.  I see the way [Girlfriend] treats you, and it bothers me.  She always seems to be looking out for herself first, because [list…"
Nov 11, 2013
Thomas replied to Joseph Oldman's discussion How do I leave a bad group of friends?
"Another course of action: the next time one of these parasites ask for for a favor, tell him "No" point blank. When he asks why, remind of how he still owes you for all the other stuff you've done for him.  You never know, it…"
Nov 9, 2013
Thomas replied to Josh Wood's discussion Western College Dress
"Chuck is wise.  The clothes that the OP describes (and the ones you're wearing in that avatar) are perfectly acceptable.  I expect that the articles about dressing for college were written by men who don't live in areas with…"
Nov 4, 2013
Thomas replied to Hank Rutherford Hill's discussion What is a good college major for the future?
"Have you considered geographic information systems?  They're starting to use those for almost everything nowadays."
Oct 28, 2013
Thomas replied to Craig's discussion Recommended Cobbler?
"Don't be afraid to blend fruits.  I had an apple/blackberry cobbler on a multi-day rafting trip once; it was quite excellent."
Sep 24, 2013
Thomas replied to Todd Serveto's discussion Calling Dad by his First Name? REALLY?
"I don't think it's restricted to western rural areas.  I knew a guy who called his father by his first name and they were part of an archetypal suburban family.  I was always struck by how unusual it was and I could never see…"
Aug 26, 2013
Thomas replied to Mid Mop's discussion Did something terrible, now what do I do?
"This is the correct answer."
Aug 26, 2013
Thomas replied to Nicholas Piva's discussion How much money should a 18 year old have in his bank?
"The exact amount would depend on your specific circumstances, but I would try to keep your account above $2,000 if possible.  If you suffer some minor calamity (car accident, sudden injury or illness that requires hospitalization, etc.) your…"
Aug 24, 2013
Thomas replied to Conor Gallagher's discussion College free time
"Look.  For.  Internships. Seriously.  You need work experience, preferably two years' worth.  If you can't find an internship, go do some volunteer work."
Aug 22, 2013
Thomas replied to Andrew Mousouris's discussion I can't ride a bike.
"I have a couple of tricks to help you get your bike moving.  The first trick is to put the pedal of your non-dominant foot at the bottom of its rotation, and then push yourself along with your other foot like the bike was a scooter. Another…"
Aug 4, 2013
Brian Splash replied to Thomas's discussion Car camping road trip
"Burritos are easy if you are prepared to cook rice , pastas are very easy , if in fact you are going to have a camp fire from time to time get yourself a dutch oven and that will open up a world of foods ."
Jun 23, 2013
Thomas replied to Jon Kramer's discussion Shaving....Down There?
"If she shaves her parts for you, and asks you to shave yours for her, then it's only fair."
Jun 22, 2013
Karl Helweg replied to Thomas's discussion Car camping road trip
"If you are driving all the way from Lubbock (I got a cool Vaquero and pair of custom boots from there-BTW) to Yellowstone then you might want to drive another 11 hours to Bamff: http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/banff/index.aspx Bamff rivals…"
Jun 21, 2013
Thomas replied to Thomas's discussion Car camping road trip
"I'm driving out of Lubbock, Texas, and I won't be in an RV.  My definition of "car camping" is loading my gear into my usual car, pulling over for the night in a USFS or NPS campground and setting up my tent near my car."
Jun 21, 2013

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Latest Activity

Regular Joe replied to Karl Helweg's discussion Paranoia and the virtue of hospitality?
"For whatever it's worth, there HAVE been loads of couchsurfing nightmares and most of them have been experienced by women. "
4 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Josh Allen's discussion If you can tell me what religion you are then you are in a prison.
"I didn't mean to get that metaphysical about it. ;)  I meant something more along the lines of our own biases, prejudices, preconceived notions, reactions to certain types of stimulii, etc. As open-minded and free as we think we are, there…"
9 minutes ago
Matt T. replied to Josh Allen's discussion If you can tell me what religion you are then you are in a prison.
"I haven't had that much experience posting with Josh, so I'll have to take your word on this.  Stinks to hear such quashing of opposing opinions, but 'tis the power of the internet."
12 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Caleb's discussion Socks with Brown Shoes
"Except that jeans are meant to expose the socks unless you're one of those fashioney cuff the jeans to show some ankle kind of guys. "
16 minutes ago
John Muir replied to Jack Bauer's discussion Nevada Ranch War ... in the group The Great Debate
"Well, said massacres were what - 15 years ago? 20 years ago? In a large country, with many large law enforcement divisions, abominations, blunders, and miscarriages of justice unfortunately will happen. They're intolerable. They must be studied…"
17 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Caleb's discussion Socks with Brown Shoes
""As for jeans, I'm always at a loss as to what color to wear as "matching socks to pants" just seems weird...." Just wear black socks then. Not dress socks. Casual black socks."
17 minutes ago
Regular Joe replied to Caleb's discussion Socks with Brown Shoes
"Casual shoes with shorts . . . I'm not the fashion police but . . . "
17 minutes ago
John Muir replied to Jack Bauer's discussion Nevada Ranch War ... in the group The Great Debate
"Not the kind of tactical team needed for a massacre. Just the kind of team appropriate for the work. I know guns and body armor look scary to unarmed people, but in the American public is heavily armed. Rural folks such as myself and this idiot…"
38 minutes ago

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