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Evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses in journey towards new job.

Started this discussion. Last reply by The Dutch Dastard Mar 2, 2016. 4 Replies

Gentlemen, After 1.5 years i've decided to resign from my start-up due to insurmountable personal differences with my co-founder. This business was my first real job after university, and it has…Continue

The last time you lost something.

Started May 5, 2015 0 Replies

Hi Guys, I'd like to ask you a favor of helping me on some company research. Not selling anything here, not going to tell you what company it is, unless you really want me to. The thing i'm…Continue

How cautious should I be? A two-company conundrum.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rick Shelton Dec 8, 2014. 12 Replies

Dear fellows,I recently graduated with an MSc in Innovation Management from a highly regarded European business school, and the last two days I've had interviews at two very interesting companies.One…Continue

1911 mag release

Started this discussion. Last reply by Andrew D, USA Ret Mar 20, 2014. 6 Replies

Hey guys,I was wondering if there are people here with lots of experience with carrying colt 1911's. The background for me is airsoft (don't knock it, I don't live in a country where 'get a real gun'…Continue


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The Dutch Dastard replied to John Muir's discussion Is an Ar-15 an assault rifle? in the group The Great Debate
"Note: that '1 million' is a joke, not an actual's high though. "
Jun 21, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to John Muir's discussion Is an Ar-15 an assault rifle? in the group The Great Debate
"Hear hear! As you can read below, focusing on the tool only lulls people into a very false sense of security. "
Jun 21, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to John Muir's discussion Is an Ar-15 an assault rifle? in the group The Great Debate
"So; there are 3 questions here i believe: - What is the definition of an 'Assault Rifle'? - What is the difference between an AR-pattern rifle and other semi-auto rifles and firearms? - The elephant in the room: Are we talking about the…"
Jun 21, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to John Muir's discussion Is an Ar-15 an assault rifle? in the group The Great Debate
"When it comes to magazine capacity, i would recommend you watch this video. It has its flaws, but surely it demonstrates quite a bit on how tiny the difference is. When we're talking about the…"
Jun 21, 2016
The Dutch Dastard joined Herb Munson's group

The Great Debate

"Iron sharpens iron." A place for men to impact each other by debate and exchange of ideas. This is a group where no ideas are off limits. If your motto is, "I never talk about politics or religion," this group is probably not for you. A "gym" for thinkers.See More
Jun 21, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Braeden's discussion Unpopular Opinions Thread
"- The 'craft beer hype' is so much BS; most of them are really bad (and expensive).  - A bunch of toppings is a waste of a good burger.  - It's perfectly fine to 'give a shit', about anything. "Not giving a…"
Jun 19, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Matthew's discussion Multitool Questions...
"Watch this video: And if you are thinking of buying an MT, look up this guy. Chances are he reviewed it in depth, and compared it to others. Same goes with all kinds of other knifes  you might…"
Jun 13, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Andrew Campbell's discussion Is a Tankard too much ?
"Exactly. Stein literally means stone. So a stein is a tankard, but a tankard is not a stein. As for using one: I used a glass tankard since i was 14, but never one with a lid; they are a pain in the nose. Of course, we Dutch actually have a saying…"
May 16, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Mongoose's discussion Add A Caption Again (this is an actual product)
"My real name is Bob, but most people call me by my nickname 'Green T'. "
May 10, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Jesse C.'s discussion Tips on dealing with long hours.
"Just one thing: Cook on your day off and freeze it. It can be a real delight to come home and not have to wait for food or cook.  Question: How do you sign for a job without fully understanding what the hours and contract mean? Be careful…"
May 10, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Red Garland's discussion Losing out in a competition
"I think one of the things you really have to let go is the whole 'rich' issue and the competition. A relationship isn't an object, it's not a prize for 'who is best'. Relationships are all about fit, and it seems pretty…"
Apr 28, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Brandon's discussion Tattoos
"But in that same line of thought i've never, ever heard of a firm where you're required to roll up your sleeves. And when that point inevitably comes, it's probably not during a first contact with a client (the point where it truly…"
Apr 25, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to Regular Joe's discussion What Are Respectable Watch Brands
"Eco is great; was hoping to find it in a comment here. Had mine for close to 10 years now, and it's rock solid despite all abuse. For a relatively cheap watch, getting the saphire glass is gold, and it's eco-drive has prevented me from…"
Mar 10, 2016
The Dutch Dastard replied to The Dutch Dastard's discussion Evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses in journey towards new job.
"Thanks for the support guys!"
Mar 2, 2016
Matthew R replied to The Dutch Dastard's discussion Evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses in journey towards new job.
"I'm currently hunting for jobs in a field that is different than what I got my MSc in and I'm finding that simply applying and interviewing for positions is giving me a good idea of what my strengths and weaknesses are."
Mar 1, 2016
Regular Joe replied to The Dutch Dastard's discussion Evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses in journey towards new job.
Mar 1, 2016

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L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!


Gentlemen,As it seems to be the tradition to introduce oneself in this thread, here goes.My name is Victor, and i am a 22-year old student of Business Administration.I was born in Oman, after which i was quickly spirited away to live in lovely Malaysia for six years. After that we went to my home country: The Netherlands.Apart from my study, i now mostly concern myself with the finer delights in life: cooking, eating, drinking, smoking, reading and dressing. As a hobby combined with a job, i work as a (very amateur) small arms historian in the Delft Army Museum.You will notice that sports is, unfortunately, not on that list.I used to be somewhat fanatic, mostly in sailing, golf and hockey (fieldhockey that is, you freezing North-American types!). On a beautiful morning in march, due to an unfortunate tactical decision on the field, my head was ungently contacted by one of my team members knees. This resulted in lots of sanguinem (blood) and cruorem (gore) on his part, and a whiplash on mine.That pretty much rendered me useless for, well, everything, and so the recovery started.Now, a year later, i have just completed my first round of golf, and i hope this summer will prove i'm fit enough to sail a boat, and teach that too (one of my fondest hobbies).On the Art of Manliness i hope to find answers for my questions, questions for my answers, and a good place to improve and practice my grasp of the English language.Furthermore, i'm absolutely delighted to find a community of people who would not regard it as 'weird' or 'over the top' to dress well, behave well, and discuss the fine things in life ranging from a good shave to the sweatiest, done to earth, nature-people things.Sincerely,The Dutch Dastard

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Silly Netherlands

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 5:52am 2 Comments

This is planet earth

And this is The Netherlands and this is Holland. Many people think Holland is the capital of Amsterdam. So if you think so right now, you are wrong.

Since ancient times we have survived on cheese and stamppot and selling slaves and spices. Stamppot is a dish where you take good food and potatoes and mash it to a pulp and eat it with a plastic sausage that you buy at a clothing and utility store.

Then in the 1600 we invented making land with windmills…


The girl: Part two

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 3:59pm 0 Comments

Rather taken aback, but not without my wit I told her she could have my number, or have a drink with me now. She opted for the latter, and we chose a semi-quiet place at the far end of the bar. She drank wine, I drank beer, and we both drank like sailors. Somehow we were familiar with each other, and before long I told her the things that I know put off most women, and enthrall another kind. I told her about how at age 18 I had an affair with a 39-year old woman, married with two children. I…


The girl: Part one

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 3:13pm 0 Comments

I was bored, looking around. The formula of the student bar was good; open early, serve cheap beer, close early. The beer was exceptionally cheap today, as they were being paid for by the university to encourage first year students to get to know each other. My class mates were two or three years my juniors, and we were right on the edge of ages where those numbers still matter. Conversation died down to my so called mentor and I. In age my peer, in this study my senior, but socially an…


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Eddy Kirdland replied to Tim's discussion Are You the Initiator or the Follower? in the group The Shirtless Man
"I don't think it matters.  If I'm running or working out and it's hot and it's okay to take my shirt off, I take it off whether or not anyone else has his off. "
3 hours ago
Stewart M. Davenport posted a discussion

Your favorite things about raising a boy

So today my wife and I found out that we are having a boy. This is our first child, so we are still experiencing everything for the first time, and it's a wild ride. We're very excited. I thought that since we're having a boy, I'd ask all you fathers of boys what your favorite parts of raising boys are. What do you enjoy most? On the other hand, what do you enjoy least?
3 hours ago
Edward Warden replied to Peter O'Reilly's discussion Every Time You Finish A Book, Post The Title Here in the group Book Group
"I've read everything by Grisham and Grafton, and have just started Evanovich's fourth Stephanie Plum. Of the first three, "Three for the Money" was my favorite."
4 hours ago
Edward Warden updated their profile
4 hours ago
Edward Warden replied to Ameretta's discussion Should I kill Myself Because I am a black woman?
"No, you should not kill yourself because God's love is bigger than any problem that we face."
4 hours ago
Nick H replied to Braeden's discussion Endless Forms Most Beautiful
7 hours ago
Nick H replied to Eric W's discussion Gilets, Bodywarmers & Down Vests
"Some clothes are purely fashionable (tuxedos), some purely functional (coveralls/boiler suit), and the rest are on a spectrum between the two. I feel these vests (never heard the word gilet before so thank you for the addition to my vocabulary) lean…"
7 hours ago
Nick H added a discussion to the group The Great Debate

Has AOM jumped the shark or is it's just cyclical

There is nothing political or religious about this topic but let's face it, unless I'm discussing going shirtless or masterbating, there isn't too many active groups at the moment. I thought it would be a rude headline for the front page though. So here it is, on Herb's biblical paradigm/TGD. At least I think it is. You can't comment on the group's main page anymore and the feed doesn't show on the community main page either anymore (or does it again now?) so who knows, maybe no one can read…See More
7 hours ago

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